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  1. Super M ignition points

    Are you putting lube on the rubbing block? Points used to come with a little tube of lube but it has been years since I have seen any new ones that come with it now.
  2. I serviced some '83 IH trucks for Schwans that had 345s in them. They switched to Ford and GMC after that since they could no longer get the gas engines to do their LP conversions.
  3. 1066 Hitch pump flow test

    A good tight system will only drop off a gallon or two before the relief valve opens.
  4. Cracked block?.......advice please

    As long as the head gasket seals on the top of the sleeves and not the block that type of crack normally does not cause any problems. Both sides of the crack are in the cooling system and the head gasket will seal the top.
  5. Inside a Spragless TA

    The oil flow to the TA should be 5 gpm whether the steering is at rest or held against either the left or right stop. When at rest this 5 gpm goes to the steering hand pump and returns through the top of the TA housing back into the MCV. When the flow is cut off by holding the steering against the stops the steering relief valve opens to allow the oil to flow into the same circuit as the oil returning from the steering. If the pump is working correctly and there are no other leaks in that part of the system there should be no change in the DD and TA pressures when the steering is against the stops. If someone has turned in the screw in the bottom end of the steering relief valve to raise the steering pressure it may not be able to open enough to maintain the proper flow.
  6. Really dumb question---oil change

    You can get about another pint out of the oil cooler if you remove that drain plug. The oil pans are the same on both the turboed and NA engines, just the dip sticks are marked for the different levels.
  7. New! We don't even know what new means!!! 503 & 403 combines

    My brother had the flat belt come off of our 303 and become jammed around the drive pulley. We had to take it apart to get the belt out and then found that the engine block had actually been warped so the crankshaft was binding. Since it was and older model it had the BD220 engine in it. I found an engine from a parted out 101 and swapped it into the 303.
  8. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    That tractor has a 10SI alternator on it rather than the original 10DN so it being it is a replacement unit it would not have been painted.
  9. Combine alternator question

    The third prong on the Delco is an AC voltage tap coning from one of the stator leads. Useful for the things SDman mentioned above.
  10. 424 diff lock

    I think it is like my 2444. You have to remove the bull bear before the bearing cage can be removed. I have leaking bull pinion shaft seals leaking on mine. Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to install the seals from the inside of the bearing cage?
  11. 856 clutch wont disengage

    Remove the little timing cover on the side of the clutch housing and use a pry bar to rotate the engine backwards until you get the pressure off the transmission gears. That should allow you to shift to neutral.
  12. Power shifting

    The adding of the cables was one of the first safety recalls by a car manufacturer. The mount would break and jam the throttle in the open position.
  13. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    As an engine cools down after use if the radiator cap is working as it should there should be a slight vacuum created in the cooling system as the coolant contracts. It may be drawing oil into the cooling system from the crack under the valve cover.
  14. Spark plug Question

    I've got a Sun machine sitting in my shop that hasn't been used for about 25 years. Unfortunately its a long way from California.
  15. 1086 Split Recommendations

    If you are going into both the center section and the rear frame you would be better off removing the cab since you will need to remove everything on the back to repair the range transmission and everything from the front to remove the center section. Without the cab on the tractor you can get by with much less for stands.