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  1. CO-4000

    Ran across these 2 today. Don't see many anymore.
  2. Stolen Tractors

    Back in the 70's my uncle had a brand new 1066 stolen. In 1988 we came to work at Lilley International in Rocky Mount NC and found a CaseIH 235 compact tractor laying on the ground on it's side and a 245 and 255 missing. Seems the thieves rolled them up a ramp into a van truck and they were never seen again.
  3. 7110 salvage yard or fix

    I'd be scared of a 7110 with that much weight on the rear wheels. Wasn't the 7110 a little light in the ring and pinion?
  4. 2806

    I think there's more than they have listed. The NCDOT had a fleet of them in the 60,s through mid 80's. I know of 6 within 100 miles of me. They were replaced with yellow tri-stripe 986s with cabs. Most of the mechanics at the DOT shops didn't know how to keep everything adjusted and badmouthed the 986 terribly.
  5. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Never drove one but I always liked the looks of the R Model and Fleetstar 2000s. When I was a kid in the 60's the Weyerhauser company Kenworths were the only west coast trucks we ever saw. Mostly IH, GMC, Ford, and Whites.
  6. What other vehicles do you remember from school?

    Our school district had a fleet of 3 Oliver 550s. They were replaced by a MF 230 which was a POS. I remember we had a Ford 3000 engine trans and rear end in ag shop.
  7. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    I started riding a 57 chevy with a 6 cyl 4 speed. The old woman driving it never used 1st gear. It was replaced in 1970 with a Loadstar 1600 303 4 spd. In high school I drove a 69 C60 with a 292 4 spd. North Carolina had it governed down so it would run over 27 mph straight down hill. My route was over 40 miles one way. It took me over 1 3/4 hours to complete my route. Our buses were orange with black front fenders and white grilles. Then in the middle of the 70's all of N.C. 's buses were panted all yellow. All of our buses were Thomas bodies.
  8. International 384

    The 384 was basically an updated version of the B250/275 series started in the early 60's. They had nothing in common with the world wide series starting with the 454 and 574 and the later 84 series. I believe the 384's tooling was shipped to India for a joint venture with IH and Mahindra.
  9. Toy tractor

    That is refered to as a 3088. $5 dime store toy. Never had a cab.
  10. It's a 1970 according to my records.
  11. Original Price For ERTL Precision Series 1206

    Rick wasn't that one your wife bought at a yard sale?
  12. 656 Hydro, 826, 1026 and 1456 Release Date?

    The 544 hydro was dropped and there was a 574 hydro for the Canadian and European market. Never "officially" marketed in the US market. There were a few as 2500 industrials on the construction side. The next small hydro in the US market was the hydro 84.
  13. Happy Birthday

    Thanks Guys it's been great down here but COLD! We are not used to 24 degree weather down here.
  14. Gas vs Diesel Fuel Consumption

    Down here in the south you can find old 782 cotton pickers with a D-310 for $750 to $1000. That would be the way to go. Eason
  15. Any of you guys remember rendering lard?

    Yep I remember the good old days and a sweet potato covered in cracklins. (the original nutty buddy)
  16. When my uncle started he was just IH trucks and tractors. He then added Studebaker, McCulloch chain saws, and was a early Honda dealer. He sold Westinghouse appliances after IH stopped manufacturing appliances. He took on Kubota in the early 80's for about 2 years and then dropped them. Interesting thing is he dropped Honda after 2 years and a local business took it over and did great with it. When he dropped Kubota the Honda dealer took then and did ok with it. Eason
  17. 656 Hydro, 826, 1026 and 1456 Release Date?

    656 hydro came out in 67. 544 hydro came out in 68. 826,1026 and 1456 came out in late 69.
  18. 684 decals

    Maple Hunter has what you need.
  19. 656 injection pump

    I've been working on a 656 row-crop utility for a friend. It has a 282 diesel. We sent the injection pump off to be worked on. I went to check the oil yesterday and there's fuel in the oil. I may have screwed up the shaft seal when installing the pump. I have several questions. Is there a check valve in the return line for the injection pump? Is there any other way fuel can get into the crankcase other that the pump shaft seal on a roosa master pump? Thanks Eason
  20. 656 row crop utility

    Some of you saw my post about finding fuel in the oil on the 656. Well I decided to pull it out of the shop to use as a Christmas decoration before I took the pump off and installed new seals. Don't worry I didn't start it!!
  21. 656 injection pump

    I figured that's what happened.
  22. Nope Factory IH. I've seen 2 756's down here and this 826 are the only power adjust large frame IH tractors I've ever seen. I've known this tractor since new. Eason
  23. Favorite Hands Down! Has to go into the shop for a head gasket. 504 diesel
  24. Haven't used enough to form an opinion. Is loud with the ROPS echoing. 826