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  1. Dad started off as an IH mechanic. He worked for two dealers before IH sold to Tenneco. He went to the third (and final) dealer where he worked on Case IH until about 2012. The dealer sold, changed names, and he transferred to the lawn and turf equipment line of the company and now works on Kubotas and Cub Cadets. (which is just fine for me; he is in his early 60s and doesn't need to break his back to earn a living anymore. He comes home from work and goes 'today was a rough day. I put a mower deck belt back on.' ) He still remembers how to work on the big stuff (obviously) and occasionally gets called by farmers in the county asking if he'll work on something for them outright. Often times going to an agricultural event in the county when he'd spot an old IH something he'd sometimes go 'I probably worked on that.'
  2. Fairly certain the remote shifter was an option as well.
  3. More like 'love' to attend.
  4. Neat! I like tractor shows in the trees. It not only looks neat it provides shade.
  5. Took me a second, but I got it. That's funny. I might keep calling it that.
  6. Yeah I hate the heat this time of year.
  7. Nice! The photos make them look like toys (1/16th scale toys haha)
  8. Looks good Mark. Now to take that goofy mirror off.
  9. I like IH. Not really anything else. That being said, I like IH red the most, but yellow and white too (Cub Cadet, haha). The only other color I sorta like is AC orange only because Grandpa bought a B years ago and many times when I was younger when we'd visit the farm my Uncle would take me for a ride behind it. The B and the 70 series are the only AC tractors I like.
  10. Hoping to make it this year.
  11. I like that MD
  12. I was going to ask you if you found a new owner for that.
  13. 250-400.
  14. How did you hook the hydraulics to the tractor? Got a rear remote outlet? Neat videos!
  15. My new truck is only a 1500 and I don't know if I trust hauling an M and a plow let alone behind a Ranger.