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  1. soybean market

    South Dakota corn and soybean yields are supposed to be down in 2017. The odd thing is that the corn and soybean plants are often about a foot shorter than normal. It was a little hard to say what caused that. Too little moisture, too much moisture, cool temperatures?
  2. I figure they'd be as important for excess rain and snow moisture as for excess dust.
  3. case ih 9330 front axle fluid

    What does the manual say? Did they used to say 80W-90?
  4. vermeer 6040 disc mower and new holland?

    The Hygrade Engineering Rock Block has been available for disc mo-cos for a year or two, but I guess you can get one for a 3-point disc mower. You'd have to talk to them to be sure.
  5. Tractor salvage near Aberdeen sd

    Meyers is the only one I know of. I was to one in Ellendale, North Dakota.
  6. Universal spark plug wire kit

    If you look at pictures of spark plug wire crimpers, they make kind of an apple shape.
  7. Universal spark plug wire kit

    I used Standard® 2403W - Pro Series™ Spark Plug Wire Set which is copper core. NAPA Belden 700172 was an alternative. One parts store had some with carbon core or something, but I preferred wires. Race car spark plug wires were available custom-made from Sturdy Engines, but they cost big bucks. The Farm and Fleet store had tractor universal spark plug wires, but they didn't come with a coil wire.
  8. Universal spark plug wire kit

    The finished product. There are some videos on YouTube, particularly the one by YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S MECHANIC.
  9. Universal spark plug wire kit

    The terminals come with crimps already in them and you can just mash the terminals into the insulation with a pliers. A crimp the way it should be done. Think "triangle." What matters most is that the terminal stays on the wire. Put the boot onto the wire all the way before you crimp so you don't have to uncrimp to put the boot on! Cut it straight. Strip it straight. There should be a little wire sticking out the back of the terminal when you're done but not too much. 5/8" of wire was a little too long. "Leave a little meat" in regards to insulation. A terminal on the end of the wire ready to crimp. It is kind of awkward at first. Maybe do the first "tack welding" so the terminal stays put with a small Vise-Grips if you prefer. When the terminal stays put, form a triangle with a pliers. The coil wire was barely long enough and the boot had to be slit to fit my Pertronix Flamethrower coil.
  10. Universal spark plug wire kit

    Boots and terminals. I used dielectric grease and silicone spray for making the boots slide over the wires easier. It seems there are people who say be liberal with dielectric grease and people who say be conservative with dielectric grease. Measurements of IH spark plug wires. You may want to cut replacement wires longer in case you have to start over. On the other hand, you may want to cut replacement wires shorter than original wires.
  11. Universal spark plug wire kit

    I wanted high-performance 8-mm wires, but I settled for 7-mm street wires. The instructions on universal spark plug wire kits may leave something to be desired in regards to clear communication.
  12. Universal spark plug wire kit

    Original IH wires. Not bad for being 48 years old or so. One spark plug boot is missing. One spark plug boot is ragged. How do the IH spark plug wire terminals get contact from the wires? Is there a barb through the insulation that touches the wire? Try not to make frayed insulation bigger when moving the boot away from the terminal.
  13. mid 50's Cabovers at or under 26k gvwr?

    I don't see anything on the internet about a CO-180 or VCO-180. I assumed there were some small enough to be beer delivery trucks.
  14. 1964 1600

    If you guys don't get much help here, you might be interested in: There was a Binder Bench forum, but it isn't working right now.
  15. "Universal spark plug wire set" means universal misery trying to make it fit your application, I have found. I came across a couple Pertronix-type ignition companies I never noticed before: Hot-Spark and C5.