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  1. Have u posted the serial #?
  2. Ya that was probably one of the worst ones that I saw. Seems like that Belmond area gets hit with a lot of bad weather
  3. I was down in Alexander yesterday, ended up taking the long way home up through Klemme, the town as well as many corn & bean fields had lots of damage, I didn't see any as bad as what you posted but I didn't go north of Klemme, went east on B55 then north to B43. Was wondering if you got hit
  4. I have a late 5288 mfwd, know of a 2 54, 52 & 50 off the top of my head. Oh and a 3688
  5. Anyone know what happened to the high plains raider? Did it become the fire&ice of ehmenns?
  6. Looking at a landoll 11 shank disc-chisel-disc rig, currently pull a 9 shank bush hog 1560 with 4" twisted shovels. Curious if anyone here has experience with the dcd rig, would be on flat heavy black ground, 5288 mfwd running 190+ hp, intercooler 3lm466 turbo, 54 updates, 18.4-42's. TIA
  7. Start with easy stuff first, fuel filters, fresh fuel, air filters ect, make sure its cranking over good too, if not get some batteries. how many hrs on it?
  8. Jay Graber outta Parker SD has 7788, 7388 as well as the prototype 7288 and a 7488. I believe there is a 7588 in south iowa but cant remember where
  9. Thanks for the number, I assume its a Farmall version? U can look at casting codes/dates to get when built, urs should be a 68 model so look for casting numbers followed by the letter O. example 6 21 O would be june 21 68
  10. Yep sure do, send em my way
  11. I think it's running a manure pump, saw this on another site somewhere
  12. Have a SMTA that my wife's grandpa bought new been in family since, FIL claims it's never had a TA put it in it that he remembers. Also have 706gd 10k+ hours with original ta. Have put ta's in the 560d, 1206 that I bought used, and one in the 1466 that the FIL bought used back in the 80's. My 1256 has 6k plus on original ta. Guess were lucky, but I do take care of stuff and don't use the ta as a brake either.
  13. Aren't the 50/30 series cab a little longer inside than the 86's also? Seems to me there is more room in my 52 than 86's I have been in.
  14. Ya I suppose your right, these things came along ways from Rockford, Iowa. They did have them packaged really well though. I kinda think mine was broken while being packaged at the factory
  15. Yes they are resin made by speccast. I Other than the issues stated before they are pretty cool looking. For a resin cast they really don't look bad, just sucks about the broken stuff and things not fitting correctly. I would suggest not buying site unseen and if you do have the seller take it out of the box and make sure things are correct. I am sure outback will make this right but now I have to hassle with packing up the old one and shipping it back to them.