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  1. Snapledge

    Here's one bitty.
  2. Once in a lifetime rig!

    The thing about this truck was it was not even cleaned up yet! It had grease that seeped out on the wheels and could use a nice detail job. Nate
  3. Once in a lifetime rig!

    No. A guy referred to it as a 5&2. But the 2 speed was not on the rearend. Only about 15 miles from home! Was told the party that bought it lives in my home town.
  4. Once in a lifetime rig!

    Supposedly was bought out of California in the 70's with 500 miles on to use for his construction company. Was decided that it was too nice to use so was parked and only went to shows and parades with it. This is what I heard so might not be 100 percent correct Nate
  5. Once in a lifetime rig!

  6. Once in a lifetime rig!

    Went to an auction today. They sold this beautiful LFD 305 truck. ALL Original. 3964 miles!! Would have loved to have bought it. Thought it was a good buy at 24,500 Nate
  7. 1456 tach drive

    Thanks guys. I'll go check out the salvage yards. Nate
  8. 1456 tach drive

    The tach drive on dads new to him 1456 is broke. Can you get parts for it and does anyone know if the worm gear is pressed on or what??? Thanks Nate
  9. What's wrong with this.......

    Ole 815 got it right. They got a photo mixed in. The first pic you can see the correct hydraulic levers for an 88 in the window. Nate

    on a 350 wheatland special they came factory with another tank behind the seat. Would probably mess up the seating arrangement for your passenger.. Nate
  11. finally got one back!

    I am jealous. Would love to find one of them some day. Good looking tractor! Nate
  12. International 1456

    10-12000. I suppose it depends where your located also. Nate
  13. A Rich Vein of IH tractors ( Pics)

    Great looking lineup of equipment! They really take great care of it. Nate
  14. "Junk crush"

    Good score 660! Probably go with her again next year?? Lol Nate
  15. Replacing a broken rear wheel clamp bolt

    try a vise grip on broken bolt see if it will turn out. If not take out other unbroken bolt, cut broken bolt with torch to get clamp out, weld nut on broken bolt and turn it out. Should be the easiest way to go about it if you have a torch and welder. Nate