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  1. Mr. Rick G

    Sorry to hear of your loss
  2. Birthday List has several today

    Thank You
  3. Sorry-----i never noticed the first lady's shoes

    Trump was just down the road today in Springfield. Wife seen air force 1 coming in while she was at lunch. Lots more supporters out here than protesters
  4. They also bought Waterloo toolboxes
  5. Some prayers needed

  6. I finally was cleared to get back in the saddle today

    Glad to hear you're better. Fractured my left heel,guess it's been 22 or 23 years ago now. Wore a cast for 8 weeks from middle of May to July. Really sucked back then is I didn't even have a vehicle that wasn't a standard and was told by no means to try and drive because I would be liable in an accident with a cast on my Clutch foot.
  7. I thought EVERYONE knew

    I keep a stash of 6 x 6's to block up with. Got some jack stands buy I don't trust them with much more than a car.
  8. Nobody Did It Like Dale

    Greatest ever
  9. Finally figured it out

    Just got a resize app the other day and figured out how to do it myself
  10. Hay Time

    Got started haying today. Test run on 20 acres. Like to start on a test patch before I start cutting everything down.
  11. Hay Time

    Done for today. Everything ran good. Wait for next break in weather then hit it hard. Think the a.c. may need a recharge but everything else was good. Headed to the shop,machine shed,EQUIPMENT Barn. Whatever you call it in your neck of the woods. Grease it up and get ready for next time. I know. The tractor has White wheels on it. Set off of another tractor I've got that got stuck on this one. Have no idea why they got painted White.
  12. Hay Time

    Feeding beef cattle. Other than one dairy farm up the road I'm about the first person around to cut anything. The dairy guys mostly chop. Few guys using silage bales. This is actually kind of early around here for dry hay. Years back when we were still milking would have tried to have alfalfa up by now. As some of you guys were talking about here a while back,most of the dairy farms here are gone so most hay is for beef. Just about every farm here has a dairy Barn that just gets used to store stuff now.
  13. Hay Time

    More pics. Ready to bale tomorrow. Looks like it's going to be about perfect to bale.
  14. Hay Time

    I'll try to get some more pics when I start baling. Just figured out how to put them on from my phone last night. Might try to keep the rake tractor out. It doesn't match the others.
  15. Hay Time

    Equipment. Like to have a little test run before I just cut everything down.
  16. Hyd schematic

    Got a 2940 that acted up for a while. Would lose all hydraulics if it idled very long. The Steel line that comes out of the Pump had kind of bound or cocked I guess when I had slid the tractor back together. It was letting Oil by pass at the end of the tube. Finally pushed the tube out one day this winter when it was real cold. On the 29 I could drain the hydraulic Oil and pull a plate off right below where this line is. Pulled it off this time to double check the line. Fixed all my hydraulic issues. It works great now.
  17. Good looking truck. I'm usually a Chevy guy but that is one sharp truck. Oldest son has laid claim to a 74 Chevy at the house. Wanting to do the same thing when he gets out of college. My wife's grandpa bought it new.
  18. Wedding Day!!!!!

  19. Hay conditioner roller reconditioning

    Guy I work with had some redone. I'll try and remember to ask him where he sent them. Won't see him till tomorrow evening.
  20. Rough Weather, just checking in

    Had 6 1/2 inches here as of this morning. Still drizzling some. No damage close to me. Lots of roads closed. Saying the interstate will shut down in the next hour or so and be closed till tomorrow evening
  21. Lost my dad

    Sorry for your loss. Will keep your family in our prayer .
  22. Look who showed up?

  23. How many Missouri people?

    Conway,Mo here
  24. Ih trucks

    Had a guy around here 40 scouts for 40,000 a while back. Most of them looked to have been sitting in the same spot for 30 years though
  25. 4 Wheeler won't start

    Had mice get in mine and chewed up some of the wiring around the battery box. It was the same way could pull the rope and it would fire right up.