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  1. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Put the finishing touches on the 2377 today. cart and trucks are parked headed out the door. Could run a few beans but there are a lot of green ones. About 4 to 5 days and will have a couple hundred ready to go. jerry
  2. Tulare Fair ,Exposing the young to old school Ag

    Our local farm group, LaPorte County Row Crop Food Producers Team, Inc., does this sort of thing every year for 4th graders in the county. I was on the board when we started it and it has continued for 39 years. We started holding it in a mall in March. The only things live was the small animals we brought in and put in small pens. We would bring in big equipment (big back then!) to view and explain. It was the first time an antique tractor was given the spotlight in the area. It was my 1949 M that I had restored (my first restoration). Also stations were set up that explained the different things grown and livestock in LaPorte county. Since those early days, the mall closed and the event was moved to a national guard armory, the younger guys are now running the show, and maybe a big tractor or combine outside, but the theme is still the same and it still brings over 1000 4th graders out over a 2 day period. In the early days it was my job to go out and get sponsors (which I hated doing). Today the local businesses flock to us to make this a very successful event. jerry
  3. led headlights

    Mike would be able to handle the lights for you but the housing would have to come from a salvage yard. I would call Bates Corporation at 800-248-2955. jerry
  4. Hubs on straight axle

    One thing no one mentioned. After cleaning all surfaces of dirt and rust and paint, both the axle and hub, oil it good. Do not use never seize. Then tighten them really tight. You might have trouble getting them loose in the future, but they will stay tight, even with snap on duals and hard braking. Old IH dealer showed me this nearly 50 years ago and I have never had a wheel come loose. Used to move the wheels a couple times a year to go from 30 inch rows to plowing in the furrow. What a pain! jerry
  5. 2350 loader on 86 series?

  6. Home from Rantoul ! 4500 miles round trip

    Glad you made back ok. Now to get ready for Birmingham! jerry
  7. Painting Hardware

    I ether use all stainless new bolts or new regular new bolts and paint with a small artist brush when tightened. I put some paint in a small cup and add hardener then let it set for a couple hours until it gets stiff. It won't run and usually covers with one coat. Takes some time and patience but it don't skin off with twrench when installing the bolt. I just finished my restored 706 wheatland after a new TA and I spent 4.5 hours touching up all the skinned bolts. Jerry
  8. Should I...

    Somehow I think he could be taken by an old woman with one hand tied behind her back. I've never heard of anyone that can blow like him. jerry
  9. I'm gettin too old for this much excitement!!!

    Wish I had that for about 2 weeks! jerry

    I did it the first year and was the number 6 tractor across. Man, what a rush! jerry
  11. Should I...

    man, what did you do to get kicked off the bash, keep it clean here and you will be ok. good thing I don't live closer to missco or I would have to go kick his, well you know. jerry jerry
  12. Change PTO or use adapter

    It's big bucks to change the PTO. Go to any major tractor dealer and get a heavy duty adopter. DO NOT get a TSC or Farm & Fleet one as they are junk. I've been running one on my 7130 and NH 8870 for years with no problems doing some pretty hard PTO work. my 2 cents - jerry
  13. Rantoul or Bust

    Give a toot when you pass by! Be safe. jerry
  14. Harvestore Silos

    The Harvestore salesman caught my Dad off guard back in 1957 and he bought 3, 20 x 50. They still stand, but barely and are used by my nephew for shelled corn for the feedlots. They haven't had nothing but shelled corn in them since the early sixties. Several years ago they had the roofs fixed and are just about at the end of their life. The one thing they were good for was a landmark. When someone would ask where we lived, we would just say look for the 3 blue silos. I am close personal fiends with the son of the guy that had the patent on the Harvestore system. That patent made that family millions and still is paying off. My friend is a huge IH collector but doesn't want anyone to know about it. He just buys and builds buildings to put his purchases to put it in. He walks through his buildings every day and just enjoys the red paint. I've known him for many years and he only wears an IH hat. When he dies it will be one big IH auction. I always tell him that I could be his little brother and he could give it to me but he just laughs and says in your dreams! Great guy but pretty private. jerry