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  1. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    There is always that one tractor that just has that feel like a nice worn pair of boots. For me, its this 1972 1066. Could use a paint job. No family history. Nothing special at all other than I really like the way it handles.
  2. plowing with quickhitch?

    I do it all the time. Hate hooking the plow up without it. Do it on 710 and 735. Works fine. bill
  3. Funeral for my neighbor

    Life long neighbor, friend and farmer passed away last Saturday. I called his son to see how everyone was doing and to see if they needed anything. He said he needed a favor. He said "dad wasnt much for a cadiallac or limo so I would like to borrow one of your pretty tractors to take him the cemetary." On a cool clear december day my neighbor went to his final resting place on hay rack pulled with a 1066 driven by his son. It was a special moment.
  4. combines in your life

    Here the frist SP was a new round back 45 in 1963. It was traded for a new 303 with a cab. I'm only 47 and the first combine I remeber was the 715. Dad and grandad bought the first combine with quick tach heads the dealership sold. Ran it for several years and traded for a new MF 550 in 80 or 81. Worst decison ever made in the history of the farm. After about 3 years it was gone. Bought a used 1460 and ran it for several years then the new 2001 2366 and its still going strong.
  5. Fall red iron pics!

    Snoopy is on spreader duty.
  6. Fall red iron pics!

    Thanks for all the kind words guys. I just love when everyone else post pics so I share mine. My wife likes to tell people I am "that guy". The one who lives the saying "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!" Yep, love every minute. Got to run, cows to feed! bill
  7. 1486 first serial #

    Look up Sullivan Auctioneers. They have the sale and pictures. bill
  8. Fall red iron pics!

    I love my open station 66's! The Versy will cover some geound in a hurry with the 40ft cultivator. The Magnums are quiet and comfortable. The 5488 packs a prety good punch for a 2wd tractor. I really enjoy the 5088 as its my sprayer tractor. Still my favortie ride is a open station 66!
  9. Fall red iron pics!

    I no till 2-3 hundred acres of beans every year. No till corn has had its issues here and fallen out of favor.
  10. Fall red iron pics!

    The 875 came to this farm new in 1979. I bought it in the late 90's as I took over.
  11. Fall red iron pics!

    With harvest out of the way focus turned to fall work. Fertilizer application, NH3 to be applies and tillage to be completed. Had a amazing break in the weather and breezed right along. Time to work on cattle weaning and manure hauling now! Always something to do!
  12. who all grinds feed still?

    Use the mill to make creep feed. Grind corn and a supplement and add to the vertical mixer. bill
  13. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    20.8x38 tires have a BIG footprint. If you need tire on the ground they are a very good option. They are high priced and I feel as they become less common will get even higher. I switched my 5488 to 18.4x42. bill
  14. 1066 wedge lock, bolt size?

    Im thinking you may not want to do that. With a regular bolt it could be tough to get the wedge out down the road. bill
  15. Rear Tractor Tire Suggestions

    I have had good luck and good service from radial Firestones. My Goodyear experience hasnt been as good. Not sure I am sold on that BKT tread pattern. Some guys have bought them and been very happy. Had a friend buy a set and one went bad within a week. bill