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  1. OK thanks.
  2. That is what I was assuming, but was just asking if anyone else has done this. Don't know unless you ask. I am assuming that the 886 frame and 1086 frame are the same length right?
  3. Nothing?
  4. Will a DT414 fit right in place a of IH 886 frame? Just curious. If so, it would be alot cheaper than rebuilding the 360.
  5. Update. Before I dug into the MCV, I removed the plug (5/8) that is located on the right hand side of the plate and bled the air out of her. She spit a bunch of air when we started the tractor. Shut her down and put the plug back in with new o-ring and the problem is now solved. I still am keeping the MCV pump on standby cause you never know when it could take a dump. But my steering is now resolved. She steers like a dream now. I just wanted to update any of those who encounter this. I spoke with several tractor mechanics (old time IH mechanics that are now retired). They told me to try that first. Just in case you were all wondering. I knew you were all dying to know. The pump is going on my shelf of other stand by parts. Thanks for all the help.
  6. New one ordered already. Man these tractors are bleeding me. I spent $7000 grand on my 856 last year and now this 1466 is playing catchup.
  7. Can they be rebuilt or do you have to replace the whole pump? or get the spring kit?
  8. once it warms up, it steers ok. But this is also true during the summer months as well. I replaced the filter also.
  9. Do I have air in the lines or is it something else? When I start my tractor, the steering wheel sticks as though it doesn't want to turn. After applying armstrong, the steering wheel turns, but the wheels don't. I drained all the old Hydraulic oil out and replaced it with Hy trans Ultra traction. I just put my rebuilt pto and everything is working there. I have always had this problem with this tractor. it takes it a while, then the steering pump kicks in. It is just annoying.
  10. Sid, I hear what your saying and yes farmers need to anticipate downturns, However, In my case which is Almond growing we have had stable prices and decent yields. Then the drought hit about four years ago coming off a good year and knowing the future uncertain I opted to pay down dept . & not to buy equipment knowing that I had four wells needing new in the coming two years. All principal reductions is taxed income any money saved for rainy day is taxed @40% Fed & state in my case. When the FEDS & State of Calif. got done with me in 2015(2014income) I gave them all the money I had saved for the four new Wells & pumps & a new drip system to save water. I had to borrow the money from bank to do the water development in meantime yields in 2015 were way down (40%) because of drought and prices have soften. My point being Farmers can only save a little at a time or Gov. will penalize you if you try to play it to safe. and as far as prepayments yes they work but you can only do the "concrete" business that you know well& You know you'll be using otherwise you put your budget out there you are vulnerable to lot of uncertainness and loss of operating funds. So ,in theory sounds great and is prudent, but our tax laws force us to keep playing roulette only real protection we have for unforeseen is equity but it takes years to build . Savings accounts same its after tax ,savings takes long because every dollar I save approx. 40 % goes to OUR UNCLE & State. Just MHO , Tony You hit it out of the park with your last paragraph. I am an agronomist here in Central WI and we are just rapping up prepay with growers/producers. These folks have to spend the money somewhere. I have many that buy machinery or land just to hold and held there to possibly sell later. Otherwise like you say uncle sam gets it. We are way overdue on overhauling our tax code. Flat tax or fair tax or whatever you want to call it is in heavy order.
  11. Thanks for the clarification Dan.
  12. Like I stated, I only got 9 steel, and 8 fiber disks. Do I go two and then one and two and then one or do I go one and one?
  13. Good evening all. I worked on my PTO all day, changed all the seals, o-rings etc. The clutch pak went to **** and that is the main reason I had to pull the pto out. Now that I went back to put in a new clutch pak, My IH service books says that I need 12 steel rings and 5 disks, and do two rings to one disk. Well my parts only came with 9 rings and 8 disks. What has everyone else done? Or did I not get the right amount of parts? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Brion
  14. Does anyone have a copy they want to sell for a roosa master pump for the 56 series. I wish I had one. I had one for my 560, but gave it with the tractor when I sold it.
  15. At Thanksgiving dinner, little Johnnie was ordered to lead in prayer... Johnnie: But I don't know any prayers. Dad: Just pray for your family members, friends and neighbors, the poor, etc. Johnnie: "Dear Lord" he started,--Thank you for our visitors and their kids, who ate all my cookies and ice cream. Bless them so they won't come again. Forgive our neighbor's son, who removed my sister's clothes and wrestled with her on her bed. This coming Christmas, please send clothes to all those poor naked ladies on my dad's computer and provide shelter for the homeless men who uses mom's room when daddy is at work.. . .. AMEN" Dinner was cancelled