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  1. Thanks all for the tips. I finally had some time to stop and check the combine out a little. The canvas is there. It's rolled up and sitting in the grain hopper. Looks in decent shape. The machine also has what looks like a 4cyl Wisconsin engine on it.
  2. Those of you that had old pull type combines with the canvas type headers, where can you find a new or repaired canvas? There is a sale near me this month that has a Massey Harris clipper 50. From the sale flyer I saw that the canvas is gone. Is the common replacement a rubber belt now or can canvas still be found? What does a machine like this go for nowadays? It's been sitting for more than 35 years id guess, I never knew it was there and I've lived within 1/2 mile of it my entire life. Paint looks good. I didn't get time to go look at it yet, maybe tomorrow. I'd hate to see a scrapper get the thing. I passed up a A/C all crop several years back, saw it at the scrap iron yard the next weekend. Thanks Matt
  3. That may change till Wednesday night and Thursday morning... But we'll probably end up with mud and snow... more fun.... matt
  4. Well Tom beat me to it. Miller is good to work with. I work for the local cummins distributor we use them for all our Bosch pump work Matt
  5. Thanks. I was thinking you were implying that pto shaft set up was the issue. Just wanted to confirm. If I can talk them in to one of these I think it'll be fine the heaviest load we'd have is my 10ft woods brush hog. An air blast sprayer is what most of the pto work will be. Matt
  6. Troy Found this pic in FB today. Got the pic this time Matt
  7. Can you elaborate a little more on the PTO problems please. The Christmas tree farm I work for is looking at getting a bigger tractor. I'm trying to talk them into a mx80-100c
  8. Starter under sized? Maybe
  9. Thanks for the replys 495 & Troy. Troy, you mentioned slow starting. Is that in cold weather? Would a block heater resolve that issue? I'm glad to here they have similar reliability to the rest of the MX line. Matt
  10. I'm helping the Christmas tree farm/ hopps farm I work for pick out a larger tractor. Something in the 80 to 110hp range. I've seen several of the mx100c's listed on various sites for decent prices. From the information I did find they use the same transmission and rear as the MXxxx and 51,52xx maxxums with a Perkins diesel out front instead of the Cummins correct? I have not found much on the line of people having problems with them. I'd like your thoughts on them if you have one or work on them. Uses would include light loader work, planting trees. A mix of light and heavy pto work (air bast sprayers, large tiller, and bush hogging). Could also do some plowing, disking , and haying work to. I get the ride may be a bit rough with the short wheelbase but can't be worse than my Farmall 400. Thanks for your time Matt
  11. Dan, The injection pump was full of fuel. I had put seals in the gear pump shaft years ago. Guess they are bad again. Anyone have a part number for the gear pump shaft seals?
  12. I have a Farmall 400D with an engine going bad. Oil pressure issues and fuel getting in the oil. I'm sure the fuel problem caused the oil psi problem. I'm looking at options to make the tractor useful again. Depending what the diesel looks like inside, and should I choose not to repair it at this time would a C264 or C281gas engine from a 400 or 450 or similar bolt right in with the appropriate changes for linkages and such? Thanks for for your time Matt
  13. Ever see this before? Matt
  14. Feeling the same way, I shared it on FB yesterday. Matt
  15. PSP is our wonderful Pennsylvania State Police.