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  1. Thanks gorden76, exactly what I needed. Steve
  2. OK, I'm already wrong, it's a 51 tooth gear and has a planetary PTO. SN says it's a 59. Will parts from a 400 with planetary PTO interchange?
  3. BIL has a 560D with no hydraulic pressure. It's apart and the gear that drives the pump is bad, think it has 54 teeth. Is that gear part number 358860R1? Also the gear and shaft (think it's all 1 piece) that drives the gear above is also bad. I can't tell from my parts manual which gear that is, can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks for your help, Steve
  4. That was a fun day. Thanks for the memories. Steve
  5. We lost the kids favorite pony several years ago from possum poo, was sad day to say the least. Steve
  6. Congratulations Eason, Tina and I will be 39 years on Saturday, life is so good. Steve
  7. Thanks IHRunner, I wish more people in this world shared your (our) view of life, family and friends. That's the best there is. Happy Thanksgiving, Steve
  8. The latest revision in this catalog is dated 1-60. There is a picture of a 336, looks similar to yours but not the same. I thought I had an answer for you but I guess it's just information. Steve
  9. My 02 has 210,000 miles, injectors at 135,000 and 180,000 miles. $2300 the first time and $3000 the last time at a small shop. Oil pressure has always been good, 80 lbs cold and 60 hot. Never added a drop of oil between changes at 5000 miles. Steve
  10. Thanks, looks like it would fit but I wasn't sure. Ran into a guy with a 44A so it should work without changing anything. Steve
  11. Home made garter spring installation tool. Plastic funnel cut to 1" diameter make that job a breeze. Was having trouble with the socket idea so I improvised. Steve
  12. Finally got everything apart, had to drill and tap 1 set screw. I think I have enough parts in the extra parts box to put it back together. Still would like to know if a 50c deck will go on a 149. Looks like it should but I've been wrong many times. Thanks guys, Steve
  13. I took one of my extra valves apart that has a good garter spring. Looks like if I stretch the garter spring over a socket and then slide it back into the valve it should work. Probably won't be that simple but I think it will work. Thanks for the advice Owen. Steve
  14. Thanks Owen, can I change the spring with the valve still in the tractor? Steve