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  1. Happy Birthday 1256IHman,& 11 others

    Thanks guys!
  2. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    Ok your down in my old stomping grounds. If you were farther sw I was going to recommend a renter.
  3. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    Where in sw Ia are you?
  4. Who had the real 501 7388

    Ya kinda the same around here Jim, most of the old IH's in use yet are on smaller farms or are used as chore tractors. Still a lot of red iron around though.
  5. Farming after heart surgery??

    Thanks for the replies everyone! As of now (21 days outta surgery) I am doing great, I am walking at least a couple miles a day with no trouble. Just trying to get endurance up. I'm glad to see that many of you were able to return to normal duty in time. I know each case is different but I'm sure I will be able to do what I did before once healed up. I've always been a strong stout man and I think that will help. BTW my heart had no damage and the flow was 65% which they said was great. I am hopeful to work harvest like normal, will keep u all posted. Thanks again for ur replies
  6. Who had the real 501 7388

    Interesting story Jim! If a fella only knew then what we know now huh? Bad thing is I would have sheds full of IH tractors because I don't like to sell anything, but that would be a good problem to have! Just think how cheap we coulda bought 14-1568's 06's56's ect back in 80's 90's, could be sitting on a gold mine today. Is there much for old binders still in use out your way? I haven't been to my friends ranch near Wessington for several years now. Last time I was there I was amazed at how many acres of prairie had been plowed under
  7. Farming after heart surgery??

    Well on August 2nd I under went open heart double by pass after a failed stent procedure. I was 99.99% blocked on LAD artery. I am 48 yo and am wondering if I will be able to return to normal farm duties once ok'd by dr's. Now I am not talking about just sitting in a cab as many farmers do today. I am talking about climbing-filling silo's, leveling and capping silo after filling, climbing silo every ten days or so to let it down a door, handling-working livestock, setting augers up to bins, scooping grain ect. I think u get what I mean by now. I have made a great recovery so far but all I can do now is walk around the farm. Just looking for words from others on here who have underwent open heart and farm and have livestock. I was told I can NEVER scoop snow again and my first thought was how in the heck does a fella farm and never scoop? I have appointment with my surgeon this week and will ask him these questions as well, I hope I can at least clean up behind the sweep in a bin but don't know what dr will say about it. I have to add that I am very thankful to be alive today and feel the good lord gave me a new lease on life! Prior to seeing my dr I had been cleaning out bins and we were in the process of moving, after failed stent procedure the heart dr told my wife they didn't know how I was able to walk into hospital and that I shouldn't be alive. So once again I am just happy to be sitting here typing this.
  8. Who had the real 501 7388

    Hey good eye! I remember an write up in red power magazine about a fella that did that on his 86 series, think he was from over by Algona, Ia and was also a member of this forum
  9. Who had the real 501 7388

    Ya know what really ****** me off is I remember seeing Jays 7788 sitting at dealer in Huron when I lived there and was a hired hand at Pear View Seed over in Cavour, coulda bought that thing for a fraction of its value today! Good ole hind sight
  10. Who had the real 501 7388

    Jay Graber also has a 7388, don't remember serial number though
  11. 1256 hard at work

    Have u posted the serial #?
  12. White Combine harvested last night

    Ya that was probably one of the worst ones that I saw. Seems like that Belmond area gets hit with a lot of bad weather
  13. White Combine harvested last night

    I was down in Alexander yesterday, ended up taking the long way home up through Klemme, the town as well as many corn & bean fields had lots of damage, I didn't see any as bad as what you posted but I didn't go north of Klemme, went east on B55 then north to B43. Was wondering if you got hit
  14. i wonder how many 50 series are left

    I have a late 5288 mfwd, know of a 2 54, 52 & 50 off the top of my head. Oh and a 3688
  15. Anyone know what happened to the high plains raider? Did it become the fire&ice of ehmenns?