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  1. Yeah you are having to pay for your ex governors making license plates!!!!
  2. In North Carolina all the Case dealers took a buyout except 1 in the western part of the state. That left all the IH dealers intact.
  3. The 1420, early 1620 axial flows and 7/886 (late models) 30/3288 and 782 series II cotton picker used a 358 with the later style pump. Most cotton pickers and combines are usually lower hours than a tractor. So that's another option. I have a late 886 engine in my 826 and it runs great.
  4. X2
  5. IH built the 2544 in both the Farmall and International versions. I've seen several 2656s but only in the International version. Did IH make a 2656 Farmall?
  6. I have a 310 in a Hydro 86 and really like it. I've had several 282s in 656s and overall I like the 310 best. Easier starting and seems to run smoother. Really good on fuel.
  7. PM me an address and phone # I'll try and swing by. Eason
  8. Smart thinking on the power steering lines!!! How far are you from Walnut Cove? I've got to be working there and in Advance, and Mocksville next week. Eason
  9. I believe the correct term was "burgundy" interior
  10. I think he has a better starting point than Kristin Gall and we all know how that one turned out.
  11. 14 IH tractors from a 1981 1086 to a 1955 Farmall 100. Have my granddad's 135 Massey diesel without power steering. (I hate that tractor) and my wife has her dad's 4100 Ford (great little tractor) Red has always served my well and their easy to work on. I've worked on NCDA research farms and they were all green. Made me appreciate red even more.
  12. That's about $4000 to high. That machine looks like it was set up for research plots with the bagger set up instead of the basket.
  13. There's a couple of guys on here from Ga.
  14. I saw that on craig's list. 45 to 50 tops and no more than 5 mpg. Eason