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  1. Prayers from Iowa. There's never a good time for an accident, but just before harvest has to be the worst! Get well,soon.
  2. I did one a while back and had a lot of issues with getting it to work correctly.
  3. I lost my dad to that evil, hellish disease the day after Christmas of '99. He endured a lot of agony before he died. Prayers for you.

    I've become very cynical of the "standard medical community" since then. He had a massive heart attack at 38, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 12 years later, then died from pancreatic cancer at 69. The medical advice he was given through those years changed several times, but the experts rarely admit they could be wrong. I've become convinced that much more emphasis needs to be put on prevention rather than a cure, but that wouldn't generate near the income for the big pharmaceuticals and clinics. 

    Good information about prevention is out there, but it's still under-reported. I pray that more and more of that information will get out.

    Hang in there, and take care,


    1. FarmerFixEmUp


      Thanks. I mentioned  to MTO about the hospital in Sioux Falls that does the chemo. They have about 20 to 30 "suites" with a balcony overlooking a courtyard and a waterfall etc. Obviously their income would be greatly reduced if they found a cure.

      My sister works at the University of Iowa hospital. I asked her if there is any type of screening for this.As far as she knew they'd need to do a ct scan which insurance wouldn't pay for as a preventive screening, at about $2000.

      My dad has 2 sisters and their husbands that died from cancer, the 3rd has had 5 different instances of cancer. And a younger brother of his and his wife both died of cancer as well. Pretty scary numbers. 

  4. Thanks for all the wishes. My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April. At 88 years old surgery to remove it wasn't an option. He went through 25 radiation treatments in May and June. In July they had another ct scan and we were told the tumor was actually bigger and there were a few spots in his liver. Then they set up a round of chemo, once a week for 2 weeks, skip a week, 2 more weeks and then another scan and more doctor consultation. Which would have been next week. Several of the chemo appointments weren't done because of low platelet counts or white blood cell numbers. Last Friday he ended up in the hospital because of blood passing through him. Apparently the tumor was pressing on his colon and leaking out. After an awful night Monday , with me, my mom, 1 of my sisters and my brother with his 3 daughters and 1 of their boyfriends all spending the night at the hospital, he had a great day Tuesday. Ate a little food he hadn't had in weeks. This morning he started having discomfort and just passed away quickly. I'd like to thank MTO, who just went through all of this with his brother several months back. He gave me advice and support. For someone I've never met, he's helped me out greatly. Thanks to you Mark! My dad never experienced a lot of physical pain, but he just dreaded the appointments and doctor's visits. A very mentally draining experience. Add to this my younger brother losing his 51 year old wife of 31 years to liver cancer in November. And her own dad passing away just before that in August a year ago from a heart attack. And a cousin of mine dying this August from brain tumors. The last 2 years have been pretty rough.
  5. A 257 flashing bulb is what IH put in them from new except the 86 series which used a 194. You should probably put a gauge in the fitting where the sender for the tellite goes on the mcv. Should have 18 to 22 psi. If not leakage inside the TA is pretty common.
  6. I have a 966, 1066 and a 1466. At one time I had a 706 and 1206 and dad had an 806. Still have the 706 and 806. I don't have any restored tractors. Working class only.
  7. We had just over 3" here today. Sioux Falls area had 5" plus and more in spots of Nebraska with more on the way. There is water sitting in the field the neighbors chopped last night.
  8. I did end up doing the second split at the rear transmission. There was oil in the center clutch housing and I figured if I did the front seal only the back one would leak. The pressure plate was broken in 2 spots and the disc lining was completely gone. I'm going to at least replace the carrier and rollers in the TA or maybe go to a sprag type.
  9. I have a 686 split for what I thought was a slipping main clutch. It has a 6 pad in it and has some wear but not really that bad. Looked at the TA linkage adjustment and had zero free travel. Pulled the pin and the lever rotated farther clockwise yet. I took off the top cover and found the TA Pressure plate is broken in at least 3 places. They must have had that thing pretty hot Put that in the "Never seen before" file. .
  10. Not trying to be over critical of the pictures, just making a comment. Is that OK with you? Every 15XX tractor I have seen has the hub with a different dish to it and dual wedge locks, like the 5288 and 5488. The one in that picture looks like a 1456 or 66 hub.
  11. The pressure regulator is threaded into the right side of the block in front of the oil filters. I believe it takes a 1 1/2" socket. Maybe you could swap one from another tractor just to try it. Torque the valve to 170 ft lbs. I've seen some stick and blow the gasket on the oil filter out. #9 thru 12 in the photo.
  12. I saved the picture and zoomed in on it and it is a 1568 decal. But those don't look like 4" axles or correct hubs to me either. The side panels have the vents in them. The production of a 1568 didn't start until 1974 so I'm not sure they would still have the vents yet. My 1975 1466 has flat panels.
  13. It's too bad we aren't all located closer together. We could have a Red Power only tractor pull. Maybe at next year's Red Power Show. It's at Des Moines, right. That's about as close as it's ever been to me, except Huron was a little closer. Didn't make that one though.
  14. Also have this from IH in 1980 if you can read it.
  15. I'm pretty sure that's correct. This chart came with one of the last German Diesel overhaul kits I had. I did 2 a month apart from the same parts place. One was a Reliance kit and the other a Richland. Don't remember which one this came in.