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  1. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    I was getting the IRS call that said that they were on the way to arrest me, on a regular basis, so the last call I got from them, I told them that I was the local IRS agent and hadn't heard a thing about the raid! Haven't been called in over a year! jerry
  2. Hauling Tractor or Truck

    My guy charges $.18/ton/loaded mile. If you can get it on the trailer, he will haul it. He tries to get enough to make at least a 20 ton semi load. jerry
  3. Red Power Magazine page 90

    Back in them days if the plug got lost or screwed up and a piece of pipe the right size was available, it got used. My Dad was the number 1 "black man" rigger. He could overhaul a tractor with a crescent wrench, hammer, pliers and baling wire. jerry
  4. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    Been using wix for at least 20 years from my local parts store. Never any problems and at least 1/3 the cost as from CIH. jerry
  5. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    I've been one for 10 years. Pills for 5 and pills plus insulin ever since. My Dr. doesn't have me check my sugars everyday. She only worries about the A1C being under 7. I eat most anything I want but in moderation and nothing with sugar and no bread. When I have an M&M attack, it isn't pretty. Doc says I have a unique system. 3 years ago I went to whole milk and real butter, cut out all the fake crap and my cholesterol went back to normal and no blood pressure issues. Go figure. Just had all my annual lab work and everything came back excellent except for my blood sugar. The needle is a pain in the a$$ but it is working for me. Everyone is different. I do have neuropathy in the bottoms of my feet that gives me fits when the weather changes or I'm on them too much but that is something I've dealt with since in high school. I wear different shoes every day. jerry
  6. Save it

    Troy - You should jump on that, then you could cruise with that California Guy! Seriously, that thing is in nice original shape. Fresh paint would make that one a nice piece! If it were closer, I would be in trouble. jerry
  7. towing an mx magnum 255

    On the newer like 290 and 315, there is a place to pump the pressure of, then it will roll. Best thing to do is call dealer and send out a mechanic and he can release it for you. Don't try to drag it or you will wish you wouldn't have!! There has to be hydraulic pressure to release the parking break thus the engine needs to be running. jerry
  8. ❓What is this fast hitch part for ?

    Looks to be a large point, will fit cub and 100 series single point and large frame tractors. Will not fit a super c. jerry
  9. Unusual Phobias or fears

    I used to feel that way about possums also, until Smoker 2 came down with lymes. Research has shown that possums are cleaner than any house pets and don't carry any disease and can eat up to 4000 ticks a week. To bad they are viscous and stupid. Since this info came to light, I swerve to miss them on the road. jerry
  10. 1966 Farmall 656

    Only an hour from me and I just bought it. Thanks for the link. jerry
  11. Unusual Phobias or fears

    Heights and claustrophobia. Over 3 feet off the ground and rooms without windows are not for me. I am deathly afraid of being buried alive, so bad as I will be cremated and ashes spread on top, because of it! Not much else bothers me. jerry
  12. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Not as much as in the past but Smoker 2 only runs the combine and I then run the cart. This year she only ran it one day. Says she has too many wife duties! Got done last night just before the rain over night. For starting as early as we did this year, it sure felt like a long drawn out harvest! jerry
  13. hours on a magnum?

    Local dairy guy up here has a 7120 w/loader that runs 24/7 from november 1st to april first. He won't take a chance on it not starting in the cold and it is the only tractor he keeps at that farm. He bought it new and the hour meter quit the 3rd year. He figures around 40,000 hours on it. He has had a few issues but nothing out of line for the way it is used. It has never been washed and is really rough but runs like a sewing machine. Firestone guy claims he has put at least 20 sets of tires on it. It runs mostly on concrete, so it burns them off every 18 months. jerry
  14. Tractor Pull Roller

    used truck tires work better than implement tires. jerry