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  1. I like your choice of wheels. Not too retro and not too new!!!
  2. Why is the chrome strips missing from the cab black stripe. Way to many questions to be legit.
  3. A lot of guys like the 66 series but the 56 series is by far my favorite!! GREAT LOOKING TRACTOR!!!
  4. Bill has had that truck at the Scout National for several years.
  5. Guys that's how Rick and Sally make money to help fund this great website. Eason
  6. Yes there is a 6 pad clutch instead of the regular 4 pad setup. Eason
  7. I'm doing an engine swap on a 826 right now. Waiting for the new clutch & pressure plate to arrive. I'd take the pump off and have it serviced and put a new clutch and pressure plate in. You know what you have now and can work on it. You are buying an unknown when you buy something else.
  8. I spent a fair amount of time on a Massey 285 with a big 4 cyl diesel. It had a fair amount of vibration.
  9. There's also versions with a belt pulley, 450 style wheels, metal rear wheels, plastic wheels, etc.
  10. Wow didn't see many Loadstars down here with radiator shutters.
  11. I believe they were made well before the gold demo tractors. I think in the early 60's
  12. Some of the 1456's had injectors from the DT-429 engines and were turned up to outdo the JD 4620 which was the 1456s main competition.
  13. I have often thought the same thing!!!
  14. I agree with Jim. I've always felt they were built June, July and August for the fall demo season. Eason
  15. That's eye candy right there Tony!!!!