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  1. Wow that's easy to post pics now! Thanks BJ
  2. Fresh out of redpower magazine. Just subscribe it will save you the headache next time... Nate
  3. Matt- I did not see a tag on it in the usual location. Nate
  4. Here in MN you can buy a running 109 with push blade for under 300.
  5. Stronger800- Those tractors have way too nice of original paint to even think about a repaint! They are only original once. Nate
  6. I have only been to a half dozen or so red power roundups. I have not been to a "bad" one. The best part is seeing different items from different areas. There will always be whiners and there is never a perfect time for everyone. You have to make time. It is suppose to be enjoyable after all. Nate
  7. Great looking 1206!
  8. Early cub cadets used 901. Later used 935. What model are you painting?
  9. I'm the ugly one in the blue cutoff shirt making 660 look good! Lol. Met a few of you and was great to put a face to a name. Would have liked to chat with more but BSing got in the way. Nate
  10. Oh my. What is the material in there?
  11. Owen. What do you think the reason is that they need to be high end of spec? Are they made out of different alloy that expands more??? Nate
  12. Guy I know runs his haybine with a 706 mostly but occasionally on the M. What is the correct way to plumb in the other hose so he doesn't have to remove it all the time to use the M? Thanks Nate
  13. Well. I would like to find a rear step and filler plates for a 856 standard/ wheatland. Few other common thing if I run across them. Nate
  14. On dads 504 row crop it has clamshell fenders. He had another one and that also had clamshell fenders. I don't think flat tops came on that size tractor till the 544.
  15. Looks like a top notch install! And a lot of head scratching and hard work. Thanks for sharing the install. Tractor is awesome by the way. Nate