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  1. Silage packing tractor?

    My brother in law runs a Claas chopper doing custom work. He's got the chopper, wagons and trucks, merger, but not a pack tractor. Either his customers pack their own, or he jobs it out to someone. But I know he lost a job because he couldn't get a pack tractor in a timely fashion, and nobody has a tractor actually heavy enough to get a true good pack (according to the extension office numbers at least). My cousin is trying to get rid of a 4586 that he bought on a whim. Would that be a good pack tractor? Or would the clutch wear out fast? What else would have a blade that would fit? I'd love to see a big chunk of concrete on the 3-point for extra weight, but it doesn't have a 3-point. Can they be easily bolted on? what would it cost to get one? Would that big V-8 do well with a job like that, or be a recipe for disaster? What about newer Steiger tractors? Say a 9170 or even STX? Will the reversers hold up? How heavy can you ballast them? If a guy was just packing, not any tillage, could you run fluid in the tires, cement on the 3-point, heavy blade, and more? I'm thinking 50,000 pounds would be a minimum to get effective pack. More would be better. Would a guy wear one out doing that work? Should you be scared of one already set up to pack?
  2. Silage packing tractor?

    How much does it weigh?
  3. A video for those people scared of heights

    People call the fear of heights a phobia. But a phobia is defined as an irrational fear. I find nothing irrational about being afraid of heights!!
  4. Farmers only

    Someone should probably warn you about Grindr... It has nothing to do with feed mills!!!
  5. 7240 spinning

    If you have one side spinning while the other side is not you will put extra stress on your differential. If you have the dif locked, you are just wasting time and fuel.
  6. Silage packing tractor?

    You are partly correct. Pounds per square inch over a period of time packs. Drive over a soft field and you will see the ground compress then rise back up. Leave a wagon over night and you will see a hole where each tire sat.
  7. 756 Build-Out

    Without a doubt your low hour gas tractor has less driveline stress than even a low hour diesel the same size. Those gas engines just couldn't hurt the transmission! If you want to compete with a 8 or 9, you will need a Diesel engine . A 5.9 should be cheap and easy to find, but putting it in is not real cheap. Other options include the stock German, or a 360- either ag or truck based. Any will work, but beware the power setting on a turbo engine- they can make more than enough to tear up your really nice tractor! As for weight- your 756 is only slightly lighter than an 8, and a little more than a 9, especially the 86 series with cab. As long as you are using it for stability rather than pulling power I don't see putting a couple thousand pounds of iron on it hurting anything.
  8. Carlisle tires

    We've got some Carlisle and haven't had any issues with them. For those of you having trouble with trailer tired, switch to either LT rated tires or some 19.5 heavy tires. There isn't a good ST rated tire out there.
  9. Inversion tables

    Mine doesn't fix me very often, but that's probably because I don't think to use it until I'm hurting. By then I'm too tight to get it to move. But when I use it on time and get my back to move, it is a glorious feeling!
  10. 4186 When you have time, no panic

    It has a DT 436 in it now. The 466 is identical except stroke, so will fit. If using a truck engine you will have to swap externals- front and rear plates, oil pan, exhaust, and more. But you will have all the parts you need
  11. Running at max rpms

    I typically run full throttle, but my machine is small enough that full throttle is needed for most jobs. If I'm running in tight spaces I'll back the throttle off because it isn't needed
  12. California is #1 AGAIN!

    There have been several articles on Facebook lately about human trafficking. It's a bigger problem than I'd prefer to believe. Every time we are at the Sturgis rally we see signs and billboards talking about it. It's really sad that people sink that low, especially with modern "hook up" sites
  13. Small tire foaming

    The problem with spray foam is that it degrades. Put some weight on it and it collapses thus leaving you with a flat that cannot be fixed. Ask your tire shop. If they can't foam it, they know who can.
  14. 766 - 1466 rear tire size

    At that time many farmers equipped new tractors to work