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  1. I cant wait for christmas

    Used to have a 560 peddle tractor when I was a kid. When dad brought home a new Cub Cadet 70 that became my tractor of choice. Arlin
  2. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Thanks for the all the comments Arlin
  3. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Randy You are absolutely correct, I figured that I needed a good hook so readers would actually click on the post. Arlin
  4. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    I was only at Tigers for two years before Fedex bought the airline for their international freight routes. Only 2 airplanes were used for MAC charters and I was never a part of that. Arlin
  5. After 30 years 8 months 18 days at Flying Tigers and Fedex Express , 26 plus years on the MD-11 I made my last landing at Anchorage Alaska on December 12, 2017. I am looking forward to getting started on my post retirement to do list. 1.Spend more time with wife of 35 years who kept the household running while I was jetting around the world. 2.Attend my 2nd Red Power Roundup. 3.Attend that Antique Ag show in California that is under new management. 4.Get my 1206 before I turn 72 (I am 60 now) 5.Get my M&W dyno up to speed so I can get my tractor collection up to speed. 6.Convince Brady Boy to stop in Missoula MT long enough to have breakfast lunch or dinner with me. (my treat). 7.Visit all the museums listed in Harvester Highlights. 8.Attend the HCOP. And many more.
  6. Our new Collie puppies

    First they get free health care, room and board and now they want a free ride. Good times!
  7. 756 aftermarket cab

    Just took a Exiss cab off my 856. Had at least an inch or more space between the cab and fenders. APF
  8. Happy St. Nicholas Day

    I always get lumps of coal and straw in my shoes. APF
  9. 856D 3 point hitch

    How would the levers/torque tube be in the wrong place?
  10. 856D 3 point hitch

    A few months ago I bought an 856D at an estate auction. At the time I bought the tractor it had a mower attached to the tractor. Since I didn't buy the mower I unhooked the unit moved the three point hitch to the up position and drove the tractor home. Since I didn't have much time on my hands I parked the tractor in the shed for the summer. Yesterday I started the tractor backed it up to the plow and attempted to lower the hitch but it only went down about 4 inches. I did all the obvious things, new hyd filter and checked the hyd fluid level and still had the same results. Would a bad MCV have anything to do with this? What else can I look for? Thanks in advance. APF
  11. LaRosh wheat harvest 2017

    Glad to see that they have switched to RED from green the past 3 years. APF
  12. Will This Have Any Effect On The Montana Wildfires?

    Lots of rain here in western MT. Put a real damper on the Lolo fire. APF
  13. Rantoul show pics

    Great pictures. Love the last one. APF
  14. Super C brought back from the dead

    Was the sheet metal repaired or replaced?
  15. Brands

    My grandfather was an IH dealer so I grew up believing tractors only came in one color. APF