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  1. 3688 anything special or just another old tractor?

    Those are good tractors, basically a 986 in updated sheet metal.It has very low hours for it's age. DOes it have a 3 pt. hitch? I'd put it on Big Iron or Auction time to sell it. I have stuff in my shed collecting dust for a lot more than 3 years. They are called rainy day projects!
  2. Anyone else working on theirs?

    I guess I didn't know there is a game. May have to check into that!
  3. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    I checked on the new bottom tube section from Sudenga and it's $1540! It's 40' from the auger intake to the band that connects the top section. Each section of flighting which is 16 or 17' is $540. (3 16' and a 17' in this 65' auger.) They are pretty proud of their parts.
  4. 5288 EGT probe

    The last one I bought for my 5288 came directly from Weed Instruments who was the supplier at one time. Maybe still are. Mine had a decal on it and I found the part number and called them and they sold me one direct. I have had this one now for maybe 10 years. 'The CaseIh ones didn't last more than 2 years for a while there.
  5. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Come on Pete, you know I never followed the crowd!!! TR86 New Holland. This is my third one of the TR's. The last dealer I worked at sold CaseIH and New Holland and also White, but I ended up with a yellow one in a deal too good to pass up. Went for a TR70 to an 85 and now an 86. Wouldn't mind another with a few less hours if the right deal comes along. I never did a lot of combine work at the dealerships I worked at back then except for air conditioning and engines and such. Not the actual working part of the combine like the rotors and augers etc. I do more now on my own machine than I did then.
  6. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Gee Pete, didn't know you were such a BTO! That combine has more dollars worth of tires than I paid for my combine! I've been working on mine evenings for about 2 weeks checking augers bearings etc. Had the straw chopper off for some welding. I'd post a picture but it's the wrong color for this forum!
  7. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    I was at the local tractor salvage a while back and told them I needed parts for a C Allis. The parts guy says" I thought you were young enough you wouldn't need that stuff."
  8. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    It just needs to last more than 3 hours!!
  9. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    Thanks! I'm no pro at welding. I create more holes to patch than anything!
  10. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    Was his a galvanized auger too? Does it work very well to weld that stuff, or does it need a special welder setup.?
  11. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    My 594M Sudenga auger took a hit from a tree a few days ago. The tree missed the 61' Westfield beside it and nailed the 65' Sudenga, the better of the 2.The bottom section of the tube is bent just above the rear support. A new bottom section isn't available for probably 2 to 3 weeks. Anyone know of a dealer or salvage yard place around NW IA, or SE SD that would have a good used one around? Or could it be repaired? Apparently they use 4 sections of auger flighting. It's too good of an auger to junk out in my opinion. (KIMG0415.JPG) (594m-2.JPG)
  12. Happy B/day Farmallfan,NY1468,Kevingweg

    Have a good one all!
  13. Grain saver on 1020 head.

    I have a grain saver on my 973 too. Works good. I saw a header once with I believe 1 1/2" pvc clamped just behind the sickle. I think it was cut in 3 foot sections so it could flex and a piece of hose joining the sections. It had round clamps like they use for electric conduit holding it down just behind the sickle.
  14. Mr. Rick G

    My sympathies Rick to you and your family.