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  1. 1970 826 demonstrator value?

    The 826 is the most common of the demos. That tractor has 66 series fenders. Another thing will be, are there pictures documenting it's a true demo before painting? All to these factors has a bearing on the value. Eason
  2. 756 Build-Out

    No the reason I remember Paintbank is that there was/is a large fish hatchery there and in the late 70's 2 of our local preacherswere from Paintbank. Actually our ex preacher (retired) still lives here. He still goes up and helps his brother put up hay. His name is Dolan Baker and his brother is Arlon or Aron(I think) He also has a brother that is a professor in the ag dept at the University of W.Va. and used to work with Bob Diener who made replacement IH serial number tags.
  3. 756 Build-Out

    This isn't the 756 in Paintbank is it?
  4. 756 Build-Out

    leave I'm sorry, I miss typed and it's a 782. 782 series 1 had a 310, series II had a 358.
  5. 706 D310 frame rail length

    826 is 48.5 inches from the edge of the adapter to the end of the frame rail. Eason
  6. 756 Build-Out

    Down here in my area there's a few 792 cotton pickers sitting around with good low hour engines. Just what a 756 needs and will Look factory because it is! Eason
  7. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    RKO are you in Fayetteville?
  8. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    x3 anything Obama's administration did was screwed up!
  9. What would you do 986 engine!

    Here's the answer to your problem http://www.tractorshed.com/cgi-bin/photoads/classifieds.cgi?search_and_display_db_button=on&db_id=655188&query=retrieval
  10. Anybody Subscribe To Diesel World Magazine?

    John, Jim is a member on here. His handle is 826BB
  11. Red n Green

    If it's a gear drive wait till you start using the loader with the clutch in and lose hydraulics!!
  12. What would you do 986 engine!

    X2 Also see if your local Navistar dealer can still get you a "works" kit for a DT-466
  13. Stock Air Intake vs Donaldson

    Brian my 1026 Goldie has gold under the red paint. The air stack was gold. Eason
  14. Hydrostatic tractors on a grain cart.

    I can tell you with proof that a 1026 will not pull with a 856. I don't think it wants much of a 826 either in a dead pull. Eason
  15. http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2994479