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  1. Barrett-Jackson Auction

    That looks like a sweet ride!!
  2. Zach Leinenbach

    58511 s/n

    originally sold in clay city, In. (Will her name as dealer badge still on cab)

    now resides in huntingburg indiana

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. zleinenbach


      I do know of several other 10’s around, I’ll try to get you some #’s. Most are pullers

    3. Farmall1066


      That would be fantastic!!

    4. zleinenbach


      57293 is for sale currently in Salem, IN. Fender tractor is about all I know about it

  3. Auction in NC

    Looks like some nice clean equipment!!
  4. 1066 registry

    I’ll have to look at that the next time I’m on the computer, and the first 1066 is 7101, and I do have that one on the registry, it was actually for sale a few months ago, not sure if it sold or not?
  5. 1066 registry

    Thanks for your serial number! That is a nice looking tractor as well! So far on the list your serial number falls between these two numbers 58392 was sold in KS 58735 was sold in PA Could I get a name, and some details of the tractor to go with the serial number? If you want to pm me the information you sure can. Thanks again! Blaine
  6. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    Ether in the tire, and light it, the explosion inflates the tire and seats the bead, but you have to get the air chuck on it quick or you lose it
  7. 407

    It kind of looks like cast, is it steel or cast? Could it be a piece of cast webbing out of the block?
  8. 1066 registry

    Thanks for the numbers Brian! I do have both on the registry, you gave me the numbers last February. I’ll let you know again how they fall in the list so far 7110 located in IA and is a forum members tractor 7196 located in IA and was the lowest serial number in the red power magazines highest and lowest numbers in 09 26366 was for sale in KS 26450 was for sale in WI, both I have lost contact of.
  9. 1066 registry

    Thanks Kent, I will get that added! You have a very nice looking tractor!! If you come across other 1066’s in your area, and can get the information, I would really appreciate it! Running or salvage, I collect them all!! Blaine
  10. 1066 registry

    Kent, that’s a nice looking 1066! So far your tractor falls in between these serial numbers 50914 was sold in ILLINOIS 51045 located in OH and is a forum members tractor. I’m assuming PEI is Prince Edward Island? And could I get your last name to add to your serial number please? Thank you for your information! Blaine
  11. 1066 registry

    Thank you for the serial number! Your neighbors tractor falls in between 24113 located in NY 24136 located in WI
  12. All our 56’s have the 3/4 u bolts, and don’t have reflector brackets. So do we have 06 fenders by chance? I did buy the brackets to mount the fenders to the platform, and the mounting holes were there, do the 06 fenders not have the mounting bracket holes?
  13. Looking for just located this one, he has it all listed for you. To bad it wasn’t the one you want!!
  14. Black Stripe 1066

    That tractor is not that bad, looks like it didn’t sit undercover much, but you have something good to work with, by the looks of it!!
  15. Looking for not sure if I posted the links right? If not these are 826’s that were just put on Craigslist on Thursday. Good luck in your search!!