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  1. National anthem protests

    AS a fellow vet......WELL SAID! Rick
  2. Prayers needed

    The family is in my thoughts in these tough times. Rick
  3. soybean market

    Yea from what I'm seeing about a 30 cent raise per bushel over the next year..... Rick
  4. Anyone looking for a driving job?

    Bet there is an immediate opening..........http://www.nj.com/atlantic/index.ssf/2017/09/gps_leads_tractor_trailer_to_drive_on_to_boardwalk.html Rick
  5. First bto auction

    IMO that's what farmers are going to have to do, diversify a bit. Got several up here who are scared to even try it. One has never done anything except a corn bean rotation. Here we have a few guys busting the 200 BPA barrier on corn but the best I've ever heard of in the local area was about 55 BPA on beans. Rick
  6. First bto auction

    Ouch, local elevator here is predicting less than 3 a bushel here through Jan. Have some of the same problems here, west MN Rick
  7. First bto auction

    Yea last time I checked inputs for corn here was about 350-380 an acre. That was when corn was in the 8 buck range. Thanks Rick
  8. hilary comment

    I thought about your statement here. I read the theories. IMO there is enough there to want a closer look. But I recall something about innocent until proven guilty. So far I've seen a lot of obituaries but little hard evidence. Please keep in mind that I don't much care for either of them so this isn't a liberal trying to defend them. I wouldn't vote for either of them if Satan himself was running against them. Just a citizen who believes in due process for all US Citizens. Rick
  9. First bto auction

    Haven't checked in a while but with inputs plus rent what's the break even price on corn or beans at 500-700 an acre rent? Last thing I saw said 350-500 an acre corn land rent had to be 4.50 a bushel IIRC? Rick
  10. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    Kinda interesting that this came up now. Neighbor kid is home on vacation, bow season......anyway he stopped in to visit for a few minutes. He's an AG mechanic in ND. Works for a CaseIH dealer. Local BTO there is all JD. He was telling me that a CASEIH sales guy got him (BTO) to demo a Quad Track when they started tillage once the wheat was off. The BTO took delivery of 6 after the demo. Says that they are more comfortable to operate and use less fuel per acre. Guess everything else to include smaller tractors are still green....... Rick
  11. First bto auction

    Speculators. As the wise man said they ain't making any more land..........and unless there is a world war or world wide pandemic the population will keep growing. In theory I agree, can't see how you can pay that much then expect to farm it for profit. But if you buy a piece of ground for 100K, farm it 10 years making a small profit on crops, then sell for say 150K you did OK. Can't really count a land purchase as a consumable like diesel or oil. Nor like you would a piece of equipment that devalues. Unless a river changes course or you grow a volcano in it that land is only going to increase in value making it an asset. Rick
  12. gunbrokers.com

    My son has, he likes it. Rick
  13. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    Say what you will but I just got back to town. Was through both the CIH and JD lots. No green on the CIH lot at all. 2 CIH quads and 3 Magnums on the JD lot. Kinda different than about 10 years ago when there was no red on the JD lots and lots of Green on the CIH lot. So, not trying to be argumentative or funny, but what's the difference? JD offering easier credit? Just former JD guys going back to JD? Be kinda interesting to know. Rick
  14. First bto auction

    Wow, I know a couple of guys here that are considered BTO's. They are pretty picky. If you tear stuff up you don't last long. But I guess when you are on a shoe string........ Rick
  15. First bto auction

    Could be but those people still have to find jobs........ Rick