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  1. Find a Hydro 100 or 186 and turbo it. Then you won't have to worry about ground speeds. Eason
  2. Brandon my 664 with a loader is used mainly puttering around the farm moving stuff. It slobbers real bad. Every so often I'll hook something to it and pull the snot out of it for a couple of hours. It will clear right up and burn the gunk out of the exhaust system. It'll smoke like a freight train while burning everything out though. It's a german diesel also.
  3. Your problem is going to be the D-170 engine which is a DV-550. It's going to be underpowered to haul or tow anything at road speed. Eason
  4. The 1700 and 1800s were available with tandem axles. I'll have to look I've got an early 1800 piece of literature somewhere.
  5. That's how most farm trucks are in eastern NC. We don't have dedicated grain trucks like a lot of guys in the Midwest. We have removeable sides to make it a flat bed to use for other things.
  6. I thought the Taco Tractors were tri-stripes. Eason
  7. So Tommy's your uncle. Small world!!!
  8. I believe that's a 664 on the sled. It has only 1 headlight in the fender, The 656 would have had 2.
  9. The 33 and 3588 came out in 1979, The 3788 came out in 1980 and the 5x88 series came out in the fall of 1981 Eason
  10. Mark is right about the brakes. If the brakes get worn to bad they get metal shavings in the hydraulic system. THEN you have a problem! I've seen that one on craigslist and I would have rather had it than the 444 you bought. Look at the pluses on it independent pto, sycronized transmission, higher capacity hydraulics and lift capacity. I had a 674 and wish I had never gotten rid of it. BTW remember the "Got to be NC" festival at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh on May 19-21. Our local IH collectors club the have over 100 IH tractors there. Eason
  11. During the same time frame the 756 diesel was dropped and the 756 was only available in gas.
  12. 112 quarts
  13. Look at your Vin plate on the door 150hp @ 4400=266 193 hp @ 4400= 304 197 hp @ 4000= 345 345s were not common in those trucks. Much more common in the 69 and later series. Eason
  14. I'll see if I can get a picture off of my hydro 86 or 656. Eason
  15. Danny that's NOT what I wanted to Hear!!!