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  1. ID This Cab on a 966?

    I didn't know the cab like that was offered on a 66 series, unless it's a modified 06 56 series one like Jass1660 mentioned. Don't see many 20.8x34 tires either. I'd like to find a cab tractor to do my spraying with. I do it with my 826 now. On a 1000 gallon sprayer. Sometimes I get a little damp from the chemicals. My 5288 and 5488 both have pretty big tires to go on 30" rows. I can't get my 1066 to 30" rows with the Year /A Round cab without removing the fenders. An 886 or 986 would be ideal, or a 3688.
  2. ID This Cab on a 966?

    Double post.. please delete.
  3. ID This Cab on a 966?

    1971 966. Still has the rainbow tach too.
  4. ID This Cab on a 966?
  5. Happy birthday, Hagan

    Have a good day.
  6. I saw this 460 advertised as a high crop utility. It looks like an ordinary row crop to me. Am I missing something?
  7. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    I remember hearing it on the radio a few times but not like the Wieman ads. Sometimes Wieman's gets units like these in too. Steffes is from up north so most ads I've seen are in the Green Sheet papers or the local Peach.
  8. Cool find

    I have that jacket in red.
  9. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    People around here seem scared of these model tractors. There was a consigment sale in my area about 2 weeks ago that had 3 5088's and 3 5288's listed and 4 said have transmission problems, sold as is. I never saw them or got to the sale but some of them are still there. Maybe no sale? Some say $5000 which was maybe a starting bid. Could be something as simple as a clutch switch or some relays or pressure switches, who knows? Could be as bad as what Mike posted. Order&PageSize=50&Page=3 Items 110,111,112,147,148,and 149.
  10. Well it says for me Jan 4 2005 ,but I was on the old threaded forum before that. I remember (I think anyway) that the old and newer forums were both up and running at the same time for a while, and I stayed on the old one as long as I could until it got shut down. Always resistant to change I guess. I remember Boog and 1967806 and no_brainer, JDHumm, Les and Pete 1468 and WEK and a lot more from the old forum. If I knew I would have been here so much I would have picked an easier name to type. There's a good bunch of people here.
  11. 826 with a 358D engine overhaul

    I got them from Howard Enterprises last time I needed them, which is now Reliance. Where is the rest of the kit coming from? I'd use the increased compression "Dominator" piston kits.
  12. Shopping Around for Medical Procedures

    Dug this up again... My wife had a Cologuard test done, where you send in a sample of your STUFF you leave in the toilet. Anyone done this? They say they are quite accurate.
  13. Really dumb question---oil change

    OIl change should be 20 quarts with filters on turbo engines, 400 series. Non turbo 14 qts. 312's and 360's 12 quarts with filters.
  14. Wind sentry heat houser

    All the heat housers I've seen except for Regal bolted in front of the steering column on the 2 top center bolts. That Regal one I put on a 930 Case had rubber suction cups to hold it in place. They went right in the trash and I had to bolt it to the center hood. And had to drill 2 holes for it. These pictures are from a heat houser I got for my 826, but haven't put it on yet. I know of a brand new Hinson Femco in the box a guy has that he never used, but the part number says it's only for use with round fenders on a 706 or 806. The door must be different or use for flat top fenders.
  15. 3688 ?

    They had pfc/closed center hydraulics. Also could have up to 4 hydraulic outlets.