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  1. Barrett-Jackson Auction

    Cyndy- you would shure look good in there! It's even your color. Lol Nate
  2. scrapped 1086

    Looks like you have castings for 34" tires on there with step up rims. So if you got castings for 38's you would also need rims. Nate
  3. scrapped 1086

    Yes. Just tighten them evenly. Nate
  4. IH implement greaser???

    A friend gave these to my dad. What is the "correct" name for them? Greasers?? What implement or wagon would these have originally came on? Thanks Nate
  5. West Texas IH 1256

    Good find Brian. Is there still quite a few left down there? Glad you don't live in MN, we'd have to fight over those good ol 56 series tractors! Does it have hope or parts rig? Nate
  6. Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    TP. As far as I know Lorenz doesn't make feed mills anymore unless they started again. The price of new feed mills is crazy! Nate
  7. Transmission pictures.

    Did you pick it up gonzo? If you did you were only about an hour away from me. Nate
  8. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Great picture! Have never seen it being picked before. Do you stay as clean as you are in the picture after a full day or is it dirty running it? Nate
  9. Adding wheel weights

    If you are happy with how it does with the the weight box I would weigh that, and then you are going to need to add more than that to the wheels because the fulcrum has changed. Nate
  10. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    Shure look pretty good. A small bend towards the bottom on the one. I have seen really nice fenders sell north of a grand. Nate
  11. 2017 crop year pictures

    Great looking pics. We have a Schuler feed wagon and a 656 on front as well but dads is a hydro. Nate
  12. Programmer for c15

    Mine was not a notable loss either. Gummed it all up was hard to move air.
  13. Programmer for c15

    Pete,. Have you pulled the hoses off the inter cooler and looked in there? I run a C13 at work. Air to air cooler dumped antifreeze in inter cooler made it a turd. Just something easy to check. Nate
  14. Red Power Round Up 2018

    I don't think us Bodins from the north are going to make it this year. Hope people take lots of pictures! Nate
  15. tankless hot water heater propane fired

    I have a 105 gallon one. Got it for free from electric company program about 8 years ago. It is on the "off peak" electrical program. Have only run it out a couple of times doing laundry and showers for family of 5. Nate
  16. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    Hope all goes well and you don't fall over when you get the quote! It will be good as new then. And the good care you give your equipment it will last forever. Nate
  17. Old ihc pictures

    Great pictures dale. That cub cadet 100 is a great old lawn tractor. Nate
  18. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    There are people that can weld that up and bore it back to original. Some guys are mobile. Search Minneapolis craiglist for line boring. He is one. Caterpillar in Bloomington should be able to as well. Nate
  19. My grandson's 4th birthday present

    What? No chain to hook on to things to get his legs strong for pulling season?? Great present grandpa! Nate
  20. 1586 from back in time.

    Great picture!! We still have a Heston 30 stacker. Use it when conditions are not ideal to round bale cornstalks for bedding. One of my great memories from childhood is jumping from stack to stack in the winter with my brothers. Nate
  21. IH 1460 combine Hydrostatic Cable Replacement

    Tie a string or wire on old cable before you pull old one out. Tie string or electrical tape it to new one and pull it the same path. Nate
  22. 986 with fast hitch

    Dad went to the steffes auction in litchfield today. There was a 986 with fast hitch. Could you order it yet?? Nate
  23. 1066 Christmas cheer

    Looks nice! Looks like you had a good one to start with. Nate
  24. Family Christmas Photos

    Shure looks like it. Has 3 hyd levers.
  25. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Merry Christmas Carl. Good luck on the move. I hope you gained more storage for the red toys!! Nate