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  1. Anyone buy parts from walts tractor parts / unger tractor out of Missouri? What are your experiences? Thanks Nate
  2. Wow that is cool!! I sure hope that the owner wanted to let that info out. Sure would look great in a public tractor museum. Nate
  3. 806

    Yes. If your getting a dual speed make sure it has the longer 1000 shaft. You will also need linkage for the pto Nate
  4. Did just the key have wear? How spendy was repair parts? Nate
  5. ^^ That's hilarious
  6. Do what ever you like. I have seen them bolted to axle, with spacers on axles, and all other combos Nate
  7. Working on a 706 shifter. Hi, Lo, Rev shaft and arm someone boogered really bad. What is everyone using for repair parts? Aftermarket? Have not pulled cover yet to see how bad it is under there. Thanks Nate
  8. Have a friend that got a JD rotary after their 9600. He was bragging how they could keep combining when they started to get tough. I told him they should have bought an axial flow back in the late 70's instead of waiting this long for a rotary!! It has been an expensive combine for them. The motor took a dump twice. Nate
  9. Nice to see you guys are all ok. The news is making it sound like the end of the world. Even heard some dumb a&@ say it was the first natural disaster that Trump has had to deal with since in office. Nate
  10. Construction company not too far from me has a magnum painted construction yellow. Yellow is where the red would be. Honestly the construction companies magnum doesn't look too bad... Nate
  11. Is this the original owner yet or did it change hands since I saw it at the roundup in Wisconsin. It was for sale at the roundup if I remember correctly. Nate
  12. My brother said there was quite a few people that wanted to buy it before he got it picked up. He had given him a toy to go off of. It was the first 1206 he has done. Some people are very talented!
  13. My brother just picked up his new 1206. Put in his order last year. I am jealous... Nate
  14. Keep the pics comin Bill! Flag has to be rare, mice like that stuff Nate
  15. Serial number will tell you that it is a 1970 model when demos were made.