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  1. Silage packing tractor?

    If your packing silage from a big chopper you need a big, heavy tractor that can keep up by spreading thin layers of silage. A 15,000lb tractor will do fine packing silage from a 2 row pull type chopper, a 700hp self propelled chopper requires a lot bigger tractor to get a good pack.
  2. towing an mx magnum 255

    You have to manually release the park gear on those, the instructions should be in the manual.
  3. Silage packing tractor?

    Some of the older Stiegers used an Allison automatic that would probably make a good economical packing tractor.
  4. hours on a magnum?

    Know of a guy who's ran a few magnums to high hours, his record before needing a transmission rebuild is 54,000 hours and he' ran a couple past 30,000 before the engine needs major work. His feed mixer tractor gets a 250 hour engine oil change every 21 days.
  5. Rear Tractor Tire Suggestions

    If you want lots of traction you could put 650/65R38s on your current 18" wide rims, those are a 24" wide tire. A Michelin that size is around $2,500 but a BIT or Mitas would be quite a bit cheaper.
  6. Hydrostatic tractors on a grain cart.

    Where a hydro would shine on a grain cart is unloading and being able to smoothly creep ahead when filling wagons or trucks.
  7. Led's on steiger 4wd

    Might as well go ahead and change all of them, if you do half you will be so disappointed with your old lights that you will change them soon anyway.
  8. Chisel Plow Question

    The shank on those older chisels just aren't strong enough to handle that much pull, if you add weight to the frame to hold it down your going to end up breaking shank. We had a DMI and a Soil Saver that did the same thing, last spring we bought a Sunflower 4410 and I think it's heavy enough to not bounce but the 5488 with have it's hands full pulling it.
  9. 12V cab heater

    I put one of these in our 70xt, got the shut off valves that go in the block from case. I have it mounted in front of the back window and it keeps it plenty warm.
  10. Mrx 690

    We have a 5 shank 690, have been running it 10" deep behind a MX240 or Cat 55 at 4.5-6.5 mph, in our soils we generally need to be 12-13" deep to get the compaction layer but we didn't have enough power to pull it that deep. Last summer the 55 got traded for a Steiger 385 so I'm hoping this year we can pull it 13" deep at 7 mph.
  11. 730c

    Depends on how deep your compaction is but generally 10-14" deep and 5-7 mph.
  12. 730c

    In our soils a 275 isn't going to pull a 730 more than 8" deep, that size tractor was a good match for a 530c. There were a bunch of B series rippers around here, the weakest spot on them was the disk leveler pivots getting loose but I think that was improved on the C series machines.
  13. Ih 820 cable ahhc setting/young converted

    We ran an 820 from Youngs for several years then traded up to a Harvestmore and then to a Macdon. You could call Youngs (1-815-663-3943) and see if they have a used cable setup. John Young will be more than happy to talk to you about that head and give you tips for setting it up, you wont find anybody who better understands Axial Flow header control and he is just as concerned about you being happy with that head as if you bought it directly from him.
  14. View from my mobile office this morning

    Biggest thing if you put a Macdon on a 2388 is your going to want as much weight on the back as you can get. A 2388 with a razor rock trap beater and a 30' macdon would be a pretty sweet bean machine.
  15. greenie weenie quadtrac question

    Deere didn't even design their own undercarriage, it was sourced from Camoplast who bought our Caterpillars leftover track design and rubber tracks when they sold their Ag line to Agco.