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  1. Found this wiring diagram I had. superih is correct.
  2. Ever see the MTV show Catfish? If that don't turn you off online dating etc nothing will! Some awfully psycho people out there!!!
  3. You're welcome. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  4. X2. I'd put my 800 or 950 against any newer planter in a yield check.
  5. I found a couple more pictures of the 806. And one of the bigger tractors. Don't have the 1206 anymore, got an offer too good to pass up!
  6. On my 1066 the red wire is connected to the flood lamps and the blue isn't connected, but my tractor has the lamp for the tail on the fender. Should be the marker/ red lamp. The yellow is for the flasher and the green is ground like I said before.
  7. That 806 my dad bought in about 1970 with 1500 hours. Has over 16000 now. I overhauled it at 13000. It was the big horse for a long time until he got the 1066. I'll get a few more pictures. I always wanted to get it fixed up and painted before he passed away last month but it just didn't happen.
  8. I'm pretty sure the green was ground. There needs to be a wire for flashers, marker light, (red taillight) and flood. I have an old cab I will check on later. I believe the yellow was for the flasher lights.
  9. Put it this way Pete, when I was born 460's and 560's were new tractors! There aren't any tractors that old here,but I do have a 460 I'm working on for possible resale later.
  10. Finished mine too today. Did corn until about 2 than changed heads and did beans. Done about 8 PM. The moisture was 13.5%. Have 18 acres to do for a neighbor Monday.
  11. It's warmer and sunny today so I was running soybeans in the bin this morning. Hope it dries out enough today to finish harvesting them! Don't like 15% and wetter soybeans!
  12. I run a New Holland TR86. The S3 rotors are simlar to a specialty IH rotor I've been told. In corn they are pretty finicky and great in soybeans. My TR85 and 70 I had previously(standard rotors) weren't as fussy, but would really rumble in green stem soybeans. I've been told in corn to get the concave clearance about the same size as the cob diameter. But some varieties of corn just break up the cobs no matter what. I did some cornThursday for a neighbor that was 19 to 20% and it took a lot of adjusting to clean it up. The biggest issue I had was on the ends turning around it would throw some corn out the back when the machine \was emptying out. I helped with some corn of a relative"s corn yesterday that passed away in August. The corn was 16.5 to 18% and it worked perfect. No cob pieces and I had the rotors down to 600. (Normal speed on the NH for corn is 650 to 800.)
  13. I'd use 10 or 12 gauge wire from the button to the meter and to the engine. Find wiring diagrams here.
  14. The 856 is probably worth about $2000 max at a salvage yard with a bad engine. I called a local guy recently with an 806 with a spun bearing in the engine and that's what the yard would give him for it. The 1256 may have some heavier gears in the range transmission and bigger bearings. Axles should be the same, but maybe bigger bearings. I know there is a difference between an 806 and 1206 in the rear end. A lot of people put M&W turbos on 856's and had no trouble with the rear ends. And a lot of them were pulling 21'' 490 or Kewanee 1020 discs.