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  1. 86 series tach ?

    Our 986 has the yellow numbers and is original as it only had 2000hrs on it when we got the tractor
  2. combines in your life

    I’m only 37, dad talks of a IH 76 before I was around. Grandpa bought a Gleaner K in 1976. We ran that till 2002 when we got an 81 F2 Gleaner. That was a nice step as it had a lot of F3 updates and a 315 flex head. Dad also got a K2 a few years after cause he thought the F2 was to big for him to cut fescue seed alone with since we had to take the 15’ head off the F2 to move from field to field. In 2013 I talked dad into getting a 1640. That F2 was mean but that 1640 was meaner! Dad found ac1644 this year that he couldn’t pass up. The K and K2 was sold a few years ago. The F2 just left this fall and we ran it side by side with the 1640. Those two ran well together. Could keep dad hopping running trucks when my brother and I had them both going! Curtis
  3. Orange Question

    Could be low on hydraulic oil and the 2 speed clutch slipping too. Or the 2 speed is out of adjustment too. Change your hydraulic filter and check the oil level first.
  4. 496 non-rockflex discs

    We've got one with a mounted harrow too. The main frame likes to crack right behind the lift wheels. Our x folding arms needs worked over as they are getting really loose and will hit each other once in a while. I'd say it's just like any other piece of equipment if it's got moving parts check them out.
  5. Dirt Boyz, well.... playing in the dirt

    I never get tired of seeing that tractor!
  6. life in our corner

    Tony your not crazy enough like Shelby to to be on Ax Men!! And I'm sure you dress a lot better then he does!! Lol Curtis
  7. Super MD on grinder mixer

    I live about 3 miles east of Russellville and south of route C about a mile. My MD is a 50 model, don't have the number handy at the moment. Curtis
  8. Super MD on grinder mixer

    I live in central Missouri west of Jefferson City 25 miles. I run the 8 inch load out to keep the swing around on the grinder full and at this angle that's just right for the Super MD. I have a few calves and the old cows I bucket feed it to. Heck your not far from me! I'm just east of you in Russellville! That's a sharp Super MD! I hope to have my MD finished and looking that good this year!
  9. TD40

    Glad to hear you got it running as I was just wondering how you was coming along on it! Congrats on retiring to! Curtis
  10. Hi there john grott from nw. in. hope i can help with some of your problems .