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  1. Gotta agree, lots of car/truck booms on the tube, beaver dam too. I don't know how well daisy chaining that stuff will work. May go too fast from one to another to really be able to see a delayed reaction. You may have to experiment.....I know a boring task.....HMMMM you can always try to do one of those really big ones in a dump truck near a nuclear power plant....... Rick
  2. Yea, I know a jockey who uses diesel. We used it on our tanks for displays before the CARC paint came out. Rick
  3. Funny Mark! WOW, bad day? a) sarcasm ˈsärˌkazəm/ noun = the use of irony to mock or convey contempt b and iii) poorly played attempt to shut someone down through ridicule often used today by a certain group of people trying to shut down free speech. Other tactics include trying to shout others down or blocking speaking events. The same group that has proposed trashing the Constitution and rewriting it to destroy freedom of speech. Rick
  4. No trust me, that was perfect! Rick
  5. Funny, the second cam shot from down low that showed some pieces just hanging in the air brought back memories! Rick
  6. LOL no, I wasn't knocking you or anyone else. Nor was I digging up dirt. I just always find the subject amusing for the reasons I stated. My MIL for years was extremely proud of her Norwegian "heritage", life member of Daughters of Norway and all that stuff. When my BIL wanted the DNA testing done just cause he was curious and was willing to pay for it her reaction to the results was hilarious! If you noticed I did state my background as we know it. Part is my interest in history and part due to the national pride I saw displayed while I lived in Europe. The funniest were the French. What we know as France today was conquered so may times it's hilarious to me at least to hear someone say with great pride "I'm French", then be told we are not as good because Americans are mutts. Rick
  7. The dad may have had a gun. They don't say. But unless you are armed 24/7 you may not have time to get it. In the case of a kid? How many times have you argued with your kid? Or as a kid with your parents? How often did it turn violent? So even if you were arguing with a kid/parent what would be the clue that things were about to get violent to the point of using a gun to defend your life? Now I'm pro gun. I'm pro self defense. But this is a case where dad having a gun on his person may not have made any difference. I also have no problem calling that POS a POS. Rick
  8. This is too funny! Look at the history of Europe. Through the ages every country there was both the conqueror and conquered. Rape and pillage was the normal operating procedure. Plus add in that often raids were conducted to gain new women (blood) for another group. Add that to the fact that in times of multi-year drought people migrated back and forth. Your ancestors may have immigrated from a known country but your actual DNA may say something completely different. My MIL is a good example. Both set of parents immigrated from Norway. She had the DNA testing done. Turns out she's over 1/2 Celtic. Lot of Celt communities were raided by the Vikings looking for women plus at one time or another the Celts conquered most of Europe to include sacking Rome. So with the history of Europe who knows without DNA testing? Both sides of my dads family immigrated from Germany but because of the family name were know there is some Bohemian blood in there. We know on mom's side that there is family background both English and Dutch. Kinda funny but if you look back most peoples world wide at one time or another had slaves. If someone lost a war and survived odds were they were taken as booty to be sold into slavery. So odds are somewhere in your background someone in your family was a slave. Slavery was ended in most countries now for humanitarian reasons but because of the peasant class. The more slaves a country/empire had the less work there was for the peasant and middle class which lead to revolts and civil war. Rome is the best example of that. Julius Caesar wasn't killed because he was a tyrant. He was killed because he was going to institute changes limiting the number of slaves giving Roman citizens more opportunity to work and earn money. That was going to cost the rich more money to maintain their lifestyles. They used the claims that they killed a tyrant as an excuse. Rick
  9. Good score on the fuel/skid! About the prices we are seeing here on old tractors. Rick
  10. While in Germany on my 2nd tour a cook had a field stove spit gas all over him. He was a human torch like you see in the movies. 2 of my fellow NCO's and I tackled the guy and got the fire out. Shockingly the guy only suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns to his hands an face. Us 3 only had minor burns on our hands. Because no one was seriously injured by noon the joke in the battalion was flame roasted cook was going to be dinner that night. The BN commander witnessed the event and only had this to say. "I expect nothing less from my NCOs and officers". We thought he at least could have said "well done" (pun intended). The soldier's screams were unbelievable! On the plus side it was at morning chow so medical attention was there within minutes. Don't want to see anyone on fire again. Rick
