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  1. TD6 starter

    The new drive he ordered from a different vendor but has the same part number had a longer and bigger Bendix spring that looks to be right. I started it about 3 times and it worked fine. The last time it didn't. Put the battery on the charger and will pull the inspection plate tomorrow. Hopefully it didn't break again. Thank you for the comments so far.
  2. TD6 starter

    The shop got another drive from a different supplier that has the same part number but engages little further. Hopefully try it tomorrow.
  3. TD6 starter

    Thank you. Haven't heard anything yet. Can't believe no one has found something that works yet.
  4. TD6 starter

    The dreaded day has finally came. My starter quit. I took it to the shop and they put in a new drive but he did not think it engaged far enough. I brought it home and measured it. Sure enough he was right. Now he is searching for another one. Does anyone have a source or good part number?
  5. plow day lineup

    Nice pic. Hope to find or get a plow day going out here. Doesnt seem to be much interest though.
  6. Dr.Pol

    I use to watch him but don't seem to have the channel any more.
  7. Rim width

    Thank you. I will get some tubes. Mainly a play tractor with a loader. It has old 15.5 and is about helpless in the mud.
  8. Rim width

    I have some 18.4-38 I would like to mount tubeless on 14 inch wide rims. Has anyone on here done this? Do I need a rim designed for tubeless tires? Thank you Paul
  9. Dow passed 24,000

  10. Dow passed 24,000

  11. Dow passed 24,000

    retirement funds are up too my pension has flat lined. First time in years. Hope is see some improvement next quarter.
  12. waukesha

    That pump looks like it's down in the oil and not the fuel. Interesting.
  13. waukesha

    My psb pumps do not have a hand pump mounted to the injection pump. Would be nice to have for priming. I bought a 3-53 power unit last month with same clutch. They would be a nice pair. Just what I need is to start collecting something else. Hope you get it started. The Oliver's run pretty smooth.
  14. waukesha

    Would be fun to have. Can't afford it right now though. Wonder if the cylinders are cruded up or if its the starter. I am working on one of those pumps right now. I have 4 tractors with them and if they sit more than 6 months I check them first.
  15. waukesha

    I would say thats a reasonable place to start. If the injection pump is good it would be worth that alone. Would be a shame to part it out though. I have used Fastenal a few times. Probably be $200-$300 for shipping. Seems the last Waukesha I had shipped from Louisiana for around $350.