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  1. We just got a Sheppard/Black Lab mix from a rescue place a couple months ago. The dog is about 1.5 years old and has been nothing but the best around the farm and with the kids. We couldn't have asked for anything better and we didn't have to go through the whole puppy phase. The application process to get into the "adoption club" left much to be desired on my end though. Started with an online application, then phone interview, then you can see which dogs are available, then you find one you like, then phone interview with adoption place that holds the dog, then and only then if you are approved you can do an in person interview with the dog and decide if its the right fit. We were significantly limited in which dogs we could even have as option from the adoption place because we made it clear from the beginning that we wanted an outside dog only. We told them we have a place in the barn with protection from the elements, a blanket to lay on, and a dish with food and water filled everyday. Almost every time we were turned away when asked where the dog would stay. After 6 month in the "program" we had seen pictures of only 3 dogs that were options. It seems to me that with so many available it wouldn't be so difficult to adopt. The somewhat ironic part is after all the questions about where is the dog going to sleep, eat, and drink our dog chooses to lay on the concrete porch in front of our house all night even in the winter weather we've had. Jesse
  2. 986 coolant leak

    The 4 rubber mounts seemed to be ok when I took them off. I did notice there was not any of the foam gaskets the parts book calls for in items 9 and 10. I'm not sure if these are supposed to dampen any radiator movement against the cast iron or if they are just to stop the air from leaking around the sides of the radiator.
  3. Another simple 986 question

    I'm sure this is a simple question I should already know the answer to so please excuse my ignorance. The starter on my 986 will spin engaged with the flywheel for a couple revolutions and then kick out. Wait for it to stop spinning and hit the key again and it will engage for a couple revolutions and kick out and so on and so forth. This is not an issue in the summer as it usually pops right off on the first revolution of the engine, but in the cold it's a real PIA if the tractor is not plugged in. I know I should know what the problem is as it happens in all vehicles with a starter. I think it's a problem with the bendix maybe? Anyway is there a repair/rebuild kit for this or do I need a new starter to go along with getting my radiator rebuild which is literally another topic all together. How difficult is it to remove the starter? I have the floor plate off so I can see it but the 3 bolts holding it in place seem to be tucked under the cab further forward than I can reach. It looks like removal from under the cab is the way to go maybe. I have a service manual that covers the chassis, drive train, and hydraulics but it doesn't cover any engine or electrical related items. Any help would be appreciated. Jesse
  4. Unusual Phobias or fears

    heights and snakes Snakes don't scare me as much as they make my stop and hesitate for a second, but heights will freeze me right up. We have an 80' tall harvestore silo and climbing that thing and doing any work up top is a battle of mind vs. body. I find it easiest to stare right straight at the silo when climbing the ladder. When there are no more rungs I know I've reached the top. Jesse
  5. 986 coolant leak

    I got the radiator out last night and found out there's already an aftermarket radiator in the tractor. It was stamped with a sticker that said Northern on it. Is it worth having an aftermarket rebuilt? Jesse
  6. 986 coolant leak

    the highest temp we've had here since last Saturday when I noticed the problem has been 22°F. I don't have access to a heated shop big enough to fit this tractor in so any water I would have used on it would have just ended up making a giant radiator shaped ice cube.
  7. 986 coolant leak

    Update: I got a new lower radiator hose today and replaced it. As I'm filling the radiator with new coolant I checked my hose connections to make sure they weren't leaking. It was green on the radiator side of the hose so I cleaned it off real good and watched. I see the leak is happening somewhere in front of the lower hose as I could watch the coolant dribble down under the lower radiator tube on the cast piece the radiator sits on. I cleaned and watched this happen about 3 times to make sure. Looks like I'll be getting a new radiator. What is the opinion on purchasing from an after market company like A&I vs OEM? Jesse
  8. 986 coolant leak

    The too cool thing is why I would change it if I had all the coolant drained. It never really builds engine temp, even in the summer, and I use this tractor to run my snowblower in the winter. I'm sure its not good to be running ice cold when I'm trying to throw snow from an 8' wide snowblower at 2200rpm. Jesse
  9. 986 coolant leak

    I was thinking it was the radiator. I'm going to try replacing the hose first since that's the easiest, cheapest attempt at a fix. The bottom right side of the radiator, when looking at it from the fan side, always looks wet. The left side of the radiator seems to be dry. Any tricks for draining the antifreeze out without making a terrible mess. I drained some out of the petcock on the left side of the radiator last night but it's going to take all day to drain the radiator and engine at the rate it comes out. Any recommendations on thermostats? I know this one doesn't work and if I'm gonna have all the coolant drained it seems like a perfect time to replace it. Thanks Jesse
  10. 986 coolant leak

    I'm having a problem with our 986 dumping coolant on the ground. We used it on Saturday and when I went to start it on Sunday morning I noticed a pool of green water on the ground under the tractor. I added 1.5 gallons of coolant and looked for leaks without the tractor running and found nothing. Started the tractor, no leaks. Let the tractor run a little less than PTO speed for about 20 minutes outside with nothing noticeable happening. Backed it into the shop and watched for the next hour or so and didn't see anything. Checked tonight and there's a puddle of coolant under the tractor. The following picture shows my testing setup with the coolant on the floor. I made sure the overflow tube went into the oil pan so whatever came out of that hose didn't land on the floor. I'm not sure if I've got a radiator problem or if the bottom radiator hose has a hole. I'm hoping for the latter option. Is it possible to get the lower hose off and replaced without removing the radiator? I really need help on this one guys.
  11. How I spent my birthday

    It snowed on Friday night when we were putting the pump in the pit. By about 10am Saturday morning it was all gone. It's just wet and sloppy here now with a bit of rain last night. No hauling today with this weather. Jesse
  12. How I spent my birthday

    As today was my birthday, I decided I'd treat myself to 10 hours of hauling liquid manure. I rented the Magnum from a neighbor as we sold our other "big" tractor this summer. Our 1586 only has a 1000 rpm shaft in it or else we would have used that tractor. I consider using the Magnum a nice treat. My wife used the 986 and tomorrow I'm thinking I'll let her use the Magnum to plant the seed so to speak for when it comes time to talk about upgrading.
  13. Happy Birthday Jesse in Wis

    Thanks guys! It was a good day spent hauling liquid manure. Any day spent in a red tractor beats a day at work. Pictures to follow in a separate post. Jesse
  14. LED TVs vs. cold weather

    I would like to put a flat screen LED tv in my shop. It is only heated in the shop when I'm working in there in the winter. Most weekends and a possible weeknight when I have time. I am concerned about the cold winter temps in WI killing the tv. Anyone else have any experience doing something like this? I don't want to spend a couple hundred on a tv and have it go bad in a matter of months. Thanks Jesse
  15. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    I cannot attest to the reception capabilities as we have a plethora of stations both am and fm within 100 miles. I bought a pair to try out that didn't have Bluetooth because I wanted to see if if even like wearing them before spending double on ones with Bluetooth. That was 2 years ago and I wear them for everything that has loud noise and haven't had any problems yet. The following link is what I bought Jesse