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  1. Farmers only

    I made that mistake too!! I did not need to see that!!
  2. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    MM: That wire had all the makings of a light bulb!!!
  3. Shipping container vs enclosed trailer

    Unfortunately our area has zoning against them now.
  4. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    Barry should have left him where he was!!!!
  5. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Surplus Center also sells capacitors: http://www.surpluscenter.com/Electrical/Capacitors/
  6. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    I agree with what was said above. Pull the bell on the end of the motor and check that switch. I have had them start hanging up. Sometimes a cleaning and lubew is all they need. Also check you unloader that is built into the pressure switch. That empties the air in the line when the motor shuts off so that it doesn't have to start against the load. It has a copper line that runs from the check valve where the pipe from the compressor goes into the tank up to the switch.
  7. Meyers Plow issue

    If that doesn't fix it check and see if the solenoid is getting too hot.
  8. Dad passed away

    JD: I am in the middle of that battle with my mother and dad right now. I feel the pain of your loss, but I also understand the relief that can come when they are finally at peace! Rawleigh
  9. A video for those people scared of heights

    My nuts are now firmly wedged in my throat!!! I think my fear has gotten worse with age, because there was a time I would climb anything! Back in '84 I crewed on a square rigged ship for a few months and had to go up and reef the upper topsail in a rain storm. That will pucker you up too!
  10. National anthem protests

    And up to their customers (us) as to whether we want to sponsor it or not! Everyone can exercise their freedom in deciding whether to watch or not.
  11. Carlisle tires

    And it always happens on Saturday afternoon late . . .when everything is closed!
  12. Residual of oil sludge in radiator

    I cannot answer your question, but run Cascade and water in it to remove the oil residue. You may have to do several flushes to get it clean.
  13. In happy news

    Unfortunately here IT is:(. Our newest delegate! What an honor, NOT!
  14. Carlisle tires

    It was more limited choices here at that time. Most others were Chinese or Indian, and I didn't want that!
  15. Carlisle tires

    I don't trust them. I had an E rated Carlisle trailer tire blow out last month for no reason while hauling my utility tractor home. It went off like a gun! First real blow out I have had in 35 years of driving! The tire was only about 5 years old, had 80% of its tread left, was properly inflated, had no sun checking and was well under its rated weight limit. I had read reviews about blowouts on campers before I bought them to replace the worn out Goodyears that came on it, but there weren't many alternatives. The Goodyears gave me years of good service until I hauled a D2 bulldozer and the tread began to separate.