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  1. Looks good!
  2. Nice! I can hear the driver in tech inspection. "Who needs a roll bar, I have a helmet!"
  3. Look through enough salvage yard bins and they can be found. My 1971 1066 (serial number 7389) has one of them left and I found the fuel and filter gauges to go back in someday. The water temp clusters are difficult to find. Need that one yet.
  4. .013 and .025 is correct. Set valves 1,2,4,5,8,and 9 with 1 at tdc. And valves 3,6,7,10,11,and 12 with 6 at tdc.
  5. Probably my dad's 806. He bought it in 1971 with about 1500 hours. Now has over 16000 on the clock. My mom technically owns it but it will be mine someday.
  6. Prayers sent.
  7. Some of them said greerolator on them? Lots of links when you google that name. PPC-_-HYG_GRP-_-Hydraulic Accumulators-_-Hydraulic Accumulators
  8. I called them a few weeks ago about some dual hubs and wedge lock hubs and they are still going.
  9. Is that at Lyons? Looks like all they tear apart is IH tractors.
  10. I'd say operator abuse! Just kidding. I don't know why they like to break there. I never see a 66 series or earlier breaking lines at all. Sure see a lot of them with hoses to the couplers. Could you saw off the front end and use a 90 degree fitting and use the compression type connector and use the rest of the tube?
  11. My boys keep asking me if I could have any car I want, old or new, what would it be. I tell them a 1969 Chevelle SS396 375 Hp. (Or a Camaro with the same drive train. ) They think I'm nuts for not going with a newer Porsche or some other exotic thing.
  12. My current car. I'd have to dig a while to find any earlier ones. I've had this car since the late 80's. And an F250 I had at one time. 7.3 but there was always something wrong with that darn truck. Sold it and went back to a Chevy.
  13. Let me know if it works. My 800 doesn't drop the markers very fast either but it's not as bad as you are describing. My first 800, a 4 row wide dropped them really quick and it had those cylinders you are getting. Did you talk to Roger? at Kalsem's Implement. He's a good guy and has a lot of stuff. Never been there, just what he told me. I've seen people hook springs to the bottom pivot of the marker to a chain to help pull them down. Guess I never really knew why until I heard of your issues. .
  14. Not to change the subject, but how are these huge John Deere multi store dealerships holding together? Up in the Dakotas there is RDO, C&B Operations, and Icon Ag here locally. Nothing quite as big as Titan though. There is a big machinery auction coming up in Madison SD soon. I believe James River Equipment.