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  1. Firewood

    That is not a bad idea if you have the room to maneuver. Matt
  2. impliment hitches

    My mower has the same hitch. I use a 3/4” grade 8 bolt some washers and a cat 2 to 3 spacer. I put one washer on the bottom below the pivot ball, then put the spacer in and another washer on top. Tighten the bolt and lock it with a double nut. This makes the mower turn on the pivot ball not on the draw bar. Plus if the ball does turn the lower washer is the sacrifice surface not the drawbar. Matt
  3. Best area to buy a used truck?

    Yeah then salt so much the salt is slicker than the ice....
  4. Some pennsylvania elk

    The Pa game has a lottery for Elk licenses. Don't remember how many of each they give out but they do give some out.
  5. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    I heard about this on the radio this morning (WHP580am). Word is Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia all put in bids for HQ2 Matt
  6. Some pennsylvania elk

    They are wild.
  7. Chopping corn

    I saw couple farms started beans here is Schuylkill county.
  8. Farm accident in Pa

    Tom Thanks for the information. Matt
  9. Farm accident in Pa

    I'm hoping it was a freak accident and ether WAS NOT involved.
  10. Farm accident in Pa

    Guys remember to use caution when doing tires. Didn't know them or the family but I still feel bad for them. Just came across this new story today. Matt
  11. Working in central/upstate NY this week

    That would be cool. It's been a long time since I've been at a working dairy. My kids would probably like it too.
  12. Working in central/upstate NY this week

    Passed by closer than that. Gps took me across the corner bypassing Syracuse. Went up through Pompey, Cazenovia, Fenner, Casastota, then got on 90 out to Rome. That detour probably added 30min to the trip but it's was nice to get off the interstate for a while.
  13. Working in central/upstate NY this week

    Thanks for the heads up Updraft
  14. Working in central/upstate NY this week

    I knew a bunch of you guys were in NY sure is some nice country around here
  15. Working in central/upstate NY this week

    Could be that too.