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  1. Kevin are you painting it aspen green or bahama blue. The body looks bahama blue but the computer makes the hood look aspen green.
  2. prayers from NC
  3. Todd take a hacksaw and "groove" your axles and then use a "c" clip. Eason
  4. Kevin I've got a 4 x2 with the Honda engine. I bought mine in 2009 with a bad engine. Cub Cadet dealer put a new engine in it for me for $1600 out the door. It's handier than a shirt pocket! Eason
  5. Tom I believe 1988 was the first year for the 7.3 The ran the 6.9 1 year in the "new" body style then switched to the 7.3
  6. I think the 20 series was the largest model with dual ptos
  7. How in the H$LL do you get in the cab?
  8. I have a 1983 F-250 4sp 4wd. Has IH on the engine manufacturer label. Just put fuel return lines on it yesterday. Great truck. Mine has 3.55 axle ratios and I wish it had 4.10 when I hook up to the gooseneck. It's slow but it gets the job done. Also have a 92 with the 7.3 non turbo XLT 250 auto 4wd. Can't tell much difference in the power once you get them up to speed. Both are steady and slow but they are paid for!!! Eason
  9. That's a FLEETSTAR not a Loadstar and if you look under the International script emblems you can see the chrome and black diesel emblem. Could be a 230 or 250 Cumalong
  10. The hood and radiator side panels (sheet metal) are the same as a 544 diesel utility. Eason
  11. If it still has a good white seat and steering wheel it's worth $500 if it's in great shape.
  12. Most of the small parts you need are the same as a 656 utility. The only difference between the 2 is the engine. Eason
  13. DO NOT buy the factory wheels for a Ford or Dodge as the center hole is to small. Ford and Dodge used a small locking hub and IH & the Jeep CJ's up to 86 used a large center hole. Most aftermarket wheels came with the large hole. Jeep Wrangler wheels WILL NOT fit. Eason
  14. They might have been using credits BUT reliability, warranty, customer trust was costing them BIG TIME.
  15. It's typical International poor management. Dealers tried to tell management the non-def engines weren't working. Management refused to listen and kept pushing non-def. Even had Obama (that was a kiss of death) praising Navistars technology.