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  1. 886 rebuild project

    Good morning all. Just an update. Two weeks ago I got the ole girl running like a top! What it turned out to be was that the pump was off 180 degrees. So just a word out for all the naysayers, the pump works perfectly fine. Tractor purrs like a kitten and no smoke! Tractor is getting narrowed up, some bodywork and all repainted. I will provide pictures as progress ensues. Thanks to all that provided input. It is completely amazing how everything works so well for as long as it sat (speaking about hydraulics). Not saying stuff won't come up, but I am impressed so far.
  2. 886 fuel

    Thanks Dan! I will be probably giving you a call.
  3. 886 fuel

    All the injectors are new. Even the mechanic I worked with said there is no need to touch the pump. I am just going off of his request. I got the tractor started. it smokes like ****. It needs to be adjusted yet and ran hard for about 50 hours on a blower.
  4. 886 fuel

    Greetings everyone. I have a fuel issue with an 886. I may end up taking the pump off and still sending it to Danny yet. I was told by another guy here locally that the pump should still be Ok. This tractor has the d-360. It is completely overhauled. I got it started but it takes alot of cranking. When we prime the pump, there is a hissing noise and it sounds like it is coming from the filter bleeder. When we prime I can't get it to come out the injectors. I have great pressure coming the pump from the secondary filter, but from there I really have nothing. Is it possible the bleeder valve is the culprit, where I may be getting air yet? Any suggestions are appreciated. This tractor has been sitting for 9 years now. Reviving it and again, a reputable mechanic here told me I shouldn't have to mess with the pump. The hand primer doesn't get stiff when you prime it. There is always a pissing of air and it is coming out of the bleeder valve. I have it tighten all the way. If anything, just replace the bleeder valve I suppose?
  5. Thank you all. I appreciate the replies. I did think about the spacers for up front and if do get one I may end up doing just that.
  6. Wheel Bearings and Replacement Parts

    Anytime you need these kind of parts, you should look up reputable dealers in your area. I work with Big Iron Equipment and Sand County Equipment for these kind of parts. They have them in stock always and are much cheaper to deal with than implement dealers in many cases. They deal with Timken bearings and so forth. http://www.bigironequipment.com/ or http://www.sandcountyequipment.com// I am blessed to have great parts dealers around me. They work with you and will travel to help you. Great people and even better service!
  7. I'm asking if anyone has ran a 30" rows with a 5X88 or #x88 series 4wd? I am looking at getting one and if it can be made to run down 30" rows. I know the turning radius may be compromised, but is anyone running one that way? I just like IH and I would rather keep IH vs running a maxxum. That is just me. Thank you in advance.
  8. IH 886

    OK thanks.
  9. IH 886

    That is what I was assuming, but was just asking if anyone else has done this. Don't know unless you ask. I am assuming that the 886 frame and 1086 frame are the same length right?
  10. IH 886

  11. IH 886

    Will a DT414 fit right in place a of IH 886 frame? Just curious. If so, it would be alot cheaper than rebuilding the 360.
  12. 1466 steering

    Update. Before I dug into the MCV, I removed the plug (5/8) that is located on the right hand side of the plate and bled the air out of her. She spit a bunch of air when we started the tractor. Shut her down and put the plug back in with new o-ring and the problem is now solved. I still am keeping the MCV pump on standby cause you never know when it could take a dump. But my steering is now resolved. She steers like a dream now. I just wanted to update any of those who encounter this. I spoke with several tractor mechanics (old time IH mechanics that are now retired). They told me to try that first. Just in case you were all wondering. I knew you were all dying to know. The pump is going on my shelf of other stand by parts. Thanks for all the help.
  13. 1466 steering

    New one ordered already. Man these tractors are bleeding me. I spent $7000 grand on my 856 last year and now this 1466 is playing catchup.
  14. 1466 steering

    Can they be rebuilt or do you have to replace the whole pump? or get the spring kit?
  15. 1466 steering

    once it warms up, it steers ok. But this is also true during the summer months as well. I replaced the filter also.