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  1. Nice-- I enjoy plow days. Maybe some day I'll have my own set up so I can join properly.
  2. Ouch... Mike L seems like a great guy and he produces some seriously cool 88 restorations. Glad you could get your 50 going again. Gotta pack any wheel bearings on this one?
  3. Speaking of the JD drill...all the farmers around me growing up had one. It seemed like when one farmer bought one, the rest followed suit. The guy that lived closest to me had a 1086 MFD with a packer and an IH grain drill- he gave up once he saw a JD drill. He was the last guy around to stop tilling before soybean planting.
  4. My grandparents had the Mail Pouch on the back of their barn. It faced US 23 in Ottawa Lake MI. Dad parked his 91 combine in there. All was great until a lack of maintenance caused the barn to fall on said combine so all of that is gone now. sorry if I hacked the OP.
  5. A 400D and 450D was a gas start IH diesel. The only diesel that was junk was the 350D.
  6. Farmallman did a really super job on Dad's and his #8
  7. I keep saying it, you could host a snow plow day. We got about 4 inches today. I'm hoping for a plow day, that'd be fun. The D21 gets stuck every year it comes.
  8. IMO the M can turn on a dime, has a variable width rear axle and the front axle doesn't look out of place like it does on a W6. I know what I'd be spending my $$ on.... The only W I'd be buying is a 9.
  9. IMO the best fenders I ever leaned on as a kid were on dad's W9. On a Farmall H- regular H fenders work, however, get extensions. They make the operators platform much better. Although, if you've got young ones, keep the extensions (for when they get older) and mount the fenders normally. It'll keep the fenders further away from the tires eliminating the possibility of overlapping fingers making it into moving tires. Then again, they'll learn to keep fingers out of wheels. Judgement call here.
  10. Nice Anteater.
  11. Yeah I was gonna say I thought this was on youtube before. He's got some decent videos but this tractor is just.................I'm gonna keep my thoughts to myself.
  12. he would make something like that work. hahaha. I enjoy that it's a rope trip 60 (and why didn't he have a super long rope in the cab?)
  13. As long as Brian France is running the show, it's gonna suck.
  14. My dad was an IH/Case IH mechanic for years.....the stories never end. --and I enjoy 'em all.
  15. I always thought those throttles that were mounted like that looked stupid.