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  1. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Certainly they will in the long run save money. No drivers to pay, no health plan, no retirement plans. Big win for the companies and yes they will embrace when it's feasible. I just don't see it happening in the next couple of years. My guess, and I may be wrong, won't be the first time is 10-20 years before it's common. UPS will have problems divorcing itself from the unions so they may actually be a little slow going over. But it will get here. There are if you dig deep enough still a lot of problems to overcome. Rick
  2. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Yea that's why the driverless UBER car crashed within mere hours of launch? I'm not saying it won't happen. It will happen. But I doubt they will be completely driverless within 10 years. I'm saying I think it's going to take more time than they are claiming. When they first launch they will have an operator to take over in the event of a malfunction IMO. The general driving public has a great fear of trucks and those evil drivers. That's part of the reason for all the changes in licensing of drivers, health cards, electronic logs and such. They won't stand for driverless trucks cause some clown will come up with a doomsday scenario about these trucks running amuck and it will spread over the internet like wildfire. Like the idea a hacker can hack into a system and make the trucks deliberately crash. The people will demand, via their politicians that drivers remain in the trucks. I know the day of the average truck driver is numbered. All I'm saying is 10 plus years before it becomes the norm as opposed to a novelty. Lot of companies will hold back just because of liability issues too I think. They will wait until there is a major accident involving one of these driverless rigs and all legal action is settled before making a decision to got that route. On another note it is not in the politician's best interest to see these rigs out there with no one in the cab. Unemployment numbers can drastically effect the outcome of an election. So it may take a little effort to get these things without a driver past the NTSB and DOT. Lot of little things are going to hamper massive deployment of driverless cars and trucks. Rick
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Sounds like it could be a start but, and that's a big BUT who's going to pay for these charge stations? Motel or truck stop isn't going to put them in when they may only be used once of twice every couple of months. That's been one of the problems in LNG and Hydrogen powered vehicles. No one is going to support it if they don't see a significant gain within a 1-2 year window. Like here in MN. The only places I've seen charge ports for electric vehicles has been a few motels and city owned parking facilities. And charging isn't free. Requires a credit card reader on the charge station to activate them. The ones at motels are set up for 1 to 3 cars at a time and the government subsidized the installation. I have yet to see a car plugged in at a motel and I've seen 2 cars in public lots plugged in over the last 3 years. Rick
  4. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    OK that I agree but it ain't gonna be tomorrow, or even in 10 years I don't think. Going to take a while to work the bugs out and get infrastructure in place to support them. Truck stops are not going to jump in until there is a significant number of them on the road. Couple hundred across the nation? Not going to be supported many places. That is going to be one of the problems in getting this tech goin. Kinda like the LNG and Hydrogen powered cars and trucks. Joe Blow ain't going to install storage or "pumps" or charge stations to fill/charge these vehicles until there are enough on the road to justify the investment in new equipment. People and companies are not going to buy vehicles that they can't fill/charge or other wise support. The first driverless vehicles are going to have to have a operator to take over in the event of a malfunction or an emergency. Rick
  5. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Yea so add in the price of the trailer too. Then the truck stops are going to make em pay to recharge the batteries. And Telsa is only going to lose money for so long before investors bail and the company goes the way of AMC...... Rick
  6. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    LOL I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a production model anytime real soon. Couple of "greenies" here have electric cars more or less to make a statement. None of them get driven in the winter that I know of. Heating the cabin really reduces operation range. One of my son in laws is an electrical engineer. He's working with stuff that requires a certain battery life, 12 hours between recharging. The whole thing has to be man portable. They are up to about 10 hours by using everything they can to reduce power consumption. When I ask about a significant breakthrough on the horizon that would be better than what's available today he told me there is nothing pending and they are working on that too. I want to know what those trucks cost and the cost of replacing the batteries when they go bad. I know the cost for replacing the batteries in an electric car is expensive. Rick
  7. Out here at least it's become fashionable with the younger set to have rescue animals. On the down side my son and daughter in law have gone that path and have wound up with problem animals. The current problem child is a Blue Healer sneaky neighbor dog mix. Way too energetic and exuberant for an in town dog around small children. Being on a farm we may take him in. Nice dog really, just too excitable in town. If we do that we will find a small in town type pup for the grand daughters and they can visit their other dog that lives with grand parents once or twice a week. I've had a long standing hatred of puppy mills and stores like Petco. They just don't care about taking care of the animals. Rick

