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  1. I teach auto shop in a high school setting. I finally opened this account, we seem to be running out of connections. My higher level class is mostly projected based and I have a student who pushed an IH Td 6 crawler throught the door. The kids are doing a great job. They have spent many hours researching for parts and directions to perform the repairs. They have contacts from Canada to Califo

  2. Picture Posting Made Easy

    This thread needs to be a "sticky"....almost buried. BUMP
  3. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Thanks, well, technically it's a factory high clearance, just taller spindles & 38" rears. Think the high crops had taller finals & front wheels also....the way I understand it? I dunno, I looked at that paint pic again sure looks like II....color does too!! Yeah, that's the problem, so many different brands and people wanting to use automotive 2 are alike. I think if he uses the VanSickle or Herschel Adams as in the pic, the colors will be accurate
  4. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Wilman, In your pic of the 3 shades of orange, the one on the right looks like it says PO II ? This tractor was painted with that very same paint....Van Sickle PO II. After comparing it with the hidden areas, I thought it was a very close match. A 45D was originally painted PO I. PO II came out in 1960 I believe. Don't get me wrong, I'm not associated with the "correct police" as ya may see in the avatar just tryin to be helpfull BTW, the guys over at will give ya a definate answer on what PO I looks like.