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  1. IH 1066 black stripe w/ Belly Fuel Tank

    A couple things I noticed on your 1066. What is on the 540 shaft? Is that one of those aftermarket seals that screw in? And what's with the diamond plate drawbar? Foot traction ?? Nice tractor! Nate
  2. IH 1066 black stripe w/ Belly Fuel Tank

    Looks good Brian. Envious of all the time you have to work on your old iron horses. Nate
  3. Lets see some steps

    Dad made these for the 806. It's set on 30" rows so not much room. They are built on top of the factory one. Nate
  4. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    That 1456 of Coys is amazing. Saw it at a RPRU a few years ago. The detail is amazing. Probably twice as nice as new..... Thanks for sharing Brian. Nate
  5. Pictures from National Auction

    BJ how did you get a front row seat? VIP treatment too?? Merk -can you report any prices you remember? Nate
  6. Fall '81 Parts & Accessories

    I've never used it but believe you would loosen the wheel clamp/wedge and tighten the cast piece down on axle. Use the strap to go through windows of wheel and use ratchet to tighten strap to pull wheel out. To move in, tighten clamp near wheel and use threaded rod on left side of box to push it in. Nate
  7. Fall '81 Parts & Accessories

    I have one of those wheel adjusters. Never been used. Not 100% sure if it's all there. I see the F'in mice ventilated the box for me..😡 Nate
  8. Tire Advise

    Tony. The 11.00-16 will look like balloons on those rims. They will also be really close to or rub the spindle arm stop. If I was you find some rims and make those beautiful tractors look tough with big rubber! But... There yours so do what tickles your fancy! Nate
  9. 7130 on manure spreader

    Looks good dale. Always something to fill in the "spare" time if you own cattle. Dad has a spreader similar to that. Works really well for a horizontal beater. Nate
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Now to find a substitute for the rest of the knobs and pto boot. Cheap junk doesn't make it a year... Nate
  11. 3 year old in the hospital

    They are really making you strong parents. I could not imagine. I wish your little guy and your family all the best. Nate
  12. Fall red iron pics!

    Great pictures. What rig you like running the best? Nate
  13. Bad day for a white

    It will be a little harder for the "cat" to catch its tail now....
  14. IH socket set

    Nice set you found there. Should be able to laugh and have tears of joy.... Nate
  15. A few 1456's in town

    Dale. Dad bought that in Iowa guessing about ten years ago. Yes it has 3pt.