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  1. Stay or evacuate

    It was a long tense weekend for us. My wife's son is in Del Ray beach, looked like it was going to hit on the East coast. They lost power around 4 am on Sunday morning, just got it back today. They have a new house built to the recent code, so no damage. They ended up at the in law's where they had a generator. My wife's daughter is in Saint Petersburg. Her husband got called up to assist the Florida national guard prepare last Wednesday. Got sent home on Saturday because his wife (who is 38 weeks pregnant) is a nurse and was called in for disaster duty and he took their 2 year old to his mother's place. The kids house which is in the flood zone, evacuation zone A, did not sustain any damage and they did not even close power. So we are very relieved that everyone is safe and secure. We stopped watching updates after we knew they were ok. Very draining when you are a 1000 miles away and not able to help out.
  2. Keep your eye out for this guy

    I know what you mean about good used ones costing almost as much as a new one. The cheap ones are cheap for a reason. I have been looking for one to carry the kayaks on. Being that I don't just want a single purpose trailer, I have been shopping for a small utility trailer. Since it will be my forth trailer, I am being picky and frugal. I want a lightweight one to tow behind my wrangler and the wife's crosstrek. Saw a nice aluminium 5x10 at TSC from carry on trailers, just not ready to lay out the $1900 for it. I'm tired of steel trailers and rust. Good luck in your search.
  3. Sinus medicine

    I dealt with seasonal allergies for years, used to take Sudafed like candy and when the pain got bad it was Tylenol sinus. Went to allergy doctor and had the tests, was told I didn't have allergies, just reactions to most except for grass pollen. Did have the bee sting allergy to yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. Went thru the shot treatment for five years for that condition, and it seems to have worked. Back to sinuses, Dr. put me on claritn, but I feel that it made things worse, you had to take it regularly, if you stopped things got really bad. I hated taking pills all the time. I heard about a product called sinus blaster, it is natural, made from hot peppers and stinging nettle. A shot in each nostril and I am good to go. It clears out my head, causes my eyes to run, makes me sneeze, and my nose run. Two or three nose blows and I am good to go. Most time I need it, one shot is enough, very rarely do I need a second shot. I can usually feel my head getting stuffed up and I take a shot and then I am good to go. I can't remember the last time I took a pill. This year was a crazy pollen year in SE Pennsylvania, people who never react to it were all affected, it lasted for six weeks from grasses to trees.
  4. Lawn Tractor Brand Decision Time

    I replaced mowing with my older quiet line cubs with a cub cadet z force sz 48 commercial back in 2015. Cut my mowing in half, the steering wheel zero turn is great. I wish I would have gotten the 54" deck, it hangs out wider on the side for trimming. I debated spending over 5k for just a mowing machine for a couple years, but I I very satisfied. Only problem I have had is that sometimes it stalls like running out of gas, only seems to do it on the left tank. Mowed tonight with no trouble. I got a new fuel filter, but the easiest way to change it is to remove right rear tire and I haven't gotten around to take yet. It makes my very rough lawn in the woods looked great. I really want one of those out front mowers, but talk about pricey! I was close to making a deal on a husqvarna r322, but it just did not feel as stout as the cub I got. I'm keeping my eyes open for a Kubota gf1800, but they are scarce, since they don't offer them in the USA for the last ten years or so. The bigger Kubota f series are mostly commercial units and the used ones are pretty beat. When I bought this property, it came with a husqvarna 23 hp 46" cut lawn tractor, it was a nice unit, but it was so light, it could not stick to the hills, the rear tires would lock up and it would just slide right down the hill. Pretty scary the first time it happened. I sold that with my house in town. Good luck in your search.
  5. Komatsu D65P-7

    How do you like the Mitsubishi BD2G ? I've looked at them and thought they would be a handy little machine for a small property.
  6. Trip to Utica NY

    Saranac brewery is there, could do the tour and have lunch. Hudson's sled savage yard is just north of the city. Can't help with more than that.
  7. How much to charge to bush hog?

