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  1. Looking for grille screen 88 series

    Lets see a picture of the 3688! I dont know of another one around here. Cool looking tractor and I would love to have one.
  2. What a sharp restored White 2-180 we have here

    Neighbor had one. It was pretty cool,looking tractor. I remember it sitting in the entrance to another neighbors field quite awhile one spring. It had blown the engine. He traded it off then. bill
  3. Hood struts!@#$%^&*

    Shoup has them i believe. bill
  4. I love the old pulling pics. It was so different back then. Today its all about big money. bill
  5. 1066 weight?

    If you are really gonna put her to work that 15k area works pretty good. If you dont need it, then at 12k they have a nice balance to them. bill
  6. 3688 vs. 5088 on JD Machine Finder

    5088 is way more tractor. bill
  7. Turn signals on fender tractors

    Just a heads up. On my blackstripe 1466 that had the deluxe cab, I saved the turn signal switch and wiring and made them work with the fender mounted flashers. Works great. The only thing Inhave noticed is that switch may not be a big fan of moisture. The tractor is inside every night except when its on the silage bagger and it has been rained on a little while we were running but never left out in a rain. Anyway, i have had to take that switch apart a couple times and get it working. Not a big deal but if it was exposed to wet conditions alot I think it would be a problem. bill
  8. Corn chopping pics

    Awsome tractor pics!
  9. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    We have been picking corn in earnest for a week. I switched over for beans today and finished getting everything ready. Not quite half done with corn. Its been a good run this far. Hope to get a couple good days on beans and then back to corn. bill
  10. National anthem protests

    Oldtanker, I meant what your saying. No matter the clown in the white house the office of the president has to be repected. Dont salute the man, you salute the rank. Been a few president I havent like but I always have great respect for the office. bill
  11. 1066 cab removal

    It really depends what your plans are for the tractor and where you live. For less than the price of switching to fenders you can probably fix that cab up pretty nice. If you are going to use it to farm with and are going to use it when its hot or cold the cab would be really nice. If its going to rake hay two days a year, run a grain auger for two days and hual manure on a nice spring day then I would probably take the cab off. Cabs are nice if you have use for them. If you dont need them they are a pain.
  12. National anthem protests

    I have a little different view. I do respect others view BUT if you are a citizen of the Unites States of America you are provided rights most of the worlds citizens could only dream of. Freedom here is a right no one can take away. It is not much to ask that you repect the flag that represents to the entire world our freedoms. Our flag is a banner of freedom. If anyone makes it to be anything else, they are wrong. Our flag must be respected! The president of the United States is the most powerful man on the planet. He was elected to his office by "we the people". There have been presidents I didnt vote for but at all times the President of the United States MUST be repected. The name of the person holding that office is of no consequence. Respect is due the office. Our system may not be perfect, but there is none better. I have said it before and I would never hesitate to fire someone in my employe for behavior that disrespected our flag or the president. I watch sports routinely. NOT TONIGHT. To the NFL, I am done with you! Anyone who chooses not to stand for the national anthem OR chooses to disrespect our president, please leave my country. bill Proud American.
  13. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Got my 2366 in the shop. Working on the corn head mostly. Chains and sprockets. Most everything else is ready. Probably start in earnest in a few days. bill
  14. Mystery Machine

    I vote a early wilrich. bill
  15. Red tractor and a green corn chopper

    No kidding? No one has ever told me that! Crap! I am doing it wrong but I thought I was doing it correct. I hate these deals.