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  1. I watched the rest of that race last night that I had taped. One final round race the guy in the left lane red lighted, and the guy in the right lane went all out anyway and broke out. They gave the win to the left lane because of the breakout. Is that Australian rules? Here the red light means you have no way to win the round unless the other car crosses the center line or something. I'm not totally up on NHRA rules, but the breakout would have been a win in that case.
  2. I witnessed an accident over 20 years ago where a pickup pulled out from a stop sign in front of another pickup. The driver of the first truck got hit on the right side and the impact threw her out the passenger side door's window. They just threw a blanket over her in the ditch. Obviously there weren't seat belts being used. That's a scene a person doesn't soon forget.
  3. That's what they needed to do to run with a stock 856!
  4. I just caught a little bit of the Australian National Drag Racing Association on Mav TV. Not very familiar with the cars from there, but a lot of the lower classes were 4 door sedans. Some looked a little like Chevy Novas. I don't think I'd ever get used to driving on the right and shifting with the left hand. Just doesn't seem "right" to me!
  5. Maybe my dad saw that ad and it made him get a 560. He took delivery in October of 1962, when my mom was in the hospital with my newborn baby brother! Sneaky bugger. I believe that's the only new tractor he ever bought.
  6. I mounted mine to the bracket that the hydraulic couplers bolt to.
  7. I had intentions of being there and got about 100 miles out and started getting dizzy, so went back home. Felt fine then. I think I got too much diesel smoke charging an AC yesterday. Dang Case! Hope you all had a good time!
  8. I had this on my 950 the first year I had it. 2 or 3 rows were showing about 1/2 rate on the Early Riser monitor. I had to get the release wheels centered on the rows on the drum. The wheels weren't pushing all the seeds out of the pockets. Without a population monitor I wouldn't have ever known.
  9. Drive the roll pin out of the bar that keeps the cab door from opening too far and then you should be able to lift the pins out of the bushings.
  10. Yup, sure did. 10 gauge from the feed line at the front of the cab to the breaker, and back to the blower motor switch. I can get a picture of it if you want! The new blower comes with a new harness to the blower switch which is heavier wire.
  11. I've used several of these cab fans from AP Air. On 90 and 94 series. Seems like they do draw more amps though and I ended up putting in a 30 amp breaker in a 2290.
  12. i seem to remember that slightly. You 2 youngsters were in school yet? I was working full time at a Case IH dealer then. Crap I'm getting old!
  13. Standard or oversize sleeves? You won't know what you need until you get yours apart. But if it's cheap enough it's worth a try. Years ago some of the Clevite kits for 360 diesels had ring issues and scored pistons. I'm sure they have that issue solved by now.
  14. Just so you don't burn up your eyes! Watch the video.
  15. I heard on the radio this shooter was a worker on Bernie Sanders' campaign.