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  1. 560 on alcohol

    Lol!! :-) she sure looks sharp!
  2. One excited little dude!

    He is a big fan of any machinery, but, like his dad, he loves the red ones. His first name is Case after all. I did vote for two middle names, Issac Henry, but was shot down. He is named after his grandpa. Those mufflers are absolutely ridiculous! At least its not in the center of the hood...
  3. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    RIP I have read that they figure a "rouge wave" swallowed it in an instant. Scary stuff, I'll stick to my dry land.
  4. One excited little dude!

    Stopped by my uncle's yesterday, their big tractor was getting a bath. My son (4) had to climb up to check it out himself.
  5. Trucking quotes

    I just had a long distance equipment hauler, some malting equipment from near Calgary Alberta to my place in Mi. $3 per loaded mile
  6. Again and again

    My church armed several selected members after sending them through more training, but didn't release any info as to who is carrying. That sorry sack of $#!# will get what he deserves in eternity. What kind of person shoots a five year old??? How sick and twisted. Prayers for the church and community.
  7. Red n Green

    I had a 3020 gasser for a while, loved the tractor, but that engine was a gas guzzling turd!! A diesel would have made a huge difference, that tractor would probably still be on my farm if it was a diesel. Either way, nice pair of machines you have there. I have always preferred red, but had a few green ones too. I think you'll be ok...
  8. Quick thank you

    I agree 100% with the above statements. Finding a group on the internet that respects and cares for each member is as common as a selfless politician! I do wish I could meet more of the folks here in person, but having a young family, homeschooling them, farming, and building my new business makes it hard to get away. Thats another reason to appreciate you guys on here. I don't do bookface, but I check redpower daily!!
  9. Farm subsidy programs

    The key is getting "too big to fail". The banks won't call in their debt because it's too much, usually tens of millions. Instead, they appoint a manager to handle the finances and the farms keep farming. I'm not saying it's right or that I agree with it, it's just how it seems to work. Then there are the dishonest and outright crooks... look at the Boersen farms case now. I didn't get into farming to become wealthy, I chose the lifestyle. I want my kids to grow up learning about real life, not life as portrayed by movies, tv and video games. The burden of keeping a farm profitable doesn't belong to the government, it's on my shoulders and if I can't hack it it's my problem, not the general public's. On the other hand, they are completely ignorant to how the vast majority of their food is produced, and we all know ignorance is bliss! Let's all picture a small mom and pop operation with a couple cows, some chickens and pigs. Nostalgia sells! Reality bites
  10. Off color question

    X2 on the lift pump. I've had a 9600 for ten years now, been a great machine for me. ( Maybe because it's the one piece of equipment on the farm only I drive) I did have a similar symptom when a fuel line leak developed between the injection pump and lift pump.
  11. plowing

    Nice! A fitting way to honor your dads memory. Nothing like the smell of fresh turned dirt! :-)
  12. Aircraft 101 safety training needed

    Bet that guy had to get a clean pair of underwear after that ride...
  13. International cat day

    Cats live very demanding lives, judging by the pictures.
  14. International cat day

  15. The Other Green Invating From Down the street

    Very nice, I hope you warned him about the slippery slope he has embarked upon... It will look very Christmas like if any of your red beauties end up next to that sleek looking green one... Thanks for sharing!