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  1. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    thanks maynard will try that
  2. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    thanks for all the replys. I pressure tested mine in a garabage can and no bubbles. im going to go with then head being cracked. and hope that's it.
  3. 1700 loadstar front wheel cylinders

    Blew a wheel cylinder on the left side last night on my Loadstar 1700 . been sesrching the net for part number to get to replace it. seems like they are hard to find. does anybody know the part number on the wheel cylinder for the 1700 loadstar? the left side.
  4. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    Thanks guys. For info. Will try the dawn or Cascade. Im guessing you put antifoam in the water mixter
  5. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    Where's all the places water can get in radiator. Oil cooler front cover,head gasket. When I drained the antifreeze there was some oil sludge that ran out also. I have a 436 that is cracked by a injector sleeve that runs up and over the valve cover area and into valve train on #3 . It leaks water not bad out of the crack. Took head off and head gasket looks good. The water ports was filthy with oily residue and sludge. Of course im replacing head. .the oil cooler I thought was the culprit so I removed it. And it didn't have any signs of oil residue . I'm going to pressure test it and verify. But if front cover is leaking wouldn't that put water in oil. And there is no water in oil just radiator.
  6. 1688 how to install this

    Do you know where I can get this kit
  7. 1688 how to install this

    Thanks for the input. So I don't need any other parts. I held it up to the side and it looks like u have to drill holes through the side sheet metal which isn't very thick. And strong. The needle bearing is fine it just cracked around the c channel and the bearing area
  8. 1688 how to install this

    My left side cracked
  9. 56 and 66 series sloppy shifter rebuild

    Thanks a lot of people appreciate the time and effort you took thank you again
  10. 1688 how to install this

    I'm trying to figure out how to install this brace the original was just a c channel any update shows this part number but I don't see how it installs to somebody had a pic or diagram of how this goes in
  11. 1688 automatic header

    Thanks. Case told me not available through them
  12. 1688 automatic header

    O added a bungyvcord on the end where the indicator is to hold pressure on the sensors. So far new cable is working desent
  13. 1688 automatic header

    Went to different field. And now it won't work again. Likes to eat dirt. Anyway I set it. My dealer said the rod kit was no longer available
  14. 1688 automatic header

    I got it to work somewhat. The indicator arm on the right side was holding it up. Loosened nut and reposition it. Then the sensors was on skids. But there was play in shaft. Inspected futether and cable woul not retract all the way. Got new one ordered. 180.00. I adjusted all the play out and it did work. But the header was jerky. Going down and always was jumping up and down. No matter where I put sensitivity switch
  15. 1688 automatic header

    I have accumulater open. I will close it. And try that. I have cleaned the grey connecter. It does go down really slow when u hit the button on hydro when in auto mode. I can increase the down I read that in owners manual. What about changing cable to a rod on the pot. If so does anyone have part number for the rod. Pete if I need one I will be in touch