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  1. Time change

    Someone once told me that only a city man could cut a foot off a blanket and sew it on the the other end and believe he has a long blanket... I'm in the pick a time and leave it group
  2. 86 series levers

    X2 on the driving like a semi
  3. Red tractor and a green corn chopper

    The only time you want those chopper's set for closed center hyd is when you have them on the Deere closed center like 4010 to 4960. Anything with PFC closed center system you want to have the chopper set for open center and turn the flow down on the tractor. Around here those chopper's have wrecked alot of PFC pumps because not being setup correctly.
  4. Red tractor and a green corn chopper

    If it is an 81 with the pfc pump make sure the chopper is setup for open center hyd then turn the flow down on the tractor as low as it can to operate the chopper ok.
  5. 856 inj. pump adapter seals

    Lip of rear seal towards injection pump. Front seal lip towards drive gear
  6. LED lights, Flood versus Trapezoidal

    I think there is someone that had a high low beam led light that would fit in the front. Think it was either Mike Links or Larson lights
  7. engine kit for 5488

    Have a friend that put reliance in a 7.6 Deere and 200 hrs later the top of the piston started breaking off and cracked a sleeve. Looked over the other 5 really close they looked fine so changed the one sleeve and piston little over 100hrs later another one did it. Then put all Deere Pistons and sleeves in and haven't had a problem since. That was ruffly 5 years ago.
  8. 6788 2+2

    The seat doesn't look like any original Western seat that we have. And the steps look like they are off a late 30 series 2+2
  9. 782 Diesel IH mower

    I think you can get it through Kubota yet. If it's the same as 1782-2182.
  10. Some good 5488 company photos in the field

    Looks like the mfwd are two different tractors. Different weight bracket, and one has 38 rears and other has 42's. I think
  11. 5488 Auto Steer Update

    Very nice!
  12. Radiator for 5488

    I would recommend recoring the original radiator over buying a new one if it's good enuff. Especially if you use it hard
  13. 3588 2+2 exhaust gas temp

    If the cam is wearing out can cause high egt's also
  14. Needle bearings in 1586 diff. ?

    http://atlastractor.com does good work. He has done a couple for me
  15. 1206 Axles

    706 and 1206 both have 3 1/4 axles