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  1. Hired Grain Haulers

    How many farmers out there have their wives or someone help haul grain? My wife helps haul sometimes in the fall but other than that doesn't drive tractor a lot. Last fall she was hauling corn to an elevator about 2 miles away and she called me. I was running the combine. She said she killed the tractor (1066) at the unloading pit and couldn't get it to start again. She said she just heard a clicking noise and smelled something really bad. I thought maybe the starter burned up or something.Then an employee at the elevator was helping her get it going and when the engine started turning over I heard this horrible clatter! Then I knew she was pushing the ether button instead of the starter button! I just hung up the phone. I had this big speech prepared when she got back about how she was damaging the engine and we may need to overhaul it and all that. But I figured if I did that she'd probably get all upset and go home and I'd have to deal with it for a week. I just told her not to use that button since it's a cold starting aid and let it go. I think this year I'll just pull the wires off the ether injector!
  2. Happy Birthday

    Have a good day!
  3. Brought this home today

    I had my 5488 buffed out this spring and it made a world of difference. It had been painted before too. And a new set of decals! Before. After.
  4. 5488 and 3688 headlights flicker

    I think the headlights are grounded to the radiator housing and they lose connection after a while. I ran the ground to the engine block and it fixed it.
  5. corn is late , really late

    I did one load of beans yesterday. I tried 4 different varieties and they were from 15.7 to 16.9 % moisture. I put a screw in aeration fan in that load hooked to a humidistat switch set to come on at 50%. I took a sample to the elevator and their tester showed 17.7%! I swear the tester they have is defective. The same sample in my 2 testers were in the mid 16's and the neighbor's tester showed 16.1%. Strange part is my 2.0 beans are the wettest compared to the 2.2, 2.3 and 2.5's. I do have some of the top pods starting to break open too. Maybe I should take them all out and dump them in the dryer bin.
  6. I went to one at Ankeny IA at the DMACC campus.
  7. 86 series split gasket mystery

    Jim saves the day again! What will we do if you ever retire?
  8. Hood struts!@#$%^&*

    What tractor? I've bought a set from HyCapacity for 7100 series Magnums.
  9. 86 series split gasket mystery

    I'm pretty sure there was a service bulletin about this at one time, but I don't have access to all of them. I know the late serial number tractors used the gasket you pictured. On Messick's website they give a serial number range for the 2+2's with different gaskets. It seems to me if there was a rubber plug on the reverse shaft they used the gasket with the extra groove in it. They didn't all have that plug. Is your tractor a Tri Stripe with PFC hydraulics? I've PM'd Maynard before about bulletins and he's found the ones I asked for so far.
  10. 4500 VibraShank

    I would guess it's just a standard size oring.
  11. Gimme a minute alone with her please

    The most "flawless beauties" often have a really poor attitude. That"s a major flaw IMO! Of course some of the less than "flawless beauties " have really bad attitudes/personalities too. Just watch Jerry Springer!
  12. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Happy Anniversary!
  13. Glenco question(s)

    This is one pass in standing stalks with my chisel.
  14. my corn maze

  15. Any one dry their beans a little?

    Glad I could help Pete! Just sharing the weather. At least you have a start on your crop, unlike us to the north of you. BTW, what's the difference between freezing drizzle and sleet? Pretty darn close I'd bet.