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  1. 756 and 806 question

    I think these are all the same frame size, but the 8's have taller hoods, if that makes sense. They need more vertical clearance for taller engines. I don't know if the hoods are the same or different.
  2. 2350 loader fit 756?

    My Uncle had a 2350 on a 656 LP. That was an awkward looking setup.
  3. Harvestore Silos

    I think that now the bunker silos have taken over. It takes too long to fill when you're trying to stay ahead of these big John Deere and Claas type self propelled silage cutters and 12 row corn heads on class 9 combines. There's a bunch of the harvestore's around here but only a very few are used anymore.
  4. They ran the 855 and the 903.
  5. Case ran the 504 Case made engine. The Magnums went to the Cummins 505 engine. completely different engine.
  6. Interesting Find

    Neighbor came over this morning with an interesting pin. Was this some kind of promotion in the '50's or something? Any info would be appreciated.
  7. 5088

    Had to get the 50 out of the shed to get to the 7140 and just had to take this pic. This is Jack. He's 7 months old and smart as a whip.
  8. 5088

    Here's the 7140.
  9. More early '06 questions

    yup, I got tired of getting fiberglass in my forearms every time I drove it so I put a cheap aftermarket seat on it.
  10. 5088

    Ha, it'll have to wait till tomorrow. For some reason I didn't take one.
  11. 5088

  12. 5088

  13. 5088

    Yup, there is a track up there for hoisting loose hay up there. They never used it though. It was built in 1955 and must have got a baler that same year. The doors are vertical bifold type doors. 4 sections, 2 sections go to each side.
  14. 5088

    Here's one I took before I got the 7 out of the shed
  15. 5088

    10's in front Shined up the 7140 this morning so I lined up the fleet and snapped a pic.