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  1. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Last radio message. "We're holding our own....." Listened to that song at work. Do every nov. 10th. Chris
  2. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Being from Michigan this is near to my heart. I've been to the point several times and saw the bell. It's crazy that they were so close to making it but ended up on the bottom. There are a few documentaries on the fitz. Very well worth watching. May they rip. The maritime church in Detroit still stands as well.. you can go there by appointment. Chris
  3. Carlisle tires

    Dad's got Em on his h. I have them on my hands and my m. I'm gonna put Em on my a and other h. I love them. Wear great. For the money. Look good and last. Chris
  4. My haul from National IH auction

    I was in on that w6 for 200 and almost won it. then my buddy hopped in and I got out at 400. Didnt need it. But for that price.... Chris
  5. My haul from National IH auction

    Yup good auction. Had fun. The tractor prices were down. Parts went stupid high. Very interesting what brought what. Chris
  6. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    Dad's w9 is bored over and has domes in it. Idk how much hp he said it puts out but it's a bunch. It has a 2 ft. Straight pipe on it. Dad said when he would plow at night it would glow so bright you could see through it.. Chris
  7. Letter Series Styling Upgrade?

    Good points. I like being able to take an h m hood off in minutes. 400s have too many screws. And two man job. Take a hood off a w9 by yourself. Never again. Ha. Chris
  8. Meet Pigpen.

    Here is the story on my latest purchase and member to the family. Meet pigpen. It's a 1942 farmall H. I purchased a loader last year because I already had a blade to put on the front and I wanted to be able to move stuff around the yard and push snow. I was originally gonna put it on my 1952 H and take it off every year. But then I got smart. I decided to start looking for another H to just keep as a loader tractor. My neighbor had a pretty good H with decent firestones on the back that seemed like it fit the bill. Had everything I needed but nothing I didn't. But it had a problem. It didn't run well all the time. I figured out it was the key sheered off on the distributor gear. So after I got it fixed I went about attaching the loader to the h. Went really well actually. Had to use dad's H to hold the loader so I could move it around and bolt it on. But I got it done. Haha. Then it was just a matter or plumbing it (need to hook up return lines still that's why it only goes this high). And there ya have it!!! A lot of work but worth it I believe. Drove it around and it works good. I need front tires for it and I need to add weight to the rear but the loader and bucket works great!! It's not the prettiest tractor but it gets the job done and is a handy steed. I'm happy with it. I can't wait to use it now. Haha. Chris
  9. IH 710 6 bottom plow value?

    There was an auction in Britton. (Rogers hwy, and mitchell road) last year. Right down from you. Had a 6 btm 710 plow. Not to burst your bubble but it brought 100 big ones. Corn and beans look good. Lots of guys in full harvest mode. Chris
  10. What is it??

    These brackets were on my h when I got it. I've seen other types of brackets but not these. What are these used for? ?? Thanks. Chris
  11. Big brother..... Little brother.

    So I've been working on my newly acquired h and I finally got it running well. After working on it I parked it in front of my farmall m. I thought it made for a nice photo opp. You can really tell the size difference between the hs and ms. Chris
  12. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    OK update. I threw new points and condenser on it. No real change.. then I put a spare coil on it that I had laying around.. no change... I pulled the housing off in front of the distributor checked the gears. NOT worn out. Gear in the engine looked good. Then I had a hunch. I took the housing. Clamped the gear in the vise and tried to turn the side where the distributor attaches to. It moved and the gear didnt!!!! The key was sheared off!!! Popped on a spare housing and should be good to go! Chris
  13. Towing Farmall M?

    You can get away with a 7000 pound trailer if it has brakes and doesn't weigh a ton. Imo you are gonna run into the same problem I had with my truck. Broken rear end and transmission trouble. Chris
  14. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    I have a spare gas manifold. I wondered of changing it would fix any problems. Thanks for the tip! Chris
  15. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    OK update. Changed out the sediment bowl cuz it was leaking. Then put an original line on it. Cleaned out the carb. Screen and bowl screen. Drove it around and when it gets hot it won't go up a hill. Then runs like crap and dies. Turn the distributor towards the engine (counterclockwise) and it runs better. Can go up up a hill then. Drive it around more and try to go up a hill. It dies and won't go up the hill. Gonna try changing points and condenser. Chris..