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  1. Carter and Gruenwald wiring diagrams

    FarmallFan, is there a way you could save those diagrams somewhere on this forum?
  2. IH Combine engine?

    Is that a 3 or 4 cylinder? Looks like a German diesel of some type. Or BD series engine. Maybe a pull type combine? With the gauge and switch console it looks like a power unit for something to me.
  3. 3 Tri Stripe 86's in a row to be sold.

    There is another tri stripe 1486 there but it's not as nice. Has a precleaner sticking through the hood. I'll see if I can find a picture.
  4. Carter and Gruenwald wiring diagrams

    I think I typed in wiring diagram in the search bar somewhere and it came up. Maybe I should print them all out before they disappear!
  5. HD 7" TA Clutch and Pressure Plate In 686

    Well, Mr Sawzall and my die grinder and a prybar got them out. Works much better now! The parts are a little harder to recognize now though.
  6. Carter and Gruenwald wiring diagrams

    I did manage to find them on their website the other day. I saved the location just in case!
  7. Replacing the TA on a 2+2?

    It's pretty much the same as an 86 series, except the bottom of the speed transmission with the hydraulic pump. There is no mcv pump. And the driveshaft to the transfer case.
  8. 3 Tri Stripe 86's in a row to be sold.

    I rode through a consigment sale lot this morning and found 3 81 model 86's in a row to be sold. I know they are selling them for the owner's estate. He farmed with his son, who got killed in an ATV accident a few years ago. They also had another 1486 tri stripe, not sure they still have it. One of the 1486's I hauled for them to my shop and we moved the wheels in to 30" spacing and put on some wheel weights, 5 sets on each wheel! That was at least 10 years ago. What was it about the late model 86's that the paint faded so badly? The earlier models seemed to shine a little better.
  9. HD 7" TA Clutch and Pressure Plate In 686

    I talked to a tech at Ag Parts this morning and he said that pressure plate was meant for pulling only. I said I wish they would say that on the website or when ordering parts. I'm in the process of trying to saw off the spring retainer cups with a sawzall. Broke one blade already!
  10. HD 7" TA Clutch and Pressure Plate In 686

    What model tractors did you have the problems in? Seems to me a 560 or similar tractor with the longer TA lever it would work better. But if the pressure plate is flexing or something that wouldn't matter. Did you use the pad type disc too?
  11. I am getting together a 686 that had broken the 7" TA Pressure plate and the TA clutch disc was bad as well. I got a sprag type TA, the HD 9 spring Pressure plate and the 4 pad clutch disc for it and a new TA clutch flywheel. After getting it all together I bolted the TA housing to the rear end and tried the TA lever after connecting the linkage. That TA lever is WAY stiffer with the 9 spring pressure late over the 6 spring. And in TA it's not releasing the clutch disc. You should be able to turn the input shaft backwards in TA, and I can if I have a vise grip on the shaft, but it's very hard and the disc is dragging. Just wondering if I have a bad pressure plate. I can't even move the disc back and forth on the splines in TA. I have a 460 split for a TA too and I can turn the shaft both ways easily in TA. So that one is releasing fine. When I got the pressure plate and tried to install it the fingers were out too far to get into the housing. The 3 threaded bosses for releasing the pressure plate have springs over them on this 9 spring unit. I had to press the fingers down on my hydraulic press and put cotter pins between the fingers and the lugs on the plate where they pivot. After bolting it to the flywheel the cotter pins could be pulled out. The fingers seemed to press down hard even on the hydraulic press. Is anyone using these and what kind of luck did you have. I thought I'd just upgrade to heavier parts, but 2 people I talked to tonight wouldn't use them again and 1 took it back out, because it makes the clutch stiffer as well. Maybe OEM parts are the way to go!
  12. More early '06 questions

  13. More early '06 questions

    My 706 parts book is a Jensales reprint, with their own covers so don't know how old it is. It does have a page on the foot park lock though.
  14. More early '06 questions

  15. Almost

    I had a guy at my shop a few days ago who has a Ford 4000 with a loader for sale. Haven't seen it myself, but he wants $4500.