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  1. searching for red power magazine articles?-

    Well, unfortunately, no. There was an article about the Lift-All hydraulic pumps on the H and M tractors and included some info about how they were also adapted to the F-20 during WW2. I think it was in Red Power but I'm not sure. I was hoping they would have a database somewhere that you could search by keyword or topic. Thanks for responding though. Brian
  2. Is there a way to search on this site for articles in previous Red Power Magazines? Thanks.
  3. School me on F-20 overdrives

    My F-20 has high speed gears in it and will do around 10 MPH in high. It would be nice to get to 15-16 MPH for tractor drives and getting to parades. (15 is about as fast as I want to go on a tricycle front tractor.) I understand there are a lot of variation in the different overdrives. Some require you to engage them and put the transmission in neutral as they drive the top transmission shaft from the front. Some are available with different gear ranges? Which one would give you 15MPH in high? I have 38" tires. It would also have to clear the belly pump on the lower part of the transmission. What is the most desirable one to have? Brian
  4. F-20 belly pump installation

    I want to add a belly pump to my F-20, I got the pump and all the attaching parts. There are different bearing cages for the input shaft and PTO shaft to accomodate the mounting plate that is added to the front of the transmission. Also got a number of shims to set the bearing clearances of the bearings. Does someone have the original instructions as to how to install this, or can tell me exactly what goes where and what the bearing clearances need to be set at? I have one very poor picture that I was able to find off Yesterday's Tractors that shows one side of the bottom part of the mounting plate but that's it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Brian