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  1. New Kidde fire extinguisher recall

    I'd be tempted to keep the recalled extinguisher and put it in a machine shed or somewhere.
  2. cab identification

    I Googled in Google Images "tractor cab 1965" and on until I came to "tractor cab 1969" and there it was. I look up vehicles a lot on IMCDb.
  3. cab identification

    Here's what one looks like, except the bucket cylinders are on backwards.
  4. cab identification

    What's the loader? At first I thought it was an F11.
  5. White 1200. 4x4

    I wonder what wheels it's got. They had some oddball wheels back then.
  6. Electronic ignition - wow!

    *Homer and Bart are in the backyard* Homer: ah, the old tractor...let's see how it runs *Homer turns the key, and its nice and quite, and still runs* Homer: a-ha! see! whaddya think Bart? Bart: hmm...doesnt sound tractory enough Homer: ill fix that *Homer gets a screwdriver, and does something to the motor, causing a huge eruption of noise, and the tractor starts going up and down* Homer: *over noise* NOW WE'RE TRUCKIN!
  7. New Kidde fire extinguisher recall

    Thank you. One of mine is affected. I always turn all the fire extinguishers over and shake them and test all the smoke alarms at the end of the year anyway. Hmm.Tapping the bottoms with a mallet and then shaking them would be a good idea.
  8. cab identification

    Comfort Futura II. Made by the Comfort Equipment Company, Kansas City, Missouri.
  9. cab identification

    I'm thinking it's got to be an Ansel even if I can't find another Ansel cab quite like it.
  10. cab identification

  11. New Kidde fire extinguisher recall

    What's the problem? How many years back does the recall go?
  12. Harvest corn with a grain header.....

    A big operator here Al Schneck did it quite a bit one year. I guess it was lodged or blown over or wet or snowed in or some reason.
  13. Ih gas v8 into 706

    I recall I saw a 756 with an IH gas V8 at the 2014 Red Power Roundup.
  14. DMC stirators

    We had a DMC Stirrator and took it out and sold it ten years ago and when we were taking it out I saw that it would have given trouble if we had kept using it. So, they are something that doesn't get inspected until it gives trouble and they are a hassle to fix.
  15. Pto generators

    Yeah, but also you could get power coming into your generator from the powerline if the power is on.