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  1. I know it's the 175 year anniversary for Case. -I don't want to be a party pooper, BUT......... IH had a huge deal in 1980 with 150 years (remember C.H. Wendels' book?). Harvesters' 175th was in 2006, long before d**r even. Not a peep from CNH. Don't get me wrong 175 years in ANY company is a proud achievement. I just think credit should be given when it is due. "NO CASE WITHOUT IH AND NO IH WITHOUT CASE" and no IH without McCormick, Deering & JP Morgan......... So happy 186th anniversary Cyrus McCormick & INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER!!!!
  2. Shouldn't we be celebrating 186 years?

    Your forgetting one important part. Tenneco, namely the late great James Ketelsen, saved Case long before he saved IH!!!
  3. Shouldn't we be celebrating 186 years?

    The CH Wendell book says: "150 years of International Harvester" nothing about McCormick or Deering in the title. They don't need to give the McCormick name any "air time" if they don't want to. It can be all about IHC.
  4. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    lots a room back then..............
  5. Shouldn't we be celebrating 186 years?

    Don't do facebook, but your all welcome to copy my post and put it on there.
  6. IHC top ten produced tractors?

    Harvester's "F series" & the "letter series" were the most massed produced tractors ever built. Take your pick which model. The 1066 was IH's 5 millionth. As discussed before d**r* didn't even make 2 million total until the 40 series as depicted by this cheap POS tree ornament
  7. Fiat allis loader

    We have a FR-15. Good loader, turns extremely sharp. Fiat engine, Funk ps trans, pretty much all component parts.
  8. 392 V8 engines

    765#'s is all I can find. Bored v-345.
  9. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    They look like toy models in that brochure.....
  10. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    They were the EXACT same tractor. The early models had a mechanical cable/linkage and the later ones had a electronic shift but it was still a lever. They all had a "lock-up" torque converter. The lock-up could be adjusted to what rpm's you wanted it to lock up at, but it was done with wrenches.
  11. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    In the early years of production(1978-1980ish)you could get the 3408 Cat or the non- intercooled 1150 Cummins, they were ST-450's. Later the ST-450's only had the 3408 Cat and the ST-470 only had the Intercooled 1150 Cummins.
  12. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    CIH 9190's were a rebadged/red Steiger Tiger KP-525 Series IV. The same 1150 Cummins and the same 6 speed Allision Automatic w/ a 4 speed transfer case. I believe there was a total of 250 tractors made between all the extra-big frame (ST-450's,470's & 525/9190's) tractors. Only 15 or so of them being "factory" 9190's.
  13. bolts vs studs

    I'm sure this has been discussed here before; why do some engines have studs for head bolts and some use just regular cap screws? What are the advantages from one to the other? Studs are a PIA IMO. The ONLY advantage I see is you can heat the nut if it is seized. Is there some other "engineering reason" that I've missed? Same goes for connecting rods and manifolds, some studs, some bolts -no rime or reason.
  14. TD-25E and C

    Does anyone know if the final drive lube pumps are the same on a late TD-25E and 25C? The pn for the 25E is 603826C92. Don't know what the C's are. Thanks
  15. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    I believe it has to do with the forward gear box. The cab is offset, but you do sit in the center of the machine.
  16. Do I have the last 3488?

    It's been discussed on here a few different times and the consensus is there were more than 466 tractors built. Ed is right, over 500 made. For a "rare tractor", you do see quite a few around.....
  17. John Deere answer to a TA

    I had one of those dog turd 4630's, that's what started my hatred for d**re. That hard starting junk 404 engine had absolutely NO torque curve, what a POS...and the rest of it wasn't any better either.
  18. John Deere answer to a TA

    ....what good is it if you can't down shift them under a hard load? I'd think upshifting would be harder on them than downshifting. Besides those gutless engines shouldn't have enough torque to hurt anything
  19. Big Crawler Music..

    Jeez, it should the D9 is a far bigger machine. A 25C weighs around 68,000lbs. A D9H weighs around 95,000 @ 410hp.
  20. Big Crawler Music..

    The 817C's didn't smoke near as much as the 817B's. They really were/are a sweet engine. I can't believe how good they start -as good or better than a 400 series. Man they hardly turn and fire right off. Yours must have the belt driven fan and not the gear drive? They actually had those 817's cranking 420hp @2400 in the 560 Payloader. Unfortunately, I'm sure the life was shorten quite a bit at that rating. It's just too bad they are getting so expensive to work on, parts are CRAZY HIGH! I figured that D8 was a early to mid 60's vintage, good machine also. I just have a soft spot for the TD's.....
  21. Big Crawler Music..

    DTI-817B (one of THE BEST engines IH built!!) Those 25's are super machines, they'll walk circles around a D-8. What year is the 8?

    FYI, I'm not even Norwegian but it's called "lutefisk".
  23. On my 3rd reading of this book

    Another bad thing IH did was selling two very profitable divisions in the early 1980's to scrape enough money together to finalize and launch the 50 series. 1) Solar Aircraft, granted it wasn't a "core" business and they should've probably never bought it, but it had been very profitable over the years. 2) The Components Group (truck axles, gears, 50series MFD, transmissions, ect.) to Dana Corp. this also was a profitable division, but fairly easy to sell. When you sell profitable assets without something to replace them, it's like shooting yourself in the foot. The worst thing is it all probably went to pay interest. Also in the early '80's the money pit Payline Division was sold also, way too cheap, but one sale that was overdue.
  24. On my 3rd reading of this book

    Yep, who can make it very long paying 18%+ interest? There were many reasons that led them to the problems of the 80's, but HUGE debt & high interest was THE killer. Couple that with strikes, low sales & you had the perfect storm.