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  1. It was glued to the sunvisor where it quickly came off and was lost.
  2. I love my hydros but I've been lucky when buying them.
  3. That's what I call a dream load. Most folks can only dream of owning those 2 rare beauties!!!!
  4. S/N 13115 gold demo sold new Martin Tractor & Truck 18.4 x 34 rears 9.50 x 15 fronts standard seat and steering wheel. Still at work in eastern NC
  5. S/N 13505 is a Diesel hydro currently in parts, S/N 14611 is a diesel gear drive with a rops and canopy with 16.9 x 38 tires on power adjust rims. They are owned by Eason Lilley Williamston, NC
  6. Gas or diesel?
  7. Dale I just posted the article on the IH Group on Facebook
  8. There's 2 reasons there's a lot more 504s around. Standard power steering and independent pto.
  9. Tony I have insulation in my shop. I believe it came in 4 foot wide rolls. It has a white backing (looks like the material trivex suits are made of) that you use a white reinforced tape to seal the seams. Any good metal building manufacturer should be able to get it for you or a insulation supply house.
  10. I have a Hustler raptor with a 24 hp Kawasaki and 52 inch deck. 3 years old mows 4 acres weekly and I really like it. I'm a Cub Cadet guy but I didn't feel Cub Cadet was quality anymore.
  11. Man I always wanted a Late Willys CJ-5 with a dauntless V-6
  12. Sledgehammer remember Jackman wheels and Dessert Dog tires? Those were the days. Cruising with my Scout "Spirit of 76" 304 4sp with the top down. Eason
  13. I did not like the artist but Prince "little red corvette"