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  1. International 500C crawler loader parts

    Email sent.
  2. This POS put law enforcement back 15 years

    If they put him in gen pop at the jail he will be WELL taken care of and won't be grinning after that!!
  3. Bondo

    Do yourself a favor and use a marine waterproof epoxy filler. Bondo sucks and absorbs water. If you want to learn more, google West System Epoxy. They have everything you need. The Six10 epoxy works great, is dispensed using a regular caulking gun and has mixing tubes so that the epoxy comes out the end all mixed up. If you are reproducing molding you can cut the shape into a stiff piece of plastic and screed the epoxy to shape so that there is very little sanding or shaping. You can get it at Ace hardware or off of Amazon. https://www.westsystem.com/specialty-epoxies/six10-thickened-epoxy-adhesive/
  4. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    Probably the steam from the potatoes put it out?? I have also heard of burning aluminum cans to reduce it too. We have a Fisher stove and a SS flue tube down the chimney. Being smooth and straight helps with the buildup as well.
  5. Camphor used in Tool Boxes to Prevent Rust

    Amazon just delivered mine!
  6. Roller Maintenance

    You should post this in the construction forum.
  7. 4-H collectabe Falshlight Help

  8. Camphor used in Tool Boxes to Prevent Rust

  9. 'Tis WARM Again!

    +5 here this morning. Supposed to be cold through Sunday then back to the 40's for next week. That out to be a rotten mess when this snow melts and the ground thaws!
  10. I lost a friend to exactly this scenario about 15 years ago. He was a very seasoned operator who had done this for 30 years and that excavator had a ROPS. A falling tree has tremendous inertia and can easily crush a well built ROPS..
  11. Of course it depends on the size of the trees! Pushing them over gives you a lot more leverage and is easier on the machine generally. You do have to be careful about knocking the top or tree limbs out on yourself. Don'r ram them. Push with the bucket up to apply leverage. You can use the hydraulic down force from the loader to elevated the front of the machine and put great pressure on the tree. If they are bigger trees do some digging first. Be careful not to get high centered on the root ball as the tree falls over.
  12. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Can you turn the engine over with a breaker bar?
  13. Cannot imagine anything worse

    Awful, just awful!!
  14. Berryman Carb and Parts Cleaner

    How about lime or baking soda?
  15. Forrest City Do-All??

    Looks like the predecessor to the Great Plains Turbo Mulcher!
  16. Almost Christmas and no frost

    I think we are all going to pay for that warm weather we have enjoyed up to now!!
  17. WOW, why is the T4 so expensive? I have been running T6 5W40 fully synthetic in my Ford 6.0 truck diesel and my John Deere 4310 utility tractor. Regular Rotella T 10W30 in my big Case. I have been getting the T6 at Walmart for @$23 a gallon.
  18. Almost Christmas and no frost

    KoO has been complaining about no frost in the Muskeg too!
  19. Finished neighbors corn just in time.

    A great Christmas present!
  20. Correct battery cable gauge

    Tom: It may have a slightly lower capacity when new, but let that cable age and oxidize for a few years and the tinned cable will carry more current than a untinned.
  21. How **** old do you have to be?????

    I've done that to myself carrying an extension ladder in the back of the pickup truck before. I was looking down at something and just about took my head off!! LOL!
  22. My turn for prayers

    I pray for her speedy recovery!
  23. I'm a racist and didn't even know it.....

    What an idiot!! They will stop at nothing to make everything racist!
  24. Maybe you won't rip the roof off now! LOL!
  25. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Congratulations on a long and distinguished career and enjoy your upcoming retirement!!~