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  1. You boys want to see some truck pictures?

    Thanks for the pics smiller did someone mention Mopar. Dodge built heavy trucks for 3 years in the mid 70s- Bighorns ! . I know a guy who had a couple of them identical to the one in the link. could be his truck although his was supposedly sent to Georgia I believe. His had 318 Detroits in them. Funny we did custom combining one fall with a Gleaner L combine and he hauled the corn. didn't think anything about it but in hindsight that's pretty cool good write up in the link http://bangshift.com/general-news/roadside-find-one-of-the-rarest-dodges-ever/
  2. Best vintage IH

    Most farms are too large to use a Farmall m these days agreed so that makes the N even more useless and their self life was much shorter than a Farmall back in the day. once farms went to bigger diesels the M still had jobs around the farm that did not require 3pth. Jobs for a M-large hay wagons, planters,seed drills, gravity boxes of the day, forage wagons, forage blowers , grinding feed etc none of these jobs an N could handle yet the M was still a good 2nd or 3rd tractor to have around . by that time Ns were in demand for cleaning driveways if you could get that POS flathead started in the winter if it had many hours on it. I can remember many Ns sitting around in the 70s and 80s having not run for years but there were Ms still in the field. comfort wasn't bad with an easy rider seat with a shock absorber. The Ns were a rough riding little thing to bounce across a plowed field Farmall Ms had decades of usefulness on the farm but Ns soon were of not much use .............that's my opinion for what its worth < 2 cents
  3. Best vintage IH

    you can call me out all you like Rick. we disagree on Ns but close on most things Ford Ns were a good item for resale 30 years ago. I could get $600 for a parts tractor from jockeys going to Archibald . their value has dropped terribly in the past few year IMO due to better choices available in small utility tractors,Economy would be a better description if that works better for you. and the crusher is a good place for them in the past George has discussed the debt IH had accumulated during that time frame and their hands were tied somewhat for new products. Too often we focus on the decisions made by IH for products and we don't look at what other companies should have done ( well I don't but some do) There were almost no improvements ( yeah I know there were slight differences) from the 9n,2n and 8n. why didn't they have Live shaft, live oil , a full line of equipment and a few other sizes of tractors. My answer is it would cost money and Ford would lose the edge on such cheap automotive type tractors. I stick with the decisions IH made . until the mid-late 50s
  4. Best vintage IH

    That's a sweet 1206!!!!! Ford the Four Letter word that keeps coming up in Farmall threads Sales numbers? IH sold 2 million tractors from the Millionth M to #3 million 300u, They built a full line of tractors to fit every farm. Ford did not, Ford built throw away tractors in an era were every manufacturer built tough quality tractors, cheap cheap cheap, Ford Escorts out sell Jaguars but that don't make them better. You don't see too many big buck N restorations in sheds with the farmer eager to show it to you IMHO George is right about the operator comfort of a 656 but its more modern so it should be. The M and H are good old horses like no other. The Farmall tractors (300-450) with TA ,IPTO levers, fast hitch and fenders are the most miserable tractors IH made to get on and off.
  5. Rear engine seal on WD 9

    the picture is a W9 crank which is the same design as the rest of the Letter Series. - no way for a one piece . Did the guy cut the felt seals?
  6. Today's Dairy farmers?

    strongly suggest may have been a better word. With all the media coverage if the POTUS suggested a solution with his aid I doubt anyone would want the negative pushback.This should be easier than promising to get a foreign country or foreign company to reverse a decision I found a video from CBC that really shows how classy the US Diary farmers can be.http://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/alberta-dairy-farmers-fire-back-at-trump/ar-BBA8sZR?li=AAggNb9 the attached article with the video gives an Alberta view
  7. What happened to Tcmtech ?

    I should too....................... who do I forward payment to for this wonderful service you provided BJ?
  8. Today's Dairy farmers?

    read myth #7 in this link https://www.dairyfarmers.ca/what-we-do/supply-management/myths-realities. The reason I ask questions is there ssooooooooo much conflicting info. If I read my local farm papers, listen to the news (US included) listen to Rural radio and ask Americans maybe I can get a balanced opinion Troy if you gain free access to our market Supply Management must go. Then theres a time of readjustment in the industry and some will exit and others will expand. The ones I worry about are the smaller producers. They make my community what it is and what it will be. The people raised on family farms get the best education in the World- they know the value of a days work, the value of a dollar, animals, nature, life and death etc all the things city people don't know about but they are the ones calling the shots. They make the best leaders but we keep getting citiots. The less farmers the less common sense in the World. If Supply Management goes the prices of milk (to the farmer) will drop! you won.t get the great prices you see your friends in BC getting so I just cannot see the big gain for anyone but the big guys or the processors getting into the dairy industry heavily As far as Grasslands I question the contract or lack of one they had with the Canadian processers. How the **** can you do business with a foreign company that can drop you in 48 hours.( in an industry that cannot just be switched off like a light bulb) Mr trump needs to ask this question. Its extremely unfair to your farmers .why did those 75 get dropped? due to the coop? should they have been members? would that have changed their fate? should Trump force Grasslands to cut pickups to all the farms to spread out the drop in demand and assist in the costs until something can be figured out. these are questions I ask. I attack no one here just want the fabric of rural North America the stay close to the same as it is but I fear the worst
  9. Today's Dairy farmers?

    urgh! I can't win! you don't use peeps out of respect on here I just dunno
  10. Today's Dairy farmers?

