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  1. No problems when I got parts from them. APF
  2. Nice clean tractor. Good save.
  3. Absolutely Positively Overnight ---- Federal Express
  4. Fratzke's Watertown MN 1950's to 1976. Owned by my Grandfather Rueben. ( Tractor Grandpa ) APF
  5. Some people put the tires on backwards so when you get stuck going forward you can always back out. Just sayin.....
  6. Where is the belt ?
  7. Sorry No. 12 not 13
  8. No. 13 ?
  9. I believe that the "McCORMICK Farmall" name was dropped after the last McCormick either died or was no longer associated with IH hence the change to "International". Correct me if I am wrong . APF
  10. Depends on how old you are.
  11. Thanks for your help. APF
  12. 10.6.8
  13. This is the same MacBook I have been using for years. Time for a new one? APF
  14. My topics look like this T O P I C How do I fix this? APF
  15. Had the exact same problem. Old time IH guy told me to advance the timing. (rotate injector pump clockwise). Worked for me. APF