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  1. Looks like a D310 or D358 German diesel to me. There should be a stamped number on the block somewhere with the cubic inches before the serial number. I believe it's on the engine oil filter side near the breather pipe.
  2. There were 2 560 diesels with turbos sold Saturday at my brother's father in law's estate and \mother in law's sale. Both had the IH turbo setup on them. Both brought around $4600. I thought they would bring more than that.
  3. My 15 year old son and I went to help a neighbor unload about 350 bales of straw into his barn the other day. I told him to pay and add whatever he would have given me to it. He got $50 for about 1 1/4 hours of work, so about $20 an hour with my share.
  4. I know some guys who traded M's for 460's and were so disappointed in the power of the 460 they wanted the M back. Nothing against the 460, they had a lot more hydraulics, power steering etc, but they lacked the lugging power of the M's. My 460 has 13.6x38's.
  5. 8N over an M, bet OldTanker's proud!!
  6. I think I'd turn that in to my insurance as vandalism. I'd like to see one of a HAWKEYE!
  7. They can weld up the lobes and machine them down again. Had a few 360's I had to do that to.
  8. This may be more helpful.
  9. The fan shroud and throttle linkage are the only things different I can think of. And radiator hoses and the hose from the air intake to air cleaner. Would the muffler hole in the rh hood be farther forward?
  10. Nothing here Dan.
  11. There is something different about early vs late pto shafts on tractors. some have more splines ahead of the notch the pin locks into. I rent a grain vac every year and the pto shaft on that vac won't lock on to my 806 or 1206, but will on the 756 and 826 and 10 or 1466.
  12. Also went into a neighbors field we planted this spring on 20" skip rows for silage. Stine High Population corn at 45000 planted population. The kernel count was 18 x 34 on this ear. If all the ears were like this he may possibly have close to 270 bushel corn or better at 40000 population.
  13. I was out in the corn field this afternoon and found a spot where I ran out of corn on 6 rows just before the end rows. The plants were spaced about 5 feet apart. Found this plant with 2 pretty good ears on it. The kernel count on 1 ear was 14 x 40 and the other 36 x 40. Would be nice if the whole field did that on 32000 population.
  14. I had my Killbros 375 painted a few years back and I believe they used Kubota orange paint. It was very close to the best original wagon I could find in the area. May have been just a little darker than original.
  15. Yup! It's in a fridge my parents bought new in the early 50's. It's in our garage and still works good.