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  1. She is home!

    X2! :-)
  2. The saying goes , A bad day of fishing is better then--

    What are the odds of that!!
  3. Possibility of a 51st state

    I'll second that!!!
  4. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    I've used ether as a last resort for seating beads for years. Last summer, the inside 11r22.5 on the back of one of my Chevy C70's wouldn't seat. I applied ether, leaving the air chuck locked on the valve stem so I wouldn't need to rush to put air to it after lighting. The sidewall of the tire blew right.out, scared me a bit, but you should have seen the way my wife came running out of the house... thankfully a few small bits of shrapnel in my.arm and a flare up of my tinnitus was the worst damage, other than having to change the tire. Never got sick off the stuff, but I did see a friend's hired.man blow up a perfectly good 756 German diesel by spraying way too much in the air cleaner, just a snort of "summer air" should do the trick. As with many things in life, moderation is key!!
  5. Distillate & Kerosene to Gasoline Conversions (?)

    Wise words... but I understand that sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to get the job done
  6. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    Thanks for the insight, your information and perspective on the situation reminds me of the bad management decisions that ended up decimating IHC.
  7. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    Neat videos, I'd heard of the arrow before, but didn't know the story. Sounds like quite an engineering feat! I hope our neighbors to the north resurrect it, bringing it into the 21st century. Would be powerful tool for world peace. "Speak softly but carry a big stick", the arrow sounds like a BIG stick!
  8. So what DID happen to him?

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it might be a duck. I do agree that we should be seeing better mileage today, but 100 mpg out of a 427 ,is most certainly a duck, guys. I remember our caprice classic woody wagon getting 25+ mpg with a 350 small block, why does my 327 (5.3) powered 2000 half ton struggle to hit 17 mpg? There might be something there, but I'd say Mr ogle was probably a great con artist. He should have run for office, fit right in! :-)
  9. 2017 wis. dairy results

    There's a family dairy not too far from me that opened a dairy/ice cream store probably ten years ago. There's a petting zoo, playground, etc at their home farm, now they have a separate retail store the next county over too. Looks like they're doing well on 200 cows.
  10. 2017 wis. dairy results

    No doubt! Everyone else gets a cut but the farmers, farmers get blamed for being "greedy" at the expense of consumers though
  11. Stolen Tractors

    Former hired hand and "friend", or so I thought at the time, had stolen a kioti tractor/ loader and a John Deere 60. Didn't know they were stolen until he was busted by the sheriff's department. He had been thieving from me too. Some friends. I had known him for 10+ years and trusted him completely.
  12. New joke

    Ha! Been there, done that! :-)
  13. 2017 wis. dairy results

    It seems like dairy production is moving towards the huge economies of scale that those massive farms can attain. If I was still milking I'd be "moving" towards processing and selling my own milk. If consumers had a choice, they'd much rather have milk from a small farm where the owner and employees know each cow by name and care for them personally. Most have no idea what's been happening to the industry.
  14. 2017 wis. dairy results

    Precisely, they know if it has to go to auction they will lose their Heinekens. Much better to manage the business themselves to protect their security. Whereas small guys, maybe less than $1000000 loaned, most banks will auction and let the chips fall where they may. Whatever hit they take can be wrote off, or use government programs to offset loss.
  15. 2017 wis. dairy results

    Not forever, but both cases I know of have been that way for several years. The whole "too big to fail" dynamic is at work.