    Check with your extension service, here in PA, Penn State publishes a rate chart for custom machinery rates every year.
  8. Springer's Retirement

    You will love that bike. I rented one like that last summer in Chicago, rode to Racine, then to Milwaukee and back to Chicago. Would have loved to have it for a full week and do all of Wisconsin.
  9. Working in central/upstate NY this week

    Usually only see that country when it is covered with snow. On a good year we can ride down to Camden from Tug Hill. I hope to get a weekend up there this summer. Would love to ride up on the Harley.
  10. Homer Had Left The Building

    '62 bubble window BelAir with a 409, sweet! Bet it had the bench seat with four on the floor. Would be a real race car with the factory delete radio and heater. There is one like that around here in maroon.
  11. Brady Boy Rides Again

    The Harley museum is great. Told my wife I spent 6 hours there and she just looked at me and said, what were you looking at all that time? A CaseIH museum would be great! I rode to and stayed in Racine the first night. I wanted to do the CaseIH factory tour, but they were on shutdown the week I was there. Toured the SC Johnson house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright instead. Rode to Milwaukee and toured the Harley plant, then the Miller and Lakefront breweries on Friday. Saturday at the museum area and a ride up the coast of lake Michigan. Sunday rode back to Chicago for my training there during the next week.
  12. Brady Boy Rides Again

    I rented a roadglide last summer in Chicago and rode to Milwaukee for the weekend. It only had 450 miles on it when I picked it up. I tried to double the mileage before I returned it, but I spent too much time at the harley museum! It was a very nice ride, the fixed fairing u s v very different. I'm not ready to get rid of my '13 ultra, but when I am, I will think about a road glide.
  13. Tee shirt to this in 2 weeks....

    They were predicting 18-24" for us in Berks County. We ended up with about 16" of a wet heavy snow/sleet mix. As soon as you touched it, it turned to crap, was very hard to moved, it packed up solid. Didn't help that all my places except my sister's place were gravel and the ground was not frozen. The stuff that didn't get touched yesterday plowed up nice today since it got cold overnight and the snow dried out. I wasn't quite ready for spring, but I was glad it was drying up, now we will be back to mud. I kept telling people that we could get a big dump in March, when they were talking about winter being over. Did get a chance to try out the new rig, 2015 Wrangler with a Boss plow, it worked great. It would be hard to get me back out on a open tractor. Have to resize pictures to post.
  14. Portable generator advice needed

    Thanks for all the replies and advice. Anyone have any experience with the larger Champion brand units? I have a 3500 watt unit of theirs that works great. Only use it occasionally, but it starts up and runs great every time I need it. Did some shopping this week and have narrowed it down to either Generac or Champion. I like the general XG8000E, 8kw/10kw peak and the champion 100110, 9.2kw/11.5kw peak. Champion has to be ordered from Lowe's for $950 and I set it up. Generac is in stock at local dealer, all set up for $1369. This is only for backup and occasional use, so is it worth $445 more(after taxes) for the generac?
  15. Portable generator advice needed

    Since I had to redo the electric panel with the new addition, I had the contractor add a generator transfer switch and outside plug receptacle. Was planning on a new generator, but haven't gotten around to getting one yet. We had bad storms on Saturday and were without power for about 12 hours, so the generator purchase has moved to the top of the list. I'm looking for around an 8000kw unit with electric start. I love Honda's, but they are really proud of them. I have a Champion 3500kw unit for the camper and to haul around if needed that has been trouble free, but am thinking I need something better quality than that for the house. Have been looking at Generac, but they have 3 or 4 different grades of units. So I am looking for some advice on brands, grades of machines, buying from a dealer, big box store or online, etc. Should I worry about an inverter style for clean power, or is a better grade standard generator good enough? Generac makes a neat unit for Lowe's, but it is exclusive to them so what about service or parts? Thanks in advance for the advice.