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  1. Thanks . That's what I found it was . Made the task a lot faster of refilling .
  2. Having heavy frost and loosing power on and off to the electrical lines must have done a number to my frost plug block heater on the 706 . Anyhow its dead quiet and I need to replace it . Draining the engine coolant and refilling it . Is the petcock by the thermostat for the purpose of bleeding air out of the top end of the cooling system ?
  3. I also run a 8430 baler . Belt tension is non adjustable . Snug the tension valve set and go . Power wise you maybe have some heavy swaths or windrows ? I run a CASE 830 on my baler ever since I had the baler . Need to bump the hydraulic valve on the tractor once and a while to keep the belts tight but never noticed it loading the tractor down much .
  4. Hum ,,,, Pay Day ?
  5. Hope you don't need to start the flathead in cold weather . My 8-n will spin and sputter and has a **** of a time starting when its really cold outside with no cold starting aid ( heater ) . The hydraulic 3 point lift is not much better . But I think there is a pressure leak causing that .
  6. did you get it glowing orange hot ? It some times takes 2-3 heat treatment cycles I have found out .
  7. And in the early 1980's a lot of Us at FARMALL were watching the first Chrysler Bail-Out REAL close. There was a little talk about IH asking for help like Ioccoca did. I heard it didn't happen because IH only employed 35,000 company wide. Chrysler was about ten times that many then. I wouldnt care if chrysler was ten times larger . Wasnt IH the top agri buisness leader over John Deere ? I dont think international even bothered to ask our government for help .
  8. Rick do the members have to sighn in NOW? cant we just pop in as a guest to check on topics