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  1. 1975 ad for the newly released 1566

    I have a 1566 with a cab and it was my main tractor for the past 10 years. It's for sale now but I got along just fine with it. I never thought the 3 speed trans was a problem.
  2. 1566 vs 1086 on 3pt mounted NH3 bar

    Some wheel weights for the front are a good idea. Would the front wheel weights be the same for like a 560-1586 and everything in between or are there a bunch of different sizes? Don't see very many front wheel weights around here.
  3. I use a 3pt mounted nh3 bar in the spring to apply my anhydrous. It is an 11 shank DMI set on 30" centers with disc openers and closers. I have used it on my 1566 for the past 3 years and it does alright. Power is no issue the issue is its way too light on the front end. I have a front mounted fuel tank and a full rack of weights. The back has 18.4x38 duals and the insides have fluid and 2 sets of wheel weights. My 1086 has a full set of front weights and 18.4x38 rear duals also but no fluid and 1 set of wheel weights. my question is would the 1086 be any better on the nh3 applicator than the 1566 as far as keeping the front end down. My only though was since the cab is so much farther forward on the 1086.
  4. 1086 low oil pressure after rebuild

    I should add that I overhauled my 1566 last summer. I didn't replace the oil pump, relief valve, or regulator valve, and it has way more oil pressure than my 1086.
  5. Just got my 1086 back together and running. Full overhaul, new everything, oil pump, cam bearings, oil pressure regulator, cam, lifters, you name it. Brand new mechanical gauge mounted in the cab teed into where the sending unit is for the stock gauge. Ih 30w oil. At operating temp at idle 750 rpm it has 14-15 psi of oil pressure. This seems sort of low to me after a fresh rebuild. At 2600 rpm it has 49-50 psi. The only thing I didn't replace is the oil pressure relief valve and spring behind the plug under the oil filters. I took it out and it looked fine so I put it back in. What do you guys think?
  6. My chopping pics

    I always enjoy seeing your pictures. We just started chopping yesterday and then got a bunch of rain today. We run a 7120 pulling a 881 chopper, a 7120 on a 56 blower at the silo, and usually a 1086, 656, and a super M pulling wagons. I really enjoy chopping corn silage.