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  1. Dad's (Blue) Tractor

    Nice tractor. Check the oil in the injection pump. They have their own oil supply. I had a 9600 last spring that the governor went crazy on. Turns out he never checked the oil. About a $2300 repair on the pump.
  2. Lets see some steps

    K&M used to offer the bracket to mount the #10 in place of the step on the side. The last time I called them for one the salesman said he'd never seen one. So had to make my own for the 706. A little high if you have short legs. Had the tool box modified on my 826 to fit behind the loader.
  3. Ah, the good old days...

    They would want the parents locked up for training terrorists.
  4. New Engine for the 1066

    Did you go with a 466?
  5. Lets see some steps

    That's a K&M toolbox/step. Same company that does seats and cab interiors.I have about 4 of them around here.
  6. Yeah, complaining again.

    Just think if you were a Mormon and had 7 wives. They could all have 1 day a week to make you feel stupid! I probably wouldn't bother going home!
  7. 1070 Case Hydraulic Problems

    I am working on a 1070 with an old Koyker loader on it. The owner has been complaining the loader lifts slow. It has what looks to be a recent CNH reman pump on it. He changed Hytran and filters this summer. The bucket goes normal speed up and down and the steering brakes and power shift and 3 point hitch all work like they should.The lift and bucket cylinders look to be almost the same diameter, so speed should be the same. I went out there yesterday to try and figure it out. I swapped the lift hoses and bucket hoses between the 2 valves, still the same slow lift on the loader. I tried swapping the coupler tips around, no improvement. Engine speed doesn't matter. Sometimes when lifting the loader it goes up an inch or 2 fairly fast and then jerks and goes slow. So I was thinking maybe a hose to the cylinder or the return was maybe coming apart and restricting flow? I drove it to town today, and after a mile or so and warming it up it works perfect! I put a pressure gauge on the coupler and it has 2000 psi pressure. I took off the hoses to the lift cylinders and the 2 short ones to the cylinders from the pipes that go around the loader and with an air gun I can blow through all of them both directions no problem. Haven't taken the 2 return hoses off yet to try. Could it be a cylinder problem? They don't leak or seem to settle at all.
  8. 1070 Case Hydraulic Problems

    Not that cold here that the oil would be thick enough to affect it in my opinion. about 25 degrees this afternoon. I don't know what he used for oil. It has a reddish tint to it like Dexron, just not that dark. I just noticed the 2 jumper hoses to the lift ports of the cylinders are made of 3/8 " hose and the returns are 1/2" hose. The ID of the fittings are 1/4" on the 3/8 hose and about 3/8 on the 1/2" hose, so not a lot of difference. But that should affect the lowering of the loader since it returns through a smaller fitting, unless the weight of the loader coming down makes that much of a difference. Just looking at differences. The hoses to the bucket cylinders are all 1/2". Also the hoses to the couplers are 1/2" but one has a 3/8 to 1/2 pipe adapter on it and the other has a 1/2" end crimped on. Maybe need to get all the hoses the same and give it a try?
  9. 1070 Case Hydraulic Problems

    I just went and applied air pressure to the lift and lower port of each cylinder and with just air pressure they both tried to lift and lower the loader, so I'm not sure there's an issue there.
  10. Know this John Deere fan?

    Google Image Search found this. Still don't know him.
  11. failed oil filter ?

    I know of a guy who had a 1086 and it blew one of the oil filter seal rings and he ran the engine tight. This was IH oil filters. He went through all the warranty claims and was given 2 new filters!
  12. Ticked off a scammer!

    I'm guessing 75% of the calls we get on the landline are unknown name ? number or private name/ number. So we just don't answer them. I have anonymous call blocking on my shop phone. I'm on do not call lists on both lines too.
  13. National anthem protests

    Now they're protesting outside the Dallas stadium since the players can't kneel. The way I read it. Good Grief!
  14. IH mounted cultivator id help

    We had a 461 for years that was very similar to that. Still have mounting brackets somewhere.
  15. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    That is what I will go to if I ever update planters. I run a Cyclo now. Actually have 2 and still use both. A 6 row 800 and a 12 row 950. Probabl;y the only thing I wouldn't like is a separate seed box on each row. The row units on the 1200 are pretty much the same as the 800's built since the early 80's. No till really doesnt need any mods. 6 rows are hard to find here but bring good money. Here's one in Wisconsin.
  16. Unusual Phobias or fears

    My wife has a friend whose daughter is terrified of styrofoam! She won't touch it and the squeaking noise it makes when rubbing 2 pieces together drives her nuts! So whenever we see her we naturally find some to rub together to see her reaction. I also had an ex girlfriend years ago who hated cotton balls. And the sound of crinkling aluminum foil. Weird!
  17. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    What will you be pulling behind it for tillage equipment? IMO a tractor over 170 HP needs bigger tires than 18.4x38's if it pulling something heavy. In our soil type here anyway. Or add some weight to the existing tires. My 1066 has 18.4x38 Firestone bias tires and I have 4 sets of split weights on it. I pull a 21' Krause disc with it and a 24" 4800 field cultivator.
  18. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    I have the same experience. My former 1466 with 20.8x38 radials would outpull my 5288 with 18.4x42 radials on a pull type implement. Not so much on a mounted one. But the 1466 had a lot more weight on the wheels. The 5488 I have now with 20.8x38 bias tires spins pretty bad on the pull type disc chisel. But I had a 5 shank DMI inline ripper on it a few days ago and it went pretty well. Depends on what horsepower tractor you are looking at.
  19. Dad passed away

    Sorry to hear that. You have our thoughts and prayers. My dad passed just over a year ago and we miss him every day.
  20. A video for those people scared of heights

    Seems to me when I was a kid an airplane hit that tower in a thunderstorm and knocked it over. Just southeast of Sioux Falls. And it came down in a blizzard too at one time. Both times on this list. 1968 and 1975.
  21. A video for those people scared of heights

    The guy's wearing a hard hat, like that's going to save him! I find myself hanging onto my chair arm rests watching these. If I get 30' off the ground I've had enough!
  22. Kory Wagons

    In NW Iowa it would be hard pressed to bring $1000. I have 2 and my dad had 4, we sold his for $650 average. I bought a 365 Demco with like new tires for $2000 a few years back. Everyone here needs 550 or bigger.
  23. Unusual Phobias or fears

    I hate enclosed spaces too. Also hate mice and rats but possums really **** me off. Anything that hisses at me is going to die if I have anything to say about it. Raccoons too!
  24. Farmers only

    That's why his inbox is filling up so fast. He posted his gross yearly income!
  25. Farmers only

    Or you're a female posing as a male! Like an episode of Catfish!