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  1. LaRosh wheat harvest 2017

    Glad to see that they have switched to RED from green the past 3 years. APF
  2. Will This Have Any Effect On The Montana Wildfires?

    Lots of rain here in western MT. Put a real damper on the Lolo fire. APF
  3. Rantoul show pics

    Great pictures. Love the last one. APF
  4. Super C brought back from the dead

    Was the sheet metal repaired or replaced?
  5. Brands

    My grandfather was an IH dealer so I grew up believing tractors only came in one color. APF
  6. Bank loan ?

    Bankers are never your friends.
  7. Diller Ne pull

  8. Red Power 2017 Pics and Video

    Great stuff . Thanks for posting. APF
  9. Total Solar Eclipse Coming in August

    What about all the people that depend on solar power? APF
  10. Something you don't see every day...

    Only 326 were built according to Ken Updike's book. APF
  11. Happy B-Day

    Happy birthday Owen. Thanks for all of your great advice. APF
  12. Motorite YUF compression tester

    I guess that is what I will do. Thanks. APF
  13. Motorite YUF compression tester

    Looking for a D361 adapter. I have searched the internet far and wide and have come up with no results. Does anyone here know where I might find one? Thanks in advance. APF
  14. New to me 856D

    Excel Cab
  15. New to me 856D

    Thanks for the nice comments. Yes on the turbo kind of a different set up on the pre cleaner. Since it will be a fair weather tractor I am thinking about taking the cab off.