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  1. How far would you drive a tractor home

    I am not trying to tell a bigger fish story here—but this is a true story. We don’t have a lot of big CaseIh tractors around us because there are no dealers close by. So when I came by a local truck stop and saw four 305 CaseIh tractors all pulling two huge silage wagons each naturally I had to check this out. They had stopped for a break. Turns out they contract silage cut for someone around Sylvester,Ga and they were headed back home to Seymour, Indiana—700 miles one way. They drive this trip every year. They started out years ago hauling them and it would take two weeks each way to get everything moved. Now they just drive them in 4 days. So drive it home sounds like a fun little parade compared to some.
  2. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Cotton pickers had the same basic progression that corn pickers had. They started back in the day mounted on a tractor then later on became self propelled units. These one row cotton pickers are mounted on a tractor—in this case a Super M Farmall. The picker can be taken off the tractor and the tractor used to farm with and then come harvest time the picker could be mounted back onto the tractor. Same concept that was used for mounted corn picker except you didn’t have to turn the tractor around to run backwards. Takes about a good day to take one off.
  3. Red Power Round Up 2018

    You stay pretty clean. That picture I had already picked several baskets. If you look back at the picture of our Dad you can see that he had been picking most of the day and he is not filthy. You get more dirty doing the service work on the picker than you do running the picker. Keep in mind that some water is being added thru the moister pads which keeps down the dust and you have a fan that is blowing things away from the operator.
  4. Red Power Round Up 2018

    We are only five months away from the "World's Largest Showcase of International Harvester Products" or otherwise known as Red Power Round Up 2018. Lots of fun things to see and do. We will be picking cotton each day.
  5. Red Power Round Up 2018

    It is not hiding--just tuck away a bit. 1953 Super M farmall. Dad had a thing about Super's. That is why we love them also I guess. First new tractor dad bought was a 1953 Super H--you can see it also if you come to Red Power in June.
  6. Red Power Round Up 2018

    How about our Dad-- back in the day picking cotton on a nice sunny day. This picture was taken in the late 50's or early 60's. Dad passed away over 20 years ago. We may not have dad but we still have this picker and you will be able to see it pick cotton if you come to Red Power Round Up in Montgomery, Alabama June 13-16th 2018. www.rpru2018.com
  7. Red Power Round Up 2018

    I know how everyone likes pictures so I will try to post some along of cotton items. Anybody can feel free to add to them--I know we have some cotton people on here--it can't all be corn, corn, corn.
  8. Red Power Round Up 2018

    I like that idea--just might work.
  9. Red Power Round Up 2018

    How about some pictures.
  10. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Hint Randy--ha! It will take more than just knowing me---but the good news is I can be bought. Let the bidding begin--I know Tony starts the bidding with California Red Wine and Almonds--so who wants to raise that bid?
  11. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Looking forward to hearing that New Zealand drawl and seeing y'all.
  12. Red Power Round Up 2018

    The camping rules state that the earliest you can get into the campground will be Sunday June 10th after 2 p.m. that would be the Sunday before the show starts on Wednesday June 13th. Jerry--we would love for you to come early so we can get some more of your money--it spends real well--just a little crusty from being buried out back so long.
  13. Red Power Round Up 2018

    That should be no problem. I will supply the hand held fan, the bug spray, and I will break my piggy bank (currently has $3.52 but expect more by the time roundup gets here-- depends on how much of the allowance my wife gives me I can save) and spend all that money with you--so you have a guaranteed sale. I will guarantee that you will have a "Cotton-Pickin' Good Time" and if you don't it won't be because we didn't try our best to extend Southern Hospitality !!!!
  14. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Happy New Year from Alabama. We are 162 days from the opening day of The World's Largest Showcase of International Harvester Products at Red Power Round Up ---June 13-16th, 2018 at Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama. So this can be the start of the countdown to all the fun and festivities. I don't know that I can post everyday but I will be around to answer questions and will keep everyone informed as new and exciting things come along. Check out the website at www.rpru2018.com and Facebook page at Red Power Round Up 2018 for more information. Today is the last day to get the early bird special for the 314 Cotton Picker Toy-- if you have not done that yet you might want to look at that. Also, golf cart reservations are now available online so you might want to do that before they are all sold out so you don't have to walk. I know many of you are in a deep freeze this morning and I don't want you to throw snowballs at me but I actually had to wear a coat this morning--it was 20 degrees--but it has warmed up to about 40 degrees with sunshine now -- so I am out of my coat.
  15. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Praying for you and your family. Prayer works! Press On.