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  1. Didn't coleman drive the Indiana Rascal for several years?
  2. My best buddy

    That was smoke over the water.
  3. My best buddy

    Was that Waterloo by chance?
  4. My highschool ride

    Send it to Triple R Tractors Mikey needs a new project since the 79 F250 is done
  5. Dresser Decals

    Try blue ridge tractor in Benton il
  6. President Jefferson Davis Memorial in Fairfield, Ky.

    Tear down the monuments of history, then let's take MLKs birthday away and they will scream racial injustice
  7. As I told you before if the doors could talk , had a lot of fun riding with your uncle in it going to high school.the best thing is the smile that will be on sylvesters face come sundaySunday
  8. Springer's Retirement

    That's the best sounding two popper
  9. Truck problems cured

    With that setup you won't feel that 325 back there.nice lowboy also
  10. How much calcium?

    Local tire guy recommends windshield washer fluid ,close to same weight and don't rust rims or freeze
  11. Upgraded dump truck but have a question for cat men

    I agree with cat tech. My 06 550 accert has over 800000 miles pulling lowboys with up to 13 axles grossing 240000lbs have had very little motor problems. Accert motors are very finicky about valve lash ,Cat man told me to run overhead around 150000 to 200000 miles also fuel temp sensor is a cheap hp trick. I can out pull 615hp dd16 Detroit in a heartbeat.
  12. John Deere patent infringement suit.

    How many years ago did WilRich come out with the Quad five field cultivator and now John Deeres newest model is the greatest thing on the marketp
  13. Van Botkins Cajun Queen JD 4320 and 4430

    Yes,couldn't remember the name last night.Black Savage was sold to the Ratermann Bros From Bartelso iL downsized to 4.1 Limited pro stock 9500 lb. Now it is a 8200 limited pro 466 cu 3 x 4turbo owned by Meier farms from Okawville IL
  14. Van Botkins Cajun Queen JD 4320 and 4430

    For further history on Cajun queen 2 it was sold to somebody in ky or tn converted to alcohol with multiple chargersfpr a couple years . Then Earl Schnitker bought it and changed it to diesel one turbo pro stock.Earl ran it for a couple years then sold it toStan Johnson from Shelbyville IL.Last I seen it was in pieces behind his shop. Earl is Rodney Schnitkers dad Rodney runs the Meltdown Earls brother is Dennis who ran Black Savage for years ,now drives the Biting Binder