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  1. Programmer for c15

    Visser in Sioux Center is at $3.29. They must need corn because they are usually only $0.02 over FCS, today it’s $0.11
  2. Ford Air Bag Recall

  3. Programmer for c15

    Cattech, have you done any before & after dyno testing with any of the ceramic coated exhaust manifolds? FWIW, my truck came with a Full Throttle manifold (6NZ).
  4. International 2504 governor

    Yes, right side governor. Linkage moves freely to shaft going into governor. Shaft coming out, barely any movement, feels like it moves only enough that parts wear would allow. I can move lever/shaft going into governor (takes a fair amount of effort, I don’t know if that’s normal or not) with linkages unhooked on both sides, but shaft/lever coming out doesn’t move but maybe 1/8”.
  5. International 2504 governor

    Throtttle shaft in the carb is fine—can the throttle shaft coming out of the governorship get sticky that I could lube it from the outside to free it up?
  6. International 2504 governor

    I have an International 2504 that has been reversed to operate as a forklift. Recently the throttle had quit working. It runs st an idle, no faster. I am thinking I will have to take the governor off to fix the problem. I have never worked on one before, though, so I thought I’d ask on here first. How difficult is it to take the governor off and go through it? What go I look for, or will it usually just be gunked up inside? Or is this something that needs a fair amount of expertise on and I should just bring it somewhere to get fixed?
  7. Case 1845C hydraulic issues

    Also, the engine was rebuilt recently. I’ve always thought the sound at an idle wasn’t quite right, but I can’t say exactly why. I pulled the dust dump valve off the air filter awhile back with the engine running, and it is pushing air out through there. What would cause this?
  8. Case 1845C hydraulic issues

    I was moving some snow tonight with my skidloader, an 1845C. I don’t use the machine that much. The problem I’m having is that the raise/lower circuit for the loader only works when I’m moving the bucket. If I’m not moving the bucket, I can’t move the lift arms. I got out a couple times to open or close doors, and with the engine idling, it sounds like there is a little noise from the valve area, like a hiss. Is there a relief in that area that could be causing these symptoms if it is stuck? Thanks, Ron
  9. Pullers for Christmas

    Wow! He does nice work!
  10. Dow passed 24,000

    Atila, I’ll answer your question but then you have to answer mine. President Trump’s use of close family members in key positions bothers me much like it bothers you. In my experience it is difficult to really be objective with family. Having family in presidential advisory positions seems like it would have two common outcomes: either 1. the advisor would know what the Presodent wants to hear and cater to that (basically be a yes-man), or 2. the President would hold the advisor in too great of confidence, trusting their opinion over that of other advisors, because they know them better. Either way I think it reflects poorly on the President. Here is is my question to you. Even though if I understood you correctly you were a Bernie Sanders supporter, I’m guessing you voted for Hillary Clinton in the general election. How could you vote to make this woman Commander-in-Chief (or explain to me why it’s OK or doesn’t matter) after her answer of “That was 18 months ago. What does it really matter now?” That is probably the most callous, heartless answer she could possibly have given. I know there is disagreement on whether or not she was responsible for Benghazi—-I’m not asking your opinion on that. It doesn’t matter to me who was REALLY to blame (although I think we can all agree it had nothing to do with a You-Tube video), but I want a leader who cares that 4 Americans died, and if not personally responsible still won’t act like it’s no big deal. Question #2: Within the last year Mrs. Clinton has said “every woman deserves to be taken seriously when she says she has been sexually abused or assaulted.” IIRC, she was referring to accusers of either Cosby or O’Reilly (maybe both). W**? This woman assembled a Bimbo Eruptions Unit when her husband was President to deal with (silence, squash, pay off, destroy) the constant stream of women accusing him of assault, abuse, and rape. How does she get a pass on this?
  11. Dow passed 24,000

    I’ll see your Trump 3-year tax cut and raise you Clinton’s retroactive tax hike.
  12. Dow passed 24,000

    Wrong. In the New Testament it was used to help those in need in the church. Hardly modern. What was it Rick said? Oh, yeah, communists don’t like churches either, so I’ll second his directive: put away your communist answer book.
  13. Dow passed 24,000

    Are you serious? I think you should read the Bible before you try to quote it!!! Tithing is money given to the CHURCH to care for the poor, needy, widows, orphans, and others in the church needing help. IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH GOVERNMENT!! PM me your address, I’ll send you a Bible if you promise to read it cover to cover within the next year. (Free of charge, of course, because I have that ability)
  14. Dow passed 24,000

    I wholeheartedly agree!
  15. Dow passed 24,000

    Define a living wage. I’m like the Army, “Be all you can be.” On a side note, the Bible doesn’t say to pay according to your ability, it actually says to give until it hurts——to your brother in need. It doesn’t say to give to the government according to your ability.