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  1. Silage packing tractor?

    A lot of what an ideal tractor would be depends on what type of silage pile you are building. I haul for a crew owned by my wife’s cousins. Here is what I can tell you. An STX or blue equivalent can be ballasted to upwards of 70,000#. We have a guy on our crew with a TJ480 New Holland that has a 12,000# concrete weight hanging on the 3 pt. hitch. These tractors are the cat’s a$$ if you are packing in a bunker. We do a fair amount of chopping for dairies that build a pile on a flat slab of concrete—70,000 tons on one pile. A tractor like a Steiger or a 4586 would work OK on this type of pile because they RARELY use reverse, they are always driving in a circle, maintaining a bowl shape on the face of the pile. The biggest drawback of an older tractor (in my opinion) would be the lighter weight. Like Bitty said, a 9000 series starts around 29,000#. An older Steiger or 4586 would probably be lighter. An STX or TJ series tractor starts around 45,000# with no ballast added. Add to that the fact that you will want a tractor that can pack any type of pile, and your answer is GET AN STX! You can get them to 65,000# by adding wheel weights, suitcase weights, and if possible, a counterweight on the 3 pt., if you add fluid you go up from there. The Challenger 4-wds. are even heavier than the STX’s/TJ’s, but most likely more expensive, too, even used.
  2. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    Maybe to something like “Chelsea”?
  3. hours on a magnum?

    VirginiaVeg was his handle, I think.
  4. hours on a magnum?

    My wife’s uncle has a 7220 with somewhere around 35,000 last I heard. He’s had the tranny redone twice (first at something like 2200 hours because of an operator screw-up) and is on the second engine. It runs a mixer wagon on a dairy.
  5. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    Sinister Diesel has a coolant filter kit for 6.0, highly recommended, has filtration media, not just chemical release.
  6. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, Directions changed later. We loaded calves at the Deerfield Colony NW of Lewiston. Pretty country. Crossed the Judith River twice on the way to the ranch, then went WAY down in a valley to load. Had a half inch or so of snow when I got there Wednesday night, but didn't give any problems---not near as unpleasant as the 25 mph north wind that played with me for the entire 16 hour drive home. Didn't see any smoke or steam, clouds about half the day, a little snow east of Aberdeen. I think I could live in that country, but doubt of my wife would go for that! Ron
  7. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, if I remember correctly from following this thread, you were raised around the Moore/Eddie's Corner area? As it turns out, I will be in your old stomping grounds this week. My directions were "The ranch is five miles north of Eddie's Corner, be there on Thursday morning." Going to be kinda neat for an Iowa boy to travel to parts of the country I've been reading about on here for the last few years!
  8. 2350 loader fit 756?

    If you have to make up 2" I'd be using 1" plate, not flat washers.
  9. Battery life

    I've had good luck with PartsMaster batteries (sold at Arnold Motor Supply stores here in Iowa). I always get maintenance free batteries just so I don't have to worry about liquid level. I've had Group 31's last 6-7 years in my pickup, which gets less than 10,000 miles a year. However, my wife's Excursion with the same batteries usually won't make it past 3-4 years, but I attribute part of that to the fact that it also eats an alternator every 13-15 months (6.0L diesel). Must have an electrical gremlin living in it.
  10. 856 power beyond

  11. What's wrong with this.......

    Good catch on the view out the window, Ole815. I think you are the winner!
  12. What's wrong with this.......

    My guess is 2+2 cab. Shifters on wrong side, hydraulic levers in wrong place. Wonder how they shift it--push button on one shift lever for high/low? Looks like a straight slot on that lever--3788 or 6788 cab is my guess. And some re-engineering of shift linkages.
  13. 5288 seat

    I put a cab kit in my 5488 this summer, and got the seat recovered at a local upholstery shop. I also put a K & M air ride suspension in to replace the original hydraulic suspension that always leaked. I think the kit from K & M was about $750, and it was $200 to have the seat recovered.
  14. 5488 Tires

    No way!
  15. Thought that was a Euro-spec 5488 with huge fenders. Then I blew up the picture............