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  1. TD 14 Emblem, Shift Pattern Decal

    Wthofer, I had the same issue as you with the grill emblem so I made my own. See attached photo. I would be happy to send you the drawing file. Any shop with a water jet or laser can cut it out for you. Redwood
  2. TD-24

    Sounds scary. I guess the old adage "you get what you pay for" holds true.
  3. TD-24

    TD-24 for sale on the Central California coast - cheap - see attached link. Crawler Nut needs this one to add to his fleet.
  4. Ih Equipment at Santa Margarita.

    Great video......Thanks Redwood
  5. crank shaft dimension D335

    Diameter - 3.6255 - 3.6235 Bearing running clearance .0019 - .0049 Maximum permissible running clearance .007
  6. TD-141 engine stuck

    The engine is supported by the front cross member but it is a pivot point and the crankshaft runs through the middle of it.
  7. TD-141 engine stuck

    Binderdan, I am not familiar with that particular winch but I would say that the inner (closest to tractor) is the forward/ neutral/ reverse lever and the outer is the drum brake. It appears someone welded in a new sprocket ring, grousers are worn down pretty well. You will still need to check the bottom rollers along with the pins and bushings for wear. Redwood
  8. TD-141 engine stuck

    Binderdan, It is not a bearing just the front pivot point for the engine and has nothing to do with the crankshaft/engine not turning. Redwood
  9. Hydraulic pump question

    Tom, Give Associated Tractor a call as they are still the representative / repair facility for Bee Gee pumps. 209-466-3003. Redwood
  10. 48 TD-9 missing parts

    Oldiron, I have a parts TD-9 that probably has what you need. PM me with your needs and I will send you what I have. Redwood
  11. Td91

    Good luck......You will need it.
  12. Td9 block

    Steve, I dropped a parts breakdown of the pump/balancer assembly in the Engine Form that shows all of the parts that you will need to make your engine pump oil. Redwood
  13. Td91

    Steve, Attached is the parts breakdown that I promised. It appears from your photos that you are missing items 1, 3, 4, & 5. Hope this helps. Redwood
  14. Td91

    Steve, According to my parts book on the UD350 and 370 engines they used an oil pump/balancer unit that ran off of a gear mounted next to the center main crank journal. The oil is transmitted to the block with a tube and oil transfer housing. The oil transfer housing looks like the end of an older UD/TD-9 oil pump and fits up into the block just below the welsh plug you mention. I will scan an post a picture tomorrow morning. Redwood
  15. Td6 crawler

    I swapped in a late model UD-14 engine into my TD14-A and had to make the following changes: Duel oil pickup pump and lines Injection pump governor spring and arm assembly Magneto drive rear engine support and flywheel Modified the cutout switch on the intake manifold, NO to NC for magneto Redwood