    Thanks for the explanation Keith. this is a very emotional issue to many and I am old enough to know better than comment on this issue My apologies to all peeps I may have offended
  11. Today's Dairy farmers?

    Troy read my post again, I am with small farmers everywhere and stated I am looking for the truth. From what I understand Canadians adjusted the price of some classifications of milk to actual Market Prices, rather than the inflated Marketing Board price . Canadian producers could sell at that lower price which made the Grassland milk not competitive. Getting personal does not make the issue more clear. I want to understand. I do not complain about the price of milk at the store.and I was upfront that I do not milk cows To what extent does the US government subsidize diary famers? this is a claim I hear from some producers- is this correct? if so US consumers are paying more for the milk in a different way...... eventually Supply Management will go and the market will decide
  12. Today's Dairy farmers?

    What you are saying right there is what the USA is complaining about with Canada. btw according to the Rural Radio interview link Rob posted the USA exports more than they import the high price of quota keeps out new farmers except Dutch that arrive with millions.Yes theres issues like Rob says but its nice to have a stable ag sector . A problem I see in the USA is large farms growing without a market! We have lots of cash crop land that could be dairy but no one would make any money including our friends in the USA
  13. Today's Dairy farmers?

    Mr Beale you seem to find one sided "opinions" on the issue although I don't even know if Maxime Bernier believes his own stance since he is trying to become the leader of the Conservative Party and is trying to get votes . The last provincial election showed us country folk we don't matter because the "win" is withurban ppl- I can counter your silly Bernier link http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/04/18/steven-blaney-milk-conservative-leadership-race-2017_n_16076804.html Theres never any gain from biased reporting or discussion IMHO. As a Canadian I am desperately trying to find out as much as possible about this Issue and I don't think you come from this side of the pond so its a puzzle to me why you are set in your prejudice more than myself. I was listening to the radio today and an American said " 75 dairy farmers have hijacked the news cycle and Nafta has been a good thing" Another said " a business decision has become a political issue" those are words to remember! On March 30th Canadian dairy giants Saputo and Parmalat stopped importing ultrafiltered milk from the USA with 48 hours notice-this to me is not fair but I expect they had the legal right. it happens inside borders of very country everyday ( COMPANIES LOSE CONTRACTS). Ultrafiltered milk was a sneaky way to overcome trade laws from what I understand but that's another issue. Ultrafiltered milk is highly processed which in most food experts advice "is stay away from highly processed food"..... but that's another issue http://www.theholmteam.ca/ODF.Holm.Diafiltered.Milk.Oct.2016.pdf The USA is threatening to take this to the WTO...give me a break! Trump wants to interfere in other countries businesses. maybe he should look at how Grassland dropped the small producers?! Grassland could have spread the production decrease across the board like it would be done in Canada. Its unfair American farmers cannot ship to Canada...what a crock of you know what. With Supply Managemant Canada doesn't export milk but we import milk. How is that unfair Trump! I am sorry I was a supporter until he shot off his extra large mouth under his orange hair/wig. If Canada increases more imports of milk would he want Supply Management keep intact? so Canadian farmers would have their quota cut? or dismantle supply management? who is going to buy back the quota? 30 billion dollars worth of it! maybe Trump wants the USA to pay for it. LMAO . With 100's of 1000s or in some cases millions of dollars in each farmers bank accounts from the by back of quota what do you think they will do with this new found wealth!? I think most of them will expand to beat the taxman since whatever they produce will be able to go to the USA under what would be fair under a Trump new NAFTA without supply management! and lookie here the Canadian dollar is 30% lower than the USD so that puts the USA at a terrible disadvantage 99% of the barns are modern freestall barns in my area ( I live in near whats called the Dairy Capital of Ontario)it would not take too long for Canadian farmers to buy more land, cattle( or replacement heifers)and increase production by say a small 10% 10% of 1 million cows is 100,000 eh? whats that about 1000 farms in Wisconson and New York? and they are complaining about 75? be careful what you wish for!!!!!!!!!!!! so then 1000 farms are finished in this stage . then the dollar equals out again and the CAD is stronger....now the small Canadian farms are out of business. This is all hypothical but possible. So who could come out the winners!? big farms on both sides of the border! I am not a fan of factory farms and couldn't care less if they all went bankrupt but I care about MA and Pa family farms in North America. I have friends in the USA that are better friends than the dairy farmer across the road. Farming is different because farmers are the same wherever you go Finally the entire World has Canadian Supply Management in their cross hairs/ LMAO again! 36 million people? there is more people in California for Gods sake. do they not think if they can ship to Canada we can ship to their country without farmer's production levels controlled! there would be a glut of milk on the marker and more than 75 farmers would feel it I do not milk cows by the way and I may be full of BS but I am tired of Trump's mouth. NAFTA is one sided against the USA? lmao again. The " NAFTA Era" has been equally bad for Canada! we have lost the best jobs example GM used to employ over 40,000 in Canada- 2017 now at 8,400- I don't assume those jobs went to the USA like Trump tries to imply the other way. Canada is not the enemy in trade! someone decided trading with Third World counties was a good idea I have never made such a long post but this is a bunch of one sided propaganda from Trump
  14. Lost my dad

    sorry to hear of your loss. you were very fortunate to farm/work alongside your father .He was no doubt part of who you are and will live on through you
  15. Today's Dairy farmers?

    I don't think there was a single expert in that blog.......