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  1. Yes they are + and - specific. I put some new red taillights on my 5488 from CaseIh and they are LED's now. The plugs were wired backwards on the tractor, which didn't matter with the original lights. Swapped the wires at the pugs and they work fine.
  2. I am in the process of splitting it so it may be a while. I have about 140 acres of soybeans to plant yet so just get to work on it on rainy days or spare time. Last time I looked at it there was no wobble to speak of. I have a hard time getting pictures on here, not sure I'm capable of a video!
  3. You are going to have to pull the front bolster forward and will need a puller to remove the dampener pulley. I use a hook type bar or seal puller to get the seal out of the timing cover. There should be a sleeve on the dampener that comes with the seal. Check that the dampener hasn't turned on the hub. There should be punch marks that line up. If they aren't replace it. These engines are known for breaking camshafts if the dampener goes bad. I would heat the dampener in hot water before reinstalling it so you don't have to hit it so hard with a hammer. I forget the nut torque.
  4. Found it on Google! Back in 2012. DT414 Engine noise. Good luck finding your issue and welcome to the forum!
  5. I've never been able to find much on the searches here. I usually do a Google search and a lot of times Red Power comes up first.
  6. Mine seems to make a rattling noise that you hear standing right in front of the tractor, like it's directly behind the radiator. I replaced my dampener at around 5500 hours, and it's at 8300 now. The bad dampener could cause damage to timing gears and eventually the crankshaft if ran too long that way. I posted that thread a long time ago and never got many responses to it. Is it still open?
  7. It's still doing it. Hasn't got any worse. I think it's something with a timing gear. Got it in my shop now with TA issues... Should have 666 on the side instead of 1066!
  8. I can't remember what my 4500 had, it's been a few years ago. My 4800 has 7.60x15's on the main frame and 9.5Lx14's on the wings. Only 1 tire on each wing.
  9. Have a good one guys.
  10. I can't hardly believe some corn I planted 9 days ago is coming through in this cold weather. The day I planted was in the 80's and also 2 days after that 70's. Then it cooled off and the last 5 have been cold and wet. I had almost 5 " of rain here since last Wednesday.
  11. The soil temp is 49 here as shown on the website for yesterday. It's updated daily.
  12. Did you have to drill and tap a hole for the return line elbow? The older ones returned to the side cover under the clutch pedal.
  13. Thees last few days of cold and rain are making the corn that's emerged turn a little yellow already. Got mine planted last Friday so I hope it's OK. 48 degrees here now. Still have all my soybeans to plant. The soil temps here have gone from 60 to 52 in 3 days.
  14. Found this video of the last laps of the last win for Dale Earnhardt. That guy could drive!
  15. My 800 6 row drives off the wheels that carry the planter and It does plant slightly more than the chart says too.It has fertilizer tanks on it and 4 wheels so it's pretty well anchored to the ground. I believe the book says 10% like SDMan says. My 950 12 row has the drums drive off wheels that don't carry the planter. They just drive the drums and insecticide boxes. I only used it 2 years before adding a Rawson hydraulic drive to it which is controlled by radar. Now it's pretty close when doing stand counts. But the monitor always shows it's planting slightly less than what it's programmed for. I was told that the high rate sensors are only able to count about 90% accuracy and it's not more off than that.