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    If you don't take an interest in the affairs of your government,then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. PLATO

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  1. Forum rules

    Don't know how I managed to do a triple post.
  2. Forum rules

    Not being critical, and just for my own info, but wouldn't you want matching tread patterns for proper tractive effort front and rear? LE
  3. If you already have a CDL, and are covered, why all the discussion. Get what does what you want and go on down the road. LE
  4. Rantoul show pics

    Would like that MF 1150 for a parade/tractor drive unit. Don't know how much further I'd go with it. LE
  5. Remember the Heald Haulers?

    Remember them being advertised in the farm magazines many years ago. Always wanted one of the two wheel drive scooters also. LE
  6. Solar eclipse

    I'm pretty close to center of the path. Could drive 12 miles south, and get 2:38, or stay home and get 2:33 of blackout. Guess I'll stay home. LE
  7. Wheres the beef?

    Is that Cypress board fence around your lot? We used to have that for gates and some small lots, but that was many years ago. Last I saw of it advertised, you could hardly afford it. LE
  8. Square bend u bolts for 1 1/2" tubing.

    I'd get some rod of the correct size and bend and thread my own. LE
  9. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Depending on the alternator, it may have an internal regulator. LE
  10. Fiery Accident in the Area

    A VW mini van hit a tree in my front yard a year ago last March, day before Good Friday. Got the passenger out, but the drivers door was jammed shut. Van was already on fire by the time I got to it and the engine compartment was jammed back into the left front seat. He never knew what happened. Hasn't been a day go by that I don't think about it. The scar on the tree doesn't help. All EMT could do was wait till it cooled down enough to get the van opened up. LE
  11. look what followed me home

    Looks like the price was right. LE
  12. 1979 S1900

    Troy; I was doing a brake parts search for a neighbor and Wagner Brake web site says that the Wagner 16X6 parts are available through Advance Auto Parts, and one Carquest store was mentioned, as well as Factory Auto Parts. Don't know if this helps. Your people back there should be knowledgeable. If there is an assembly sticker somewhere in the cab, giving the truck components, that should shed some light on the subject. LE
  13. Red Power Revisited, 2017

    The 806 with the MFWD is a real eye catcher, but the 1256 NFE is still my favorite. LE
  14. Small bale accumulator with grapple

    I help a next door neighbor that has, I think, a Farmhand accumulator and grapple. The unit is no longer made, but is simple to operate, and will do a good job, once regulated. With some planning it could be a one man job, but two works good. I run the baler and accumulator and neighbor loads while his dad drives trucks, wagons etc. usually the field is empty 30 minutes after I finish baling. He has two grapples, one in the field and one at the shed. Bobcat works real good unloading. LE
  15. Red Power Revisited, 2017

    Tried to look at the pictures BK, but an ad came up that blocked the whole page, and I couldn't kill it. No choice but to click off. I have a photobucket account and thought I could navigate around it, but no luck. Guess I won't be using it any more. LE