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  1. 1066 registry

    I have loved the 1066's, since I was a young boy, now I have 2 myself, and my dad has 2, so I was wondering if anyone has started a registry of this model? If not I am looking forward to starting this one, like everyone else, I would like serial#, name of owner, town, and state located. I will even keep track of the retired (salvaged) 1066's. Thanks everyone!! Blaine
  2. 1066 registry

    Thanks Kent, I will get that added! You have a very nice looking tractor!! If you come across other 1066’s in your area, and can get the information, I would really appreciate it! Running or salvage, I collect them all!! Blaine
  3. 1066 registry

    Kent, that’s a nice looking 1066! So far your tractor falls in between these serial numbers 50914 was sold in ILLINOIS 51045 located in OH and is a forum members tractor. I’m assuming PEI is Prince Edward Island? And could I get your last name to add to your serial number please? Thank you for your information! Blaine
  4. 1066 registry

    Thank you for the serial number! Your neighbors tractor falls in between 24113 located in NY 24136 located in WI
  5. All our 56’s have the 3/4 u bolts, and don’t have reflector brackets. So do we have 06 fenders by chance? I did buy the brackets to mount the fenders to the platform, and the mounting holes were there, do the 06 fenders not have the mounting bracket holes?
  6. Looking for just located this one, he has it all listed for you. To bad it wasn’t the one you want!!
  7. Black Stripe 1066

    That tractor is not that bad, looks like it didn’t sit undercover much, but you have something good to work with, by the looks of it!!
  8. Looking for not sure if I posted the links right? If not these are 826’s that were just put on Craigslist on Thursday. Good luck in your search!!
  9. Devon’s tractor parts would be the place to start sourcing the parts you need. As far as fenders, if you find a nice pair off of a 56 series tractor, they should be the same, and you can paint them white. Some correct me if I’m wrong on the fenders being the same ?! Welcome to the forum, and good luck on your restoration!!
  10. Black Stripe 1066

    I know others have proven higher numbers than production records, but I had to start somewhere, so I’m using the production numbers for reference of year splits, and an ending point. I have yet to see anything past 62048, but maybe it will happen. Time will tell. Bill, your tractors are sharp!! That open station has me drooling!!!

    I watch it, I like to see the equipment and the things they find. I to get sick of the constant repeating of the last episode and the last season. At some point I’m sure I’ll have my fill.
  12. Sun dogs

    I’ve always been told that when you see them in the winter, cold weather to come! Our next 5 days are going to be cold, today if we break 0 we will be lucky, as I post this, it’s -4, feels like -8
  13. hard on cattle

    We went from 36 degrees and light rain on Wednesday to 8 degrees, snow and 35-40 mph winds yesterday, real feel with the wind was -15 degrees. That’s hard on man and animals alike!
  14. 1066 registry

    I just went through the list, and to date I have 44 with hydrostatic transmissions listed.
  15. Black Stripe 1066

    61664 is a late 76 model, last serial number in production is 62048. I have serial number 62044 on the registry, located in OH.
  16. 1066 registry

    With out looking at the list for an accurate number, I know I have a few on there, probably around 10-15. I’ll count and get back with that number.
  17. 1066 registry

  18. 1/16 IH 1456 Gold Demo

    Oh my!!! 😍 Those are some nice looking tractors!! How many hours do you have into one of those beauties?
  19. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    I can’t believe how nice it looks after a power washing!! Looks like a straight ole girl!
  20. 766 Coming Along

    I collect the 1066 serial numbers, and that is one sweet looking Black Stripe 10 you have!! Can’t wait to see the 766 when complete!! If you want to post your name, location, and a description of the tractor, that would be fine. Or send me a personal message here, or email me at Thank you!
  21. 706 narrow front

    I believe they all have the same bolt pattern. I had the small pedestal on a 1256 for probably 6-8 years for tractor pulling, and light duty farming, never broke it. So you should be ok with the lighter pedestal if you are not bouncing through plow furrows, or have 600 lbs on the front end.
  22. Wow, you have some nice tractors!!
  23. Newton Implement, Newton Iowa

    Very cool picture! Neat to see history like that!
  24. 2017 pics

    That’s a big hay field!! Nice picture!
  25. 1066 question ?

    Adjust the dump valve. If you have a service manual, do the clutch and TA adjustments. Can’t remember exactly how the adjustment procedure is on the dump valve, but it the long bolt by the mcv pump cover.