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  1. Big problem this time of year with pit bulls that were guard dogs for the weed grows just turning them loose to run. Pound is full of them.
  2. Reloading

    Remember it is a hobby. After you get started you will not save any money. Last year i made the $1000.00 club buying molds from NOE plus all the other brands I have. Just ordered a case of SP and one of SR from Midway. Could not pass up the free HasMat.
  3. Dad used to pull these out

    Used to pinch them out of the dairy cows. Also used a coke bottle over the hole for the tough ones. If you did not get the bottle centered in the hole you would smash them under the skin. Quite a mess then. Do it right and they would hit the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Bee experts

    They are trying to use it for pollen. Goldenrod blooming yet?. They do not raise very good bees on ground corn. If you can look at the hives check them in the spring and see if any are alive.
  5. Bringing A Glimpse of Spring to Cabin fever

    Beekeeper says Almond Nectar is not great honey producers. However, Almond Honey is bland they say. I don't remember ever having any yet. lol. Tony Almond Honey is bitter. But due the way the weather is some times the bees use it about as fast as it comes in to raise brood. I do not know for a fact about this year but the weather has been right for a fast bloom so they should make honey. Also Peach honey is bitter and Prune in not fit for human computation very bad after taste. Dan
  6. Similar To Mr. Tony's Almond Production

    When they do the old trees that get 16 inches and larger they use a shaker that has a arm and shake the large limbs. It has little rotating brooms front and back buy each wheel to move the nuts out of they way. A lot of the nuts around here will still have the green husk that has split but attached and then go through a huller and dryer to 8% or 12% moisture can not remember which one.
  7. Life in Alaska

    Look up the BTU of doug fur per pound. It is not that much lower than oak.