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  1. My new old transit level

    they are spare plumb bob points https://www.pdf-archive.com/2016/05/09/david-white-lt-8300-manual/david-white-lt-8300-manual.pdf
  2. Birthday List has several today

    Thank you
  3. Farmall Parts

    worked for me also if you create an account you can bookmark the manuals you use the most. A thru M are on pages 1 and 2 starting at the bottom of page 1
  4. Farmall Parts

    have not been using Messicks, I use the CaseIH online parts store
  5. part #s for single stage clutch pressure plate 635110R91 clutch plate 635112R91 bearing 365865R91
  6. Farmall Parts

    it won't bring up A, C, H, or M if you type Farmall on this site https://partstore.caseih.com/us/index.php?target=epc_manuals_detail&sl=EN#epc::model_find
  7. Farmall Parts

    now if i could just figure out what they did with A, B, C
  8. Farmall Parts

    Farmall md brings it up
  9. CR seal Cross Reference?

    SKF 709008 matches your dimensions http://www.skfextranet.com/catalogs/457010/sealdetail.asp?s=709008
  10. SC wide front

    it will not hurt anything without those flat irons. been running my 200 for years without them never had a problem
  11. Brand new IH 656 on the set of MayberryRFD

    "Millie's Girlfriend" which aired on March 24, 1969. https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Image/IM6939
  12. good factory IH wide front 800.00 to 1000.00
  13. Brand new IH 656 on the set of MayberryRFD

    4 door Chevy nova
  14. all fuel intake manifold?

    no not the same
  15. fuel pump part #57324DX shows still available Case IH
  16. Farmall 504 Diesel Questions

    If I'm correct the D188 was the same version as the D282 less 2 cylinders (Gas block diesel) engine block was to light and not enough head bols
  17. Farmall 504 Diesel Questions

    engine was in a early 3514 by the look of the radiator and the oil cooler lines cut off i would say overheat. spent over 2 years looking for a good cylinder head and finally gave up
  18. Both are T4's T4 had 4 roller track, T5 had a 5 roller track
  19. Farmall 504 Diesel Questions

    the D188 is better off left stock they are known for breaking cylinder heads. Also a good D188 cylinder head is next to impossible to find
  20. 1959 460 LP gas Hi Utility

    not much would be the same between a row crop and a utility, different tanks, hoods.... diagram 1 utility diagram 2 row crop
  21. 340 tachometer Drive C135 low serial engine

    sent you a message
  22. 2404 or 2410 international series B questions

    http://www.tractordata.com/industrial-tractors/000/1/3/131-international-harvester-2410b.html C157 or C175 should be cast on the block or shown in the engine serial number
  23. 340 tachometer Drive C135 low serial engine

    369695R91 same drive gear used on several different models
  24. Farmall A Seat Shock

    aftermarket monroe easy ride seat, i have seen a few of these on A and super A