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  1. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Corn first but all harvesting is good
  2. Combining soybeans Today IH 80 Combine

    Now that’s cool
  3. 826-13340

    https://eauclaire.craigslist.org/grd/d/farm-auctionreal-estate-and/6342647654.html 826 on this auction
  4. Fall '81 Parts & Accessories

    I bought that exact hydraulic cylinder (page 8) this summer, it’s brand new with factory plugs in it yet, thanks for posting that ,now I know the year of it
  5. Is that a gold demo plow ?
  6. Chinese oil lines.

    You can delete lines, remove oil filter adapter, put 3/8 plugs in line ports, remove check valve behind threaded nut where oil filter spins on
  7. 1460 fuel tank leak

    Thanks for all the reply’s I will check it out this weekend
  8. Fordson Dexta Diesel

    My dad gave me his H and wouldn’t take any money so every birthday I gave him a $100 in a card till I figured it was paid for
  9. Went and looked at one

  10. 1460 fuel tank leak

    Ok thanks I’ll check them to
  11. Looking for

    826 hydro on Madison wi Craigslist sorry just saw that it was posted
  12. 1460 fuel tank leak

    I will look didn’t see any knifes missing thanks for idea
  13. 1460 fuel tank leak

    My 1460 leaks fuel when tank is over half full anybody had this problem just look for info before I tear it apart thanks Brian
  14. Pole barn header

    Glad you finally got it all figured out building shops in buildings are tough decisions! It's good to have a lot of advice ask the builder if he's going to wrap the post with steel or aluminum on the open side wall as to not let the sun damage them