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  1. Farmall 656 Ignition kit

    what all is entailed in upgrading to electronic ignition? I've heard it talked about plenty on here but never really looked into it. Jesse
  2. Farmall 656 Ignition kit

    The ignition on my 656 needs to be rebuilt as the rotor and cap are getting wore down. I've also had the experience about once or twice a summer I'll be using the tractor in normal fashion and the tractor will just shut down like someone turned the switch off. It's happened to me with the tractor sitting at idle and its happened when I'm going across the field raking hay. I check for spark and I've got nothing. I found that if I leave it sit for approximately the time it takes to go get another tractor, it'll fire back up and run fine the rest of the day. I theorize that the coil is going bad or overheating and that's why I'm losing my spark. Anyway my question is this: is there a complete ignition kit (cap, rotor, plug wires, coil, etc.) on the market that is of decent quality? Thanks Jesse
  3. Farmall H starter

  4. Farmall H starter

    I have been having trouble with the starter and finally had time to get the tractor in the shop last weekend since it was -16 outside. The starter would not engage or turn over when I hit the push button. I checked all my grounds and other wires and had 6v at the starter post. Something in my head said to see if there was voltage between the post and the starter casing and sure enough I had 6.9v at the casing so it was dead shorting to ground. I took the starter apart and found the problem. There is a thick copper ring that connects to the starter post. Only in my case the copper ring was broken away and shorting out to the inside of the starter (pics in next post). My question is if I can solder this back in place with a big solder gun or if I need to do something else to fix the problem? Thanks Jesse
  5. 86 series keys

    Both our 986 and 1586 have the round head style key. Either key works with either tractor. Jesse
  6. Schwartz loader cylinder

    Loading a wet silage bale over the side of the feed wagon so I had the loader raised almost all the way up and the front tire broke through some ice and dropped into a hole when I was driving forward. Stopped the tractor but the downward force of the wet bale was to much for the rod.
  7. Schwartz loader cylinder

    Tried there and Bailey's website. Nothing with that Tang end available on the website.
  8. Schwartz loader cylinder

    Double acting.
  9. Schwartz loader cylinder

    Ohhhhhhh that doesn't look good What it's supposed to look like The base of the cylinder is stamped "2831" on both cylinders
  10. Schwartz loader cylinder

    I seem to have a problem with my up/down cylinder on my Schwartz loader and I am unable to find any replacement parts or information in general on these loaders. The cylinder is 2.5"x32" which seems easy enough right? Well here's the part I'm having trouble with. The base end is what is apparently called a tang style with about a 3/4" width and 1" pin hole and the rod end is a crosstube style with a width of 1.5" and a 1" pin hole. Anyone have any ideas on this? I can't find a replacement unless I have one custom made and that might cost more than the entire loader and the 656 it's attached to. Pictures to follow in the next post......................
  11. Songs about farming

    I think there might be a pretty obvious one that everyone here enjoys but I'll leave that for someone else.
  12. Songs about farming

  13. 986 exhaust

    I'm thinking of replacing the muffler as there is a nice crack forming where the outlet elbow is welded to the muffler. Any decent options for these? The ones I've seen so far are about $360.
  14. 986 exhaust

    Here's the location of the port in question.
  15. 986 exhaust

    I'm getting my 986 put back together after having the radiator, starter, and alternator rebuilt. I noticed yesterday there is a port above the exhaust manifold and below the muffler that is not plugged. It looks like maybe a pipe plug would fit in there but I have nothing in there. I'm not sure if this is where an EGT sensor might be placed on a tractor with a turbo or not. I'm not sure if I should try to plug it or not, but I do know that exhaust is coming out of this opening when the tractor is running. The parts book doesn't show anything that I can see. I'll post a picture in a little while after I get to working on the tractor again. Do I plug it or leave it open? Thanks Jesse