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  1. farmall 400

    You won't never regret it. Eason
  2. I've got both but I prefer the 56 series. Eason
  3. Jass is right my 407 in my 856 is stamped DT407
  4. I always like Linda Ronstat
  5. That's something you don't see often a red tractor pulling a green disk. Around here most green tractors pull a red disk as the green ones won't level.
  6. Guys I couldn't remember so I called a friend of mine that gave his truck to his son who lives about 400 miles away. As luck would have it I gave him a call and he said I'm visiting my son and will step out and get some pictures for you. Couldn't have worked any better!! Sorry for the mouse bedding!!!
  7. Prayers with you and your friend Mark
  8. Mark prayers sent from NC
  9. We have had a bunch of tobacco farmers go to prison because of insurance fraud. In my opinion they should make them sell assets to pay back the money they stole. Eason
  10. Try www.superscoutspecialist Eason
  11. Congratulations Todd you'll have him trail riding before long. Just teach him Jeep is a 4 letter word!!!
  12. Ray Weaver in eastern Pa. has a bunch of parts cub cadets. Also check on craigslist
  13. Dang Mark it even has wheelie bars!!!
  14. George you are correct on the later 966s but the early ones had less power. Eason
  15. Great news Tony!! Looking forward to meeting you face to face sometime!! Eason