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  1. Some of my favorites-- John Fogerty Brian Johnson (is way better than Bon) John Rzeznik Rob Thomas Freddy Mercury
  2. Sorry to hear that. I am fortunate I still have both my parents. I don't want to think of the day when they aren't around anymore. Thoughts and prayers your way.
  3. Enjoyed the video and how Lee does a great job bringing out the best that IH/Case IH has made. Awesome job!!
  4. 2+2 guy and I discussed what a 2+2 would look like with a 66 series 'deluxe cab' on it.
  5. LOL guys all I really wanna do is take one for a drive I'm not going to commit to buying one anytime soon, haha
  6. Probably a farmer that is out to farm and not to keep tractors for sentimental reasons. One of my neighbors growing up had a super nice MFD 1086 with a mount o matic loader. He traded it in the late 90s for some plastic John Deere POS (kept the loader for his 4020). Then he got a 7140 (or 7130 I forget). Traded that for a New Holland Farmall tractor.
  7. Cuz I got it from someone (Uncle or Dad probably) and thought it was cool so I stuck it on my pedal tractor.
  8. When I went to Bates equipment last week they had a complete 1066 that was going to auction the next week. Decided to jump on the seat and one look over the hood reminded me of all the hours I pedaled on my 86 series tractor that my parents got me when I was 5. (other than the exhaust pipe being in the way) Here it is worn out After restoration: So yeah it looks like a 66 series tractor; Ertl released the casting in the 70s with a white stripe, metal seat and steering wheel. In the 80s they released the casting again with a plastic seat/steering wheel and a black stripe, hence the difference in models. I've always liked the look of the 66 series tractors primarily because of the hours I logged on the pedal. I have never driven a 1066 (or 1466 or 1566 for that matter). Sure would like to experience that one some day.
  9. Haha....I don't know how Dad didn't shoot us. (Remember I have another brother and sister yet.) come to think about it when we were at your place last and went to get gas I was on an M and he was on the Super H. I suppose it's only fair since I am the older brother...... I really dig driving that M.
  10. I know a guy that's got 4 of 'em. He buys 'em when he sees 'em.
  11. yeah, that road was the nicest dirt road around. We travelled two others that had potholes that looked like storm drains and were at least a foot in depth that went the whole width of the road. Talk about going from 16 or so MPH down to almost zero on multiple occasions so we didn't turn turtle.....
  12. From a dead stop the M would probably smoke the H but since we did a rolling race it was equal.
  13. I did something I didn't know I wanted to do yesterday. My brother suggested we take a tractor ride. I'm on his M and he's on his H (with Dad's windbreaker for something we were going to do in the fall that fell through). The M kicked right off but the H was cold blooded and had to be towed to get going. we went down that dirt road and did a rolling drag race. They went darn near the same exact speed.
  14. Dad has one that he uses behind his field mower that was forever bolted to his W9. However if we want to mow corn stalks with it behind his H we have to bolt said hitch onto that otherwise it's too close for the PTO to work.