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  1. Low Hour 1066

    That's a real nice looking 10!!
  2. L.D. Nation on his 1066 puller back in 1983

    Very cool picture Robbie! It would be interesting to know how many pulling tractors from the late 70's and 80's are still out there pulling,or sitting in a shed somewhere, and not seen the light of day in years?
  3. Very cool picture, thanks for sharing Robbie!!
  4. 5488 ac question

    Radiator is clean, I took care of that before field work started. I think I worked at it for about an hour.
  5. 5488 ac question

    I don't think air is going over the top, there's a pretty thick piece of foam on the cab top service panel, that is right on top of the condenser. And covers side to side. It is wired correctly also, it will not restart with out shutting off the ac switch. You are right that condenser is a bugger to clean!
  6. 5488 ac question

    Yes 134, I believe even the last York pump had a 134 sticker on it, anyway condenser, and evaporator are clean, new cab filter and just as you feel cool air come out of the vents it kicks off the compressor. I will be tracking gauges down this week, hopefully be done with beans by Wednesday, then I'll have more time.
  7. IH 1066 Light Switch Q

    Did you check the wire from fuse to light switch? I have had them break off at the fuse holder. The 666 I'm working on, everything looked good with the wiring, everything hooked up, but the main power wire to the light switch had power behind the terminal, but not in the terminal itself. Cut it put new terminal on, and pow!! Lights!! I looked at the crimp and old terminal, why it wouldn't let power through I don't know? Crimp was good, terminal wasn't corroded, it was weird.
  8. 5488 ac question

    Yesterday at 82 degrees, the 5488 decided that the ac had be temperamental, the red light, low refrigerant, or low pressure, kept kicking off the compressor, so I assumed it was low on freon. The system was all new 4 years ago, and the only gauge I have is the do it yourself cans from auto parts store. As I tried to add freon it would kick off the compressor, and red light comes on. But before it would kick out the line would get cold. Tried a few times, and couldn't even get a reading with the gauge, as soon as it would cycle, it would kick out the compressor. So I let some refrigerant out to see if it was over charged with no results either. So I'm not sure where to start now? Pressure switch? Expansion valve? I know first thing is to get a good set off gauges!
  9. 8950 v MX270

    As far as the lugging goes, if the 270 had the caps fuel system upgrade, would the p pump make for a better tractor?
  10. 8950 v MX270

    Looking for a bigger mfd tractor, and seeing prices on the internet, what are your thoughts on an 8950 compared to the MX270? I think someone here said stay above serial number 108000 on the MX, and we all know the longevity of the 71-8900 series tractors. Are the MX tractors as good or better than an 8950? Just looking for thoughts and opinions. Thanks!
  11. Minnesota Skid Steer for Dad

    Crawford's Equipment, ask for Brian, 763 689 1794. Good guys! Bobcats, and any attachment you need.
  12. IH 1066 Black Stripe

    So your sending that my way soon for safe keeping, right? I really like the original look of your tractors! Don't get me wrong, the 1456 that you have all painted up is a gem! But the original paint sure looks good too!!
  13. IH 856

    Another sweet looking tractor!! You sure know how to make them look!!
  14. 666 not building oil pressure

    Thanks for the tip on pressurizing the system, I just might do that to make sure the pump gets oil sooner!!
  15. 1456 south of soiux falls

    Some nice lookin iron so far!!