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  1. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    When a friend of mine retired from farming he went around to all his landlords and gave them a list of 5 farmers that he felt would respect their land and treat it like he had.
  2. R.O.P.S that came with the IH 140 tractor

    The reason you didn't see ROPS on 140s is that they were hard to get on as a open station and the ROPS made them much harder. Also they made putting the cultivators and fertilizer attachment a pain to put on.
  3. hilary comment

    Rick I agree with you. But some people feel they are above the law.
  4. hilary comment

    I didn't feel clever. But how many people died from being associated with her and Bill.
  5. hilary comment

    This is ugly, but a bullet!
  6. 86 series levers

    Back to the original post. Bates doesn't even know what they are selling. Will fit 686 7288 6588 6388 7088 and 7488? The 7088 is a combine I thought. I can see it fitting the regular 86 series and the 33/3588 but NOT the others. I own 56/66 and 86 series and I don't have a problem with any of them. I reckon I'm used to them.
  7. Ih problems

    I would think so but there was a 454 industrial with a front end loader and backhoe here in town painted yellow.
  8. Yellow Farmall 130

    If they were Internationals they were yellow or custom ordered colors. The farmalls were red unless custom ordered.
  9. Ih problems

    The 574 utility could have come with those style fenders and lights in the grille like that. The main question is it a 4 cylinder gas or diesel. The 2400/454/464 were available as a 4 cylinder gas.
  10. IH 886 with German diesel

    I've never run a 360 but my 826 is pretty strong. It has a 886 (358) engine. It won't pull with my 856 though. Eason
  11. Wheatland 6788 2+2

    That's the first I ever remember seeing. I knew IH built a few Super 70s that way also. Neat Tractor. Eason
  12. Stay or evacuate

    Shaun not trying to be a smart*$$ but have you ever been through a bad hurricane?
  13. Stay or evacuate

    Mathew might have been a joke to you Shaun but it was NOT around here in eastern N.C. A lot of flooding and a lot of damage.
  14. Hydro 186

    To be a true red power the side panel is red and it has to be a loaded 1979 model. It should have the early style 86 series black and white stripe and a red side panel. Most had branding irons on the hood.
  15. Stay or evacuate

    I've got a cottage rented next week at the Outer Banks of NC. I'm definitely not going there to ride it out. We will just stock up on some water bread, diesel fuel and gas for the generator and stay home. During Hurricane Floyd and Dennis my brother in law's brother left Greenville N.C. to get away from the storm. Everything flooded and he couldn't get home for 3 weeks or more.