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  1. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    I've never had anything hanging off the back that made the frontend light. It's not like it's a 80 horse tractor.
  2. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    Here's a little 2 row planter I threw together for it.
  3. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    I have one on my C. I built a little 35 gallon 3 pt. sprayer for it and got a cheap 3 pt mower to put behind it. If you put a mower behind it, get a overriding pto adaptor to put on it. Like was previously stated, it's not meant to lift heavy stuff but works for what I've done.
  4. What to look for on a 5240 Case IH

    check the parking brake. Have to split the fwa tractors to fix.
  5. I dare you

    I wanna get this challenge started..... The send cash to Mnredfarmer challenge.
  6. New to me pickup

  7. Dual 3100 loader question

    This is my PL2X. Don't see any Dual influence there.
  8. Dual 3100 loader question

    I've only looked at the 325 type and 345 type Dual's, but I've never seen a quick tach on a Dual so I wouldn't know. If you look at my second picture, The tilt cylinders are under the steel inside of the loader arms. I thought Duals were under the loader arms? When I look at the newer Millers, I don't see the Dual loader at all.
  9. Dual 3100 loader question

    The very first ones had a single cylinder tilt setup. They did have cracking in the cross brace. The first yellow ones went to a two cylinder tilt and it helped a lot, but it didn't take long and they updated it again and then they were a heck of a loader. when I dump the bucket and put the cutting edge on the ground, the bottom of the bucket is vertical to the ground. It tipped back pretty far. I'd say somewhere between 30 and 45 degrees.
  10. Dual 3100 loader question

    I was just talking loaders with my cousin earlier this week. He said that when he bought his first Miller loader, he talked to the owner/operator of Miller. He had previously worked for/built Dual loaders. When he started building loaders he addressed many of the flaws of the Dual loaders. One of them being the geometry of all the lift points and pivot points. Tilt-back was one of the things he addressed.
  11. 756 block heater

    My uncle has a 706 and a756 and he uses the block drain on left rear and the other hose goes to the right side front part of the engine. I don't know if it's the thermostat housing or what it is.
  12. differences between a 756Dwf and a 856Dwf

    I once bought a wide front off of a burnt 1206 and put it on my 400. I just needed a different rear cradle, which I got from A&I. I swapped the 8 bolt hubs and over to the 706 and put the 6 bolt hubs on the 400. Other than that you can't tell the difference between those frontends. The '56 front are the same except, I think, the later ones had cast clamps on the tubes.
  13. Funeral for my neighbor

    Very nice
  14. Finally got the 826 to Warm Up

    I thought I read someplace that thermostats were impossible to find for the Germans. Or is it just the 706?
  15. Sleeper Cars.

    find an old Pontiac Catalina with a 455.
  16. Happy birthday 5488duke, Mnredfarmer, Dirtboyz07

    Thank you. It was a beautiful day. 52 degrees and no wind(t-shirt weather)
  17. Inversion tables

    In my case it worked like magic. In 1987 while in high school, I hurt my back. Mom took me to the Dr. and he gave me prescription and said a chiropractor couldn't help me. We believed him and never went to one. About 4 or 5 times a year I would aggravate it by stepping off a curb or stepping in a dug out gopher hole in the pasture or bending over working on something. I had to sleep a certain way all the time and putting on socks every morning was a challenge. One day about 5-6 years ago I was desperate and ordered one off of Amazon. I got it a couple of days later, put it together and climbed on it. Over I went and heard and felt 3 clunks in my lower back. I hung there for about a minute and righted myself. I felt good right away. The next morning I could put my socks on with no pain. I've never HAD to go back on it, but I have about 5 times for the heck of it. I won't tell you it will work in your case, but it worked wonders in my case. The one it got cost about $150ish. I should've found someone the had one and tried it, but I say it was the best money I've ever spent.
  18. 756 and 806 question

    I think these are all the same frame size, but the 8's have taller hoods, if that makes sense. They need more vertical clearance for taller engines. I don't know if the hoods are the same or different.
  19. 2350 loader fit 756?

    My Uncle had a 2350 on a 656 LP. That was an awkward looking setup.
  20. Harvestore Silos

    I think that now the bunker silos have taken over. It takes too long to fill when you're trying to stay ahead of these big John Deere and Claas type self propelled silage cutters and 12 row corn heads on class 9 combines. There's a bunch of the harvestore's around here but only a very few are used anymore.
  21. They ran the 855 and the 903.
  22. Case ran the 504 Case made engine. The Magnums went to the Cummins 505 engine. completely different engine.
  23. Interesting Find

    Neighbor came over this morning with an interesting pin. Was this some kind of promotion in the '50's or something? Any info would be appreciated.
  24. 5088

    Got the 50 all shined up
  25. 5088

    Had to get the 50 out of the shed to get to the 7140 and just had to take this pic. This is Jack. He's 7 months old and smart as a whip.