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  1. The thing of someone concept of history is it's their concept. If you pay attention to what's going on in the world of history is that much more research is going on and that facts mean more than concept. It's kinda like "A Corporate Tragedy". One persons concept. Sure a knowledgeable person but still a concept because the needed records to turn it into a factual history are lacking. Now if all the records become available it may prove the authors concept to be 100% accurate but it may prove them to be 100% wrong too. Or the 560 debate. To claim it killed IH you would have to be able to prove that JD wouldn't have grabbed the market share they did without the 560 issues. No way to prove it as most of the guys who bought JD when the new tractors came out are long gone so they can't be interviewed and few kept journals. Rick
  2. That's why Mark is always having problems......just doesn't know how to teach. Now I on the other hand am a certified instructor! And also why I was successful in training my wife more than 40 years ago. That's why she's still here. Now I'm sure there are women out there that are untrainable and maybe that's what Mark has had to deal with.........but I blame Mark! And I do nice things for my wife. When she turned 50 I sang her a little song.......wrinkle, wrinkle little star wonder just how old you are........older than the world by far............! Rick
  3. Wonder why you wouldn't say stuff like that? If you have properly trained her should be no big deal. Rick
  4. What I actually thing is that if we enforced our laws already on the books, took just some of what it would cost to build that wall and hire more agents we were be much further ahead over building that wall. I also think that when caught they should be run in front of a judge on criminal charges. Heck they come here to work, the court can see that they do, 90 days at hard labor, bring back the chain gang! work the snot out of em for 90 days and deport em. You also have to remember that others, Russians, Ukrainians, and folks from Asia are also slipping across our borders too. Rick
  5. Walls work? Where? Other than someplace you can completely surround they don't. Look at a map. What's on either end of the proposed wall? Warm water ocean and thousands of miles of coastline. Going to put a wall up clear to Canada? Plus through much of the area where the proposed wall would be is soil that is easy to tunnel under. You may stop them from walking across it but you ain't going to stop em from coming around it or under it. Rick
  6. Funny thing about walls/fences, they don't work! The heavily guarded Berlin wall where guards had orders to shoot to kill didn't work. Extremely determined people still got through. And we are far too nice to build a double wall with mines in between them, guard towers with interlocking fields of fire and guards with orders to kill. So any wall we would build would be soon breached. I'm afraid that the only way to keep stop illegal border crossing is to establish a brutal dictatorship like in North Korea that's so bad people don't want to come here. Rick
  7. That's why I charge like I do. Most people won't pay that around here. So no hard feelings either way. I'm not high enough for them to yell that I'm a crook and I'm low enough that I still get a couple of jobs a year. Rick
  8. Funny, they say it left the NYC facility yesterday afternoon. Course they said that it left that same facility twice the day before that. Anyway been over 24 hours and it has reached nowhere! So it's been traveling the last 32 hours without getting anywhere....... 19 days in the mail. Same fella has sent me stuff before, 3-4 days with priority mail. Rick
  9. OK, I understand the initial error, clerk, either in a rush or distracted made an error. No big deal. Now someone in the KC sorting center saw that there was an error, read the shippers label and sent it on to West Fargo. Got there and they scanned it and sent it back to PA because they just scanned it. Rinse and repeat! So we know they have one postal employee in the 3 centers who knows how to read. Now why that person in KC didn't fix the USPS scan label I don't know. Against the rules? Lazy? Not enough time? When the same exact thing happened the 2nd time it's no longer funny. Rick
  10. OK, got a call from my PO. Got told that the facility in NYC says the label put on by the sender has the correct zip code. The scan label from the receiving PO has the wrong zip. Should start 565 and what they did was enter 656. It's also told me it has shipped from NYC..........at 3 different times over 2 days. You would think that after an error that bad and as many days as I have been waiting they would overnight it. What I think is going to happen is they will take it to NY harbor, place it on the oldest, slowest tramp steamer bound for China. While in route the ship will be taken by Somali pirates. Rick
  11. I'm up to 75 an hour with a 6 footer, something bigger I'd charge more, takes less time. I do charge from my drive to my drive in the time, 4 hour minimum. Rick
  12. I can't believe this stuff! Guy mailed a package to me on the 1st from PA. It's been to KS City KS, Fargo, PA, KC, Fargo, PA and now NYC. Owned and operated by the US government. What the sender and I think is that when they printed the label that they scan instead of having the zip as 56588 they have it as 66588. So instead of going to Fargo then to my PO it's going to KC. So PA office scans it, puts it in a bag for KC. Now someone in KC is actually reading the shipping label that the sending put my address on. SO they toss it in a bag for Fargo. Fargo scans it sees it's supposed to go to KC via the scan and sends it back to PA. USPS tracking # 9505510373967121030432 little music to go with this......do hit the "see more". Rick
  13. The bullying issue has spread into safe places. We are raising a bunch, not all but a bunch of people who will need sheltered their whole lives. It isn't that parents don't want to parent, they are afraid to because of current wave a laws. God forbid you get accused of doing anything to your kids like spanking them, putting them in a corner or washing their foul little mouths out with soap! Kids goes to school and rats you out social services will climb up your back side with a microscope! Rick
  14. Interesting read. Actually kinda interesting but if you research it the Tiger/King tiger and Panther tanks were somewhat overrated. When they ran they were great in armor protection, firepower and accuracy compared to the Sherman. But they were slow, too heavy for many roads and bridges and were prone to breakdowns. As opposed to the Sherman which lacked armor protection and was under gunned but lite enough to use most roads and bridges and as far as tanks go fast and agile. The 88MM gun and sighting system gave the Panther and Tiger about 3 times the range of a Sherman's 75MM system later updated to the 76MM (anti aircraft gun). Most of Germany's early successes were with the Panzer 3 and 4 tanks. The 5 (Panther) and Panzer Tiger were rushed into production to counter the Russian T34. The Sherman was eventually upgraded to a 90MM gun. That idea was stolen from the Germans. When the Germans discovered in battle that the 88MM anti aircraft gun with it's high velocity rounds made an effective anti tank weapon it was adapted into later tanks. The US Army's 90MM was the 90MM high velocity anti aircraft gun that was in service during WWII, adapted to use as a tank cannon. Both the 88 and 90MM guns were designed to shoot at aircraft flying at 20,000 or more feet so range and accuracy was important. The 90MM gun was used until the M60 series tank was introduced and the M68 105MM gun was adopted. Right at the end of WWII the M26 Pershing tank was fielded with the 90MM and it could stand up to the Tiger and Panther tanks but wasn't well suited to hilly or muddy terrain. Years of trial and error have lead to the modern battle tank that's a pretty awesome machine. Rick
  15. Get on youtube, there are more like that and engine launching out of tractors too. Rick