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  1. 1460-Need a little help!

    Do a search in here for 1460 settings, you should come up with a topic that has the manual, and a couple of other very useful links. I was able to get the manual, SHOP repair manual, and a couple of other things.
  2. MX135 turn the screw?

    Matt, I am not really sure how much it is turning. The hardest pulls I have put it through is an 11 knife NH3 applicator, and a 13.5 ft IH610 one way disk. It pulls either one in L3 or L4, with 20.8's. this is SW Iowa dirt, variable soil. the only time I have ran into trouble was up a hill (NH3 bar) that had a significant amount of clay in it. That was L3 with the TA in low. I think a 135 or maybe go the 150 depending on price. Thanks
  3. MX135 turn the screw?

    Troy, For clarification, you had your MX170 reset to 170 pto, or the mx135 set to 170 after a pump issue?
  4. MX135 turn the screw?

    Thinking ahead about replacing my 1486. I really need MFD with a loader, would like to have an MX135/MX150, but I think they would be a bit short of power compared to the 1486. Will the Mx series handle being turned up 15-20 hp?