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  1. 5488 Tires

    No way!
  2. Thought that was a Euro-spec 5488 with huge fenders. Then I blew up the picture............
  3. Tractor salvage near Aberdeen sd

    Pete's Tractor Salvage by Anamoose, ND? That's pretty much central ND, though, a ways from Aberdeen. Meyers is out in the country.
  4. Harvestore Silos

    Were there any differences between the white-top Harvestores and the blue-top Harvestores or was that just a preference thing?
  5. Same rant, different day.....

    I'll join you in that march! Should we make it a ride?
  6. What is a FARMER?

  7. What is a FARMER?

  8. Who had the real 501 7388

    7788 with DV800 would have had an inline pump from the factory
  9. Canadian 7388 and 7788

  10. Steiger CVT trans

    Lol! Solid copper buss bars? I know copper isn't cheap but I've gotta believe you could buy quite a bit of copper for the price of a Steiger Fujitech power shift tranny. I'm sure a big alternator/generator isn't cheap to build, and you'd have either two or four drive motors and a crapload of computer circuitry, besides having to adapt hydraulic pump drives and PTO driveshaft. I don't doubt it wouldn't be cheaper, but I can't see it being terribly more expensive, either. It should be more efficient, though. I'd think there would be less parasitic power loss with electric wheel motors versus an entire mechanical drivetrain.
  11. Steiger CVT trans

    What would make the E.M.D. So expensive? Should be a lot less moving parts, a lot less machining done when building a tractor. Just wondering
  12. And there's 3 or 4 of us in NW Iowa if you need to stop for lunch the next day! Or overnight, depending on how hard you push it. (I sometimes forget that not everyone is a truck driver, they have time to stop and see things rather than keeping the hammer down!)
  13. Looking for

    Don't know if you have this one already or not but I'll throw it in. #11873 is at Colfax Tractor Parts in Colfax, IA. German diesel and gear drive and what I think is a Year-A-Round cab.
  14. Well Worth The 71 Minutes

    Title of the post sums it up pretty well!