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  1. 1586 and vacuum planter

    12 row. 7200 and splitter rows are finger pickup. Main rows vacuum
  2. 1586 and vacuum planter

    Neghbor asked if his 1586 would work for a 7200 vacuum planter. His is the closed system. I told him yes it would. Am I correct on this. Heis wanting to purchase this planter and wanting to make sure before he bought. I told him he could invest in a PTO pump if it didn't but he said didn't want to spend the 600-900 dollars for the pump
  3. New tool to tool box

    Reamer for 66 series steering cylinder upgrade
  4. New tool to tool box

    Just picked up this to add to my tool box. What a find!. Brand New never been used in original box. Browsing eBay. And came across it.
  5. 756 steering

    whats the update.. interested
  6. removing the front axle pin on 1466

    it was pushed up against the tractor where the stay rod mounts. but it was my concern also.
  7. removing the front axle pin on 1466

    had a little hard time removing the axle pin from the front axle. Heated the front bolster up around the pin as hot as my little torch could and used a enerpac to press the pin out. end up having 12000 lbs of pressure on the pin and still had to take a sledge and beat on front of bolster to get it to jar loose. it was tight. as you can see the bushings was wore completely out.
  8. 66 series steering cylinder

    this is the correct cylinder on the tractor. I took my 1066 apart and measured the piston to the end of the threaded end. I had to press the piston 1 3/8" toward the threaded end where the block is. for future references the piston is 10 7/8" to the end of the threaded end.
  9. 66 series steering cylinder

    It turns to the left so sharp it digs in the dirt to the right it turns very little. It has the original anchor pin
  10. 66 series steering cylinder

    Got a new to me 1466 somebody hit a hole apparently because. The steering will turn one way really sharp. And hardly not at all the other way. I have pressed the piston before on the rod to the correct position. But this one i cannot tell exactly where it goes.no visible spot Does any body have the measurements on where the piston sits on the rod.
  11. 496 disk cylinder

    when I go to put all the cylinders back on. I read somewhere that the reliefs had to be orientated the same position. is this correct
  12. pto housing seal area

    Cost too much when I can turn it down just need specs
  13. 496 disk cylinder

    I have two different cylinders on my disk 1 cylinder on the Piston has three rings 1 cylinder has one ring on piston and the barrel is different I'm wondering if they will phase correctly with different cylinders. I'm suspecting that the one is different is an older cylinder compared to the other one
  14. 496 disk cylinder

    Gotcha. Thanks for checking.
  15. pto housing seal area

    Yes I should have made myself clear it is the clutch cup. Seal area. I don't need to buy it I can replace it myself just need new measurement so I can make the replacement bushing