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  1. 496 non-rockflex discs

    We've got one with a mounted harrow too. The main frame likes to crack right behind the lift wheels. Our x folding arms needs worked over as they are getting really loose and will hit each other once in a while. I'd say it's just like any other piece of equipment if it's got moving parts check them out.
  2. Dirt Boyz, well.... playing in the dirt

    I never get tired of seeing that tractor!
  3. life in our corner

    Tony your not crazy enough like Shelby to to be on Ax Men!! And I'm sure you dress a lot better then he does!! Lol Curtis
  4. Super MD on grinder mixer

    I live about 3 miles east of Russellville and south of route C about a mile. My MD is a 50 model, don't have the number handy at the moment. Curtis
  5. Super MD on grinder mixer

    I live in central Missouri west of Jefferson City 25 miles. I run the 8 inch load out to keep the swing around on the grinder full and at this angle that's just right for the Super MD. I have a few calves and the old cows I bucket feed it to. Heck your not far from me! I'm just east of you in Russellville! That's a sharp Super MD! I hope to have my MD finished and looking that good this year!
  6. TD40

    Glad to hear you got it running as I was just wondering how you was coming along on it! Congrats on retiring to! Curtis
  7. Hi there john grott from nw. in. hope i can help with some of your problems .