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  1. Tom Thanks for the information. Matt
  2. I'm hoping it was a freak accident and ether WAS NOT involved.
  3. Guys remember to use caution when doing tires. Didn't know them or the family but I still feel bad for them. Just came across this new story today. Matt
  4. That would be cool. It's been a long time since I've been at a working dairy. My kids would probably like it too.
  5. Passed by closer than that. Gps took me across the corner bypassing Syracuse. Went up through Pompey, Cazenovia, Fenner, Casastota, then got on 90 out to Rome. That detour probably added 30min to the trip but it's was nice to get off the interstate for a while.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Updraft
  7. I knew a bunch of you guys were in NY sure is some nice country around here
  8. Could be that too.
  9. By looking at my map I wouldn't think it would take 4hrs to get to the top of the state, but you must be talking about taking 2 lane roads and not interstates, or some mix there of.
  10. That's why I put both in the topic. Me I'd think it's upstate, those who actually are up state would have a different opinion. I come from a small town in Pa about an hour north of Harrisburg. About a 4hr drive to get to Rome
  11. I am from Schuylkill county Pennsylvania. 4hrs south on I81
  12. Came up to Camden/ Rome area last night. Helping the Syracuse Cummins branch working on some campaign repairs for Ryder in Camden. Saw big farm land on the gps on the way up in the dark. Couldn't see any of it but some places I did "smell" it lol. Matt
  13. Thanks all for the tips. I finally had some time to stop and check the combine out a little. The canvas is there. It's rolled up and sitting in the grain hopper. Looks in decent shape. The machine also has what looks like a 4cyl Wisconsin engine on it.
  14. Those of you that had old pull type combines with the canvas type headers, where can you find a new or repaired canvas? There is a sale near me this month that has a Massey Harris clipper 50. From the sale flyer I saw that the canvas is gone. Is the common replacement a rubber belt now or can canvas still be found? What does a machine like this go for nowadays? It's been sitting for more than 35 years id guess, I never knew it was there and I've lived within 1/2 mile of it my entire life. Paint looks good. I didn't get time to go look at it yet, maybe tomorrow. I'd hate to see a scrapper get the thing. I passed up a A/C all crop several years back, saw it at the scrap iron yard the next weekend. Thanks Matt
  15. That may change till Wednesday night and Thursday morning... But we'll probably end up with mud and snow... more fun.... matt