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  1. Pole barn header

    Glad you finally got it all figured out building shops in buildings are tough decisions! It's good to have a lot of advice ask the builder if he's going to wrap the post with steel or aluminum on the open side wall as to not let the sun damage them
  2. my run at glenwood city

    Are you going to pull in boyceville this Saturday? 12:00 start time going to try and make it to the pull
  3. Equifax has been breached

    I think Equifax should pay the ransom!! there the company that didn't protect people's information Their job to compile information to give credit scores but also to protect it from hurting people's credit

    Very nice and thanks for info on my list to do
  5. chevy door hinges

    Use dealer pin and bushings dormans don't last fine a bolt the size of your striker put in latch then close door to about 6 inches from close and use pry bar between striker and bolt and bend hinges back up till striker lines up , these doors settle bad you have to do adjust door from time to time as they settle
  6. Holidays?

    When you talk about people not stocking up! Minnesota just finally passed beer sales on Sundays and holidays, friend of mine sells for Miller he said in the town of Hudson Wi which is just over the border(river) from the Minnesota /Twin Cities area his beer sales are down in 300 cases a week and that's not Budweiser or Coors either just Miller products because all the people from the cities area would have to come over and get their beer on Sunday because it could stock up on Saturday, just think about all the other towns along the border all the way around the state we are definitely an instant gratification country.
  7. 710 or 720 IH plow questions

    I have have an Oliver plow work great and there cheap my buddy has 720 Trip plow work great and cheap i think the Trip plow are in better shape because they don't get as much abuse as reset plows but if you have rocks trip plow take more time
  8. Fred Schultz

    Dad had a 64 it was a great combine lots of capacity compared to our ih 80,we only did oats with th ours
  9. Ih tractors on big iron

    Theres 6 restored ih tractors on big iron auction from ida grove Iowa, who collection is that from?
  10. small suv

    I have a Chevy equinox; I have two friends that have them to no problems with them been good vehicles great on ice and snow with AWD
  11. Lawn Tractor Brand Decision Time

    I have a scag zero turn excellent machine but rough ride and have cub rider tractor good also my friend tried out a cub zero turn with steering wheel and I went over and tried it and wow what a machine best of both worlds holds on side hills,fast and comfortable will be my next mower
  12. Roading a combine

    Drive it, but blow out oil cooler and radiator, my buddy drove his and got fluid hot and blew seals out.
  13. Replaced Alternator on 1066

    My 1460 combine has a 3 terminal alternator, they have a relay for charging in line so I think you have wrong alternator.