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  1. Not a member here hopefully

    Per federal DOT rule book if it weighs over 10000 lbs you have tie four corners down if it has a boom or blade they must be secured also .also if it bends in the middle you must put in the factory stiff link or pin ,if that is no longer there must be chained with two chains so it cannot articulate.
  2. Can I Nominate a Minnesota Senator?

    Could be worse ,, here in Illinois we have past governors make license plates . That what I call a personalized plate
  3. Dt407 rebuild problem

    Take pump off and turn motor one round. Just noticed you have the steel washer and nylon washer on injection lines where go onto pump. Was that the setup on it when you took it apart.if washers are too thin they clamp pump inside and twist off shaft.
  4. 1456 with detroit

    Is that a 1456 ? Doesn't have the right front axle,and don't look like the right rear center castings.
  5. Take This Classic Car ID Quiz

    I was trying to hide advertising and hit wrong button
  6. Take over!

    The big crawler crane that Plocher construction is using I hauled in there back in July or so. The old dresser and komatsu wheeldozers my boss bought and we hauled out on 13axles.
  7. 1440 controls?

    A non electric over hydraulic combine relies on a nitrogen canister for auto header height . If cables are nice and free moving you can cut soybeans with a 820 head as good as a 1020. 1020 heads are elec over hyd . 820 heads are cable controlled . For around 300 bucks you can put poly skids under them
  8. Sad

    How do you get that much weaponry and ammo in a room on 32 nd floor and nobody in motel sees it ,I take it room service didn't clean rooms daily.
  9. Look here at this tough looking restored 856

    Did not realize 856s w 407ci had dipstick and oil fill tube instead of single tube
  10. Didn't coleman drive the Indiana Rascal for several years?
  11. My best buddy

    That was smoke over the water.
  12. My best buddy

    Was that Waterloo by chance?
  13. My highschool ride

    Send it to Triple R Tractors Mikey needs a new project since the 79 F250 is done
  14. Dresser Decals

    Try blue ridge tractor in Benton il
  15. As I told you before if the doors could talk , had a lot of fun riding with your uncle in it going to high school.the best thing is the smile that will be on sylvesters face come sundaySunday