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  1. New joke

    Completely unbelievable......a woman who knows how to measure? Rick
  2. New joke

    LOL!!! Rick
  3. I dare you

  4. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Now I want you guys to know that things really haven't changed. When CNN first started that was their claim to fame.....straight news. "We report, you decide". Then it was sold and it's gone downhill from that. Now between 1982 and 83 I was stationed at Ft Bliss TX. I got both the Tribune and the Post daily. Reagan was in office. He's do/say/sign something and the next day both papers would report it. One would make it sound like about the dumbest thing possible while the other would make it sound like the greatest decision sense someone decided that rolling up paper on a cardboard tube to wipe your backside was a good idea. Again, 1982/83 time frame. When I was a kid in the 1963/64 time frame the main stream media showed and reported on the atrocities being committed by communist rebels in some 3rd world country most people didn't even know about. 5 years later they were reporting on the evil Americans being sent there to fight....place called Viet Nam...... Nothing new. Rick
  5. What USED to sell newspapers?

    None of them are unbiased...BUT THEY SHOULD BE! I think most of us are intelligent enough to be given the facts and only the facts, no slant in there, and then we are able to make up our own opinions. Freedom of the press should be such that if they just report facts it can be called news. But if they want to slant it, withhold it because it doesn't fit an agenda ECT they should have to explain themselves or announce/label it as OPINION, not news. I read several different news sources each day. I'm somewhat offended by NSNBC, CBS and CNN. Not only to they tell me what they want me to hear, they don't report things they don't want me to know, then they tell me how I'm supposed to react to whatever line they are trying to feed me that day. I use to think that entertainers, pro athletes included were about the lowest lifeform on earth just one small step in front of criminals.........now I rank journalist even lower than entertainers. Rick
  6. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    Same silly stuff. I know a lot of people complain about waste and abuse in the military budget, some IMO justified and some not. Shortly before I retired from the US Army they wanted to renovate some buildings on Ft Riley. Beautiful cut limestone buildings dating back to the horse cavalry. No big deal, the idea was to preserve them and use them for whatever activity they were needed for. They had been renovated and were being used but were in serious need of updating. In steps the historical society. It was stipulated that any modifications be easily removed so the building could be reverted to their original state if so desired some time in the future. All new energy efficient windows had to match the size and look of the originals. And so on and so forth. I know that one building used as a barracks the Army had said would cost, in 1995 about 3.5 million to renovate and bring it up to current standards for a troop barracks. After the historical society got done the price tag jumped up to 6 million. There were about a dozen buildings the Army had requested funding to renovate over a 5 year period. Plans had to be put on hold and the Army had to go back to congress to request the additional funding or permission to cut the plan in half. The Army had proposed just abandoning the building and demolishing them but that too was nixed by the historical society. What a mess and in no way the fault of the senior officers or any other member of the armed forces. I don't know the final outcome but by looking at maps on the puter those buildings are still there. The needs of the people need to come first. After all, we are the ones paying for this stuff. Rick
  7. Excuse me pilots

    LOL just repeating what I was told. Being a test pilot doesn't mean they didn't exercise due caution. Rick
  8. Getting old

    Just think guys, had we gone to college, got that office job, we be retired or thinking about being retired, our hands would be soft and we'd dream about fishing and golfing WITHOUT ALL THE ACHES AND PAIN! But our knowledge would be extremely limited with a few exceptions and the only things we would have taught our kids is "go to college". My boys didn't want to help with stuff but I made them do it. My oldest boy is renovating a 100 plus year old house doing the work by himself. At least once a week he tells me how glad he is that I made him learn things. The youngest was the same way. He's pretty happy he learned to do things too now that he and his soon to be bought a house. First week they had it he installed a sump pump without hiring it out. My wife works at a convenience store. She is amazed at how many kids, boys and girls alike come in and ask how to check the oil (this is in a rural area). Yea we are slower, we hurt at times or all the time. Most of us have made out lives better and because we taught our kids we made their lives better. I got a 10 year old grand daughter who lives up the hill. For years she's been "papa will fix it" whenever something breaks. Now she's coming to me saying "papa help me fix this"! I look back on it and think I wouldn't change a thing. It's been a good ride! Rick
  9. Excuse me pilots

    Guys a hotdog......I recall being told by a WWII Navy pilot (dive bomber pilot)......."there are bold pilots and old pilots......but there are NO old bold pilots"! Mark you ain't gotta worry. That's just demo stuff they are shooting to help sell em. I don't think a commercial pilot would try that. On the lite side they would be looking for a new job........if the FAA didn't pull the pilots license if they tried that with cargo or paying passengers on board. Man old guys like us would have heart attacks or strokes if a pilot tried that with us on board........our surviving family members would sue the heck out of the company! I been on a couple of flights that were scary mostly due to cross wind landings. Rick
  10. Excuse me pilots

    Yep, there you go Mark......get out that trusty Ford Ranger and drive....... Rick
  11. Ford Air Bag Recall

    But they are safe to drive.......just ain't very safe to wreck! Rick
  12. The Sears Roebuck catalog

    As a city boy who's dad keep talking about retiring and buying a farm my favorite what the Sear's Farm and Ranch catalog! I about wore that one out every year. That and the Christmas ones were my favorites. Dad got the Farm Journal rag too. I'd look at the tractor ads for days! The ad that always stuck in my mind was the one IH ran for a T340 with a PTO and 3 point. With my love of crawlers that seemed like the perfect small crawler. Keep in mind that I was pretty young and had never been on a farm! Rick
  13. 2017 wis. dairy results

    X2! Rick
  14. This POS put law enforcement back 15 years

    As it should be IMO! Rick
  15. So what DID happen to him?

    Come guys think about it. What happens to an engine that runs too lean? Then there are physics involved too that make me question the whole thing. You have to have X amount of fuel and X amount of air just to make an engine run. I really think the guy was running a hoax, got some cash up front then figured he was going to go to jail.....and had one heck of a party. Kinda like that guy with the hydrogen generator run car. Had the one news show making a big deal out of it...then they found out it was a hoax. Darned thing wouldn't generate enough hydrogen to drive the car around a city block. Rick