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  1. Some years back I flew a charter from Sydney Australia to Honolulu then another crew took the plane on to New York. Aboard were 9 mares to be bred in the New York area. After they were bred they returned to Australia via the same route. Race horses require live cover for breeding. APF
  2. No problems when I got parts from them. APF
  3. Nice clean tractor. Good save.
  4. Absolutely Positively Overnight ---- Federal Express
  5. Fratzke's Watertown MN 1950's to 1976. Owned by my Grandfather Rueben. ( Tractor Grandpa ) APF
  6. Some people put the tires on backwards so when you get stuck going forward you can always back out. Just sayin.....
  7. Where is the belt ?
  8. Sorry No. 12 not 13
  9. No. 13 ?
  10. I believe that the "McCORMICK Farmall" name was dropped after the last McCormick either died or was no longer associated with IH hence the change to "International". Correct me if I am wrong . APF
  11. Depends on how old you are.
  12. Thanks for your help. APF
  13. 10.6.8
  14. This is the same MacBook I have been using for years. Time for a new one? APF
  15. My topics look like this T O P I C How do I fix this? APF