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  1. Is the alloway stalk chopper any good? Looking at a 20'. What kind of job do they do? Thanks Nate
  2. Your exactly right! A little looking on google earth and you could find it from your couch.
  3. Dads 504 has that same seat base or very similar. Might be another source to look. Have a foot park lock but don't want to part with it Nate.
  4. Steve- would like to make it but gear head get together in Maple Lake is going on Saturday also. I am planning to go to that. Check it out. I think you would enjoy it. Nate
  5. Drive for a lumber yard. Trex is a big seller and so is Azek. Have been told Azek is better but costs more. I have trex on my deck no complaints. Nate
  6. Thanks for sharing. Looked like a great show! Nate
  7. Mahommet Illinois . Bauer auction had the sale. A friend told me what it brought. Nate
  8. One sold on auction today with pto and m&w 9 speed. Went for 6500 Nate
  9. Reason I ask is it looks like a boom we used to have at our lumber yard. They deal with V&H. Nate
  10. LEDs take a fraction of the juice the sealed beams do. So the load on the breaker should be very little now. I'm highly doubting it's the breaker. Unless the breaker itself is shorting out. Nate
  11. Like SD man said make sure you have the dividers and also see if you have the two rubber flappers that go towards the end of the bed augers. Nate
  12. Tony- I thought Carol wanted a 1206??? So is this hers??? Nate
  13. Dad has a hydro 70. Cut tons of hay, cultivated corn. Spent lots of time on the square baler. Think it's got about 6700 hours. Dad did heavy tillage with it in its earlier days. Original hydro and motor. Nate
  14. Great pictures! Does anyone over there bale the straw? Nate
  15. Looks good! Nate