    Don't know what the current rent is but I do know several guys who have cut back on the amount they are renting dumping the least productive land. Rick
  9. Dad passed away

    Deeply sorry for your loss. My mom went downhill for several years with my wife, 2 of my daughters, my niece and myself doing almost all of the work needed to keep her alive and at home. When she passed I felt a sense of relief mixed with sorrow. A little research showed that in cases like hers and your dads it's normal. May he rest in peace. Rick
  10. National anthem protests

    OK, lets phrase this a different way. Protesting the national anthem is exercising a 1st amendment right. If said protest takes place at the during work hours it's the business of the employer if they allow it to happen or shut it down/discipline/fire workers. As far as I know most if not all the teams require the players be in the locker room no later than a certain tie to dress for the game. So they are at work when the protest takes place. It's up to the NFL and the owners as to how to deal with the situation. Rick
  11. A video for those people scared of heights

    We had a kid in the platoon I was in in Germany in the mid 70s that was scared to death of helicopters. During a major maneuver exercise the badly broke his leg. They had to knock him out to get him on the medivac chopper. While I don't like heights I can watch stuff like that all day. Here is a good one for you, I love to rappel. Cliffs, buildings and out of choppers. Go figure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkQAaCtsPTI Rick
  12. Unusual Phobias or fears

    OK, you guys who do things even if it "makes the boys shrink up" have discovered the true meaning of courage. Doing something in spite of your fear. I think most of us do it because we don't have any options. Not too fond of heights anymore, don't know why, still climb ladders and get up on roofs but I don't like it. And being inside an MRI machine. That drives me right up the wall. Any other tight place I'm OK with. Rick
  13. Land rent contracts

    I didn't mean it like you took it I think. Here most rents are so much an acre. That's it. Poor yields/prices don't factor end on the landlord's part. Here there have been a few cases that have gone to court. I got summoned to one by a lawyer of a former friend. I guess they expected me to lie and say that I had heard the verbal contract being made. Once I testified that I only knew what my friend had claimed took place the land owner's lawyer felt no need to cross examine. The friend won't talk to me. He did try jumping me in a store after that but backed off real fast when I asked if he expected me to lie under oath. Now I've also seen guys let farmers out of contracts when circumstances beyond the farmers control prevent them from farming a place. But they have to talk to each other first from what I've seen. We have enough guys here begging for land that it's not a problem. For as long as I can remember here at least it's always been 1/2 spring 2nd half fall for payments. Here rent is still (for the time being) based on CRP but that's starting to change as more and more land no longer qualifies for the programs. We also have a couple of guys here who try to convince land owners the land is worth less per acre than the going rate. When the land owner finds out they have been taken for a ride they generally find new tenants quick. One was farming about 2500 acres when I retired from the army, he's now down to just over 1000. No one except family will rent to him anymore. Rick
  14. Land rent contracts

    Around here most landlords are not going to take less money because of anything. They don't really care if you make money or not and there is both the contract to protect them against the tenant trying to skip out and a set amount with raises built in should rents go up. After all, always another renter out there looking for a few more acres. Sense I retired from farming I let my nephew farm my land for free. But I do keep up with things. Only trouble here for a land owner is a lot of land is no longer eligible for CRP but that hasn't effected the price per acre. Is there anywhere landlords base rent on the farmers profit or prices the farmer receives? They ain't making anymore land and there is always another guy wanting that land. I have been offered 3-5 year agreements by 2 different guys with set rates and built in raises based on inflation. I'll let my nephew keep farming it for now. Rick

    It's coming but I doubt anytime real soon. My bet is that the first you will see will still have a driver to take over incase the system fails. 20-30 years from now? Who knows? Rick