  11. I just don't know. There were over 900 job descriptions for US servicemen in WWII. The right side seat in the hull was described as "assistant drive/gunner" position. The US didn't have any guns designated as "assault guns". Germany did. They were much better in defense than they were in the attack. According to what I can find the US Army did not have an "armored assault gunner" in WWII. Several things could be a play here. I would guess that when he was being discharged a clerk ask him what he did and then just put that down without looking the job title up. Could be what the office they worked in had a list they made up. Gotta remember they were trying to go from millions to about 400,000 in about 6 months. I bet there were a lot of interesting jobs on discharge papers. The bow gun was a carry over from the very early tanks of WWI. The US military spent many years after WWII and Korea studying what worked, what didn't and the effects of different weapons. So the bow gun and the extra crew position was eliminated. The COAX machinegun mounted with the main gun covered 360 degrees and was much more accurate. In the defense the hull mounted gun wasn't even a factor as it was normally masked and couldn't fire without exposing more of the tank to enemy fire. Yea military nomenclature doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes. Rick
  12. Mike in the lower 48 there is about 900 million acres of farm land. The Chinese are not buying enough of it to really effect food markets here. I don't know all of the laws but I bet under our laws you can't bar a so called foreign national from buying land in the US as long as they are not 1: a known criminal and 2: not listed as from an enemy nation. Bob, I don't think it's that simple. Our laws against discrimination says you can't refuse to sell based on race or national origin. So you can't list it as "for sale except to". Plus I know if I were a relator you would sign a contract with me to list you property. If someone showed up with the money to pay your price and you refused there would be a clause in the contract that on your refusal to sell at your price that you would have to pay me the commission. Kinda the same deal with an auction. You either sell absolute or with a reserve. Once the reserve/sale is made is met you pay the auctioneer. If you don't want to sell to the buyer you have out outbid them and pay the auctioneer. Dukester, use to be that land was considered a bullet proof investment. Not so much anymore. Most investors are not looking for long term returns, they want something that they can flip in just a few years if the markets are right. And investments that cost additional monies to maintain and pay taxes on are not what they are looking for. They buy a city block in NYC, build a high rise apartment and charge 3K or more per month per apartment. They make a good deal of money. Plus the building is worth 100's of millions of dollars. They buy some farm land they get maybe 500 an acre in rent minus whatever they pay a management company to rent it out. Just not a good investment. Rick
  13. The M26 had a lot of mechanical issues. Doesn't sound so bad....till you are in one, in combat and now you are just sitting there like a target on a firing range. Also a tank catching fire is a bad thing too. 1 you become that sitting duck target, 2 you are carrying a lot of fuel, ammo and some explosives. Either case the crew, potentially in combat while under fire, now have to bail out of that disabled tank. More US tank crew members were killed outside of their tanks in WWII than died in them. The tank would become disabled, either hit or mechanical failure and the crew would get out to attempt to repair it or get out because of the fire hazard and be machine gunned by the enemy. Got a local guy here, Korean war vet, tanker who was WIA because of that. His tank broke down. They got out to repair it and he was hit while outside the tank with small arms fire. Rick
  14. You guys need to read some on US law. 1: Trump can't "do something" about those laws allowing foreign investors buying property here. He's the president, not god. 2: US farmers are using far more of the aquifers with little regard to the consequences. 3: We have been through this before. Last time it was the Japanese buying property left and right. Rick
  15. That technology was developed for the joint US/German development of the XMBT70 that was ready to inter production in 1970. Now I'm sure improvements were made to the fire control system before it actually was fielded in the M60A3 in the early 80's. But it's old technology. The depleted uranium penetrator was able to go through 36" of armor plate at 2000 meters before I retired. AS far as losses I don't believe any M1's were kill where the entire crew died too. To my understanding they were all repairable but combat circumstances made the command to destroy disabled M1's as needed. I don't believe so. The 2 actions M1's were deployed for by the time ground troops saw action nearly 100% of enemy air assets were already destroyed. I do know that around the 1985/86 time frame we stopped training to use the .50 cal machine gun (M85 on the M60A3 and M2 on the M1) on choppers and they declared that a tanks preferred method of taking out choppers was the main gun. And from then on that's what we trained to do, take out choppers with the main gun. While some units had the M26 in Korea the M26 was plagued with problems. The fire control system and gun were about the only good thing on the M26. We had Sherman tanks in the inventory until the M47 was fielded in the active duty units and the Nation Guard had some Sherman tanks into the early 60's. Yea I'd love to be able to see what they are working on now! Rick