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  1. This thread needs to be a "sticky"....almost buried. BUMP
  2. Thanks, well, technically it's a factory high clearance, just taller spindles & 38" rears. Think the high crops had taller finals & front wheels also....the way I understand it? I dunno, I looked at that paint pic again sure looks like II....color does too!! Yeah, that's the problem, so many different brands and people wanting to use automotive 2 are alike. I think if he uses the VanSickle or Herschel Adams as in the pic, the colors will be accurate
  3. Wilman, In your pic of the 3 shades of orange, the one on the right looks like it says PO II ? This tractor was painted with that very same paint....Van Sickle PO II. After comparing it with the hidden areas, I thought it was a very close match. A 45D was originally painted PO I. PO II came out in 1960 I believe. Don't get me wrong, I'm not associated with the "correct police" as ya may see in the avatar just tryin to be helpfull BTW, the guys over at will give ya a definate answer on what PO I looks like.
  4. That could be, or maybe winter freighters ear muffs. Probably could pop them in the microwave for a minute on those really cold nights
  5. I couldn't find them in the parts manual. I think they're possibly aftermarket headlight guards for when you're in the bush
  6. I was browsing the TD6 section on ebay & came across these Item # 9325827961. Might be just what someone needs. Happy bidding!