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  1. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

    Never mind the caption.
  2. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

  3. Farmall h headlights. led????

    I was on steiners website the other day and saw led bulbs for h tractors. 6 and 12 volt. Here's my question. Are they better/worth it over regular old bulbs? Anyone tried em? Chris
  4. Let's push snow in the dark, shall we?

    I remember using that h one winter when it was real deep. Plowed snow right up under my rear axles. Was 4 ft deep. I raised the plow. Rocked it a bit then popped the clutch in 1st. Front end went up about 4 ft high and the old girl walked out on its back wheels. Soon as it got out of the hole the front came down and I drove away. Haha. Chris
  5. Not a member here hopefully

    And that is why I never use straps to toe down trsctors. Plus I hate doing stuff with the excess strap that is left over. And it seems like the first time you use them they tear even when using corner protectors. I use 3/8 g70 chain and binders on all 4 corners on every tractor I've ever hauled. Overkill maybe. But I'd rather have my load overkill then to have my load kill me. Spend the time and money and do it right. Heck you already dumped thousands on truck trailer and tractor. If I ever wreck heaven forbid I want the load staying with the trailer no matter what happens. Chris
  6. homemade power steering for an H??

    After racking my brain and looking at all the possibilities and getting lots of good opinions I think the only two possible options are a behlen unit or charlynn style torque generator. I just need to look at some yards to see what people have and what the best option is. Chris
  7. Windbreaker window?

    I thought about that too. I thought if you get a thin enough sheet of plexiglass it would bend??? Maybe not. Never tried it. Chris
  8. homemade power steering for an H??

    I want to put power steering on my h. It's got a loader on it and would be really nice to be able to steer it with less effort. I know I could buy a char lyn system but frankly it's not worth it. I have a belt driven power steering pump off an old Chevy. Are there alternatives to using a char lyn style gerroter? What else will work that doesn't break the bank? Educate me!! Lol. Chris
  9. Farmall headlight question.

    Thanks guys. Chris
  10. Farmall headlight question.

    I need to work on the lights on my m answer H. I need to replace the gasket material between the glass and the light bucket part. Problem is that they are 14 bucks a piece at the case dealer. Has anyone bought or found a good cheaper rubber gasket material I could use instead? Chris
  11. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Last radio message. "We're holding our own....." Listened to that song at work. Do every nov. 10th. Chris
  12. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Being from Michigan this is near to my heart. I've been to the point several times and saw the bell. It's crazy that they were so close to making it but ended up on the bottom. There are a few documentaries on the fitz. Very well worth watching. May they rip. The maritime church in Detroit still stands as well.. you can go there by appointment. Chris
  13. Carlisle tires

    Dad's got Em on his h. I have them on my hands and my m. I'm gonna put Em on my a and other h. I love them. Wear great. For the money. Look good and last. Chris
  14. My haul from National IH auction

    I was in on that w6 for 200 and almost won it. then my buddy hopped in and I got out at 400. Didnt need it. But for that price.... Chris
  15. My haul from National IH auction

    Yup good auction. Had fun. The tractor prices were down. Parts went stupid high. Very interesting what brought what. Chris