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  1. Anything you might imagine. Always meet with great people year after year and have met some new people this year already.
  2. First year for reserved spots. I think it is a move in the right direction. I would like to thank the workers that do a great job. We will be set up south of the southeast pole shed. White dodge pickup Stop and say hi.
  3. Just wondering if anyone is going. Always a great time looking for treasures. Nate
  4. Tony That thing looks outstanding! Hopefully see it in person some day. Give your helper Bob a pat on the back, he deserves it. Nate
  5. Look like they are well taken care of. Nice pictures. Gotta love a 1456! Nate
  6. Matt pull the top cover off the pump. If it looks like coffee grounds in there the flex ring desinigrated. It will need to be gone through. The return needs to flow fuel back to tank or it will act like it is running out of fuel
  7. Congratulations! You've earned it. Now as soon as that she'd gets built you better find Carol a 1206 to restore. Nate
  8. Cyndy. Will be there! I especially like that you mentioned for people to bring tractors in their work clothes. I find myself taking the most time to look at them for some reason. Many times I hear "I can't bring mine to the show its not fixed up". I encourage people to bring them anyway. Nate
  9. Found this one for the guy that is too busy to restore one!! Just needs a decal and some high octane. Even has a light for nighttime viewing.
  10. I run a c13 accert at work. Water to air cooler leaked antifreeze in to inter cooler and would be sluggish at times. Could pull a hose and see if the inter cooler is slimy. Another thought is waste gate on turbo. Nate
  11. This is the bushing I was trying to describe.
  12. There should be some bushings on each end of the driveshaft. They are a bronze ball with a hole in them and a metal casing. You also need to use spiral pins instead of roll pins. Spiral are stronger. Nate
  13. Didn't later tractors have grille screen that had bigger holes in it?
  14. Nice looking tractor. Mine was a twin to that one when I bought it 15 years ago. The rear tires have to be originals. Mine had one on the rear when I got it.
  15. Very nice tractors. Great to see them getting used. Nate