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  1. This is on my 1971 1066. Pretty sure it's the original muffler. This is on my 1975 1466, No idea if it's original or not. I'd like to find an original oval one for my 826. That Stanley one sounds goofy to me and rattles.
  2. I got one for a 966 from ASAP not too long ago. Didn't look too far from original, but a lottle louder than I thought it should be. And the paint burned off parts of it after about an hour. Pretty sure it was a Stanley.
  3. Does the engine pull down or can you hear if the hydraulics get pressurized when you move the hydraulic levers?
  4. What happens if you pull one of the hydraulic levers? There is an unloading valve that sometimes needs a new o ring or gets stuck.
  5. I guess the reason I brought it up is there were differences in the crank dampeners I had, The 466's had either a 1" or 1 1/4" oil pump depending on serial number but the dampeners are the same.
  6. I had this issue with my 1466 a few years ago.
  7. He mentioned a 144 hole drum. I always see 240 hole drums used for soybeans. Maybe turning too fast like R190 mentioned.
  8. You must have a Cyclomitor 3 monitor like mine to get seed/ revolution readings. What is the air pressure on the monitor? That shows the pressure in the drum itself. It should be 1 to 2 lower than the gauge on the hopper. You may have a restriction between the hopper and drum. How deep is the seed in the drum? Does it stay at that depth? There is a cable operated seed shutoff door in the chute. Is that opening all the way? If I run 9 on the hopper the monitor normally shows 7 or so. How is the drum seal? Most seed tube sensors, even the high rate ones for Early Riser monitors can't pick up all the seeds when planting soybeans. Ag Express told me they may only read 85 to 90% of set population. But you still shouldn't have empty holes in the drum.
  9. You shouldn't need that much air pressure. I usually run 7 or 8 in soybeans and have never gone over 12 in corn. The new hopper tops are much heavier constructed. The seed drum should stay full without that much pressure. The seed chute can be adjusted by loosening a bolt on the chute and sliding it up or down. I believe the seed should be about 2 to 3"" deep.
  10. The axles on a 986 should be 3 1/4" vs 10 and 1486 3 1/2". The axle and differential bearings are lighter if I remember correctly.
  11. I don't think there is a special torque for that. No specific torque for a pressure plate in a gear drive tractor either. I'd go with standard bolt torque for 1/2" blots, which should be about 70 ft lbs. They should be grade 5 bolts.
  12. So were the 1466 and 5288 in the same class then? Over here they go by weight and a speed limit in stock class.
  13. What weight with the 5288? If I pulled off the dual hubs I could get mine down to 16000 when I pulled it. Those tractors always pull pretty well. I usually gave mine about 3 or 4 turns of the screw and let it go. Med 3 and 4.
  14. I usually go to the hardware store and get the square cut foam pieces they use for household air conditioner seals. They have different thicknesses and I choose them depending on the gap between the radiator and the bolster or whatever it sits in. Usually 1 1/4" or 2". Than I get the sponge rubber strips with the adhesive backing for the sides of the radiator and the fan shroud.
  15. I had a 450 Farmall one time that had issues similar to this. Not a miss but a hard starting issue. Did points, condenser, plugs, cap wires rotor and all that. Then after messing with it for about 2 hours I drained some gas and thought it smelled funny. Kind of stale. I drained a quart or so and dumped it on the ground and threw a match to it and it wouldn't even hardly burn. Drained it all and put in new gas and it took right off. He had got about 10 gallons of gas from a station, I believe it was Uncle Sam's Cut Rate or something like that. Very cheap gas. I can't see how a car would run on that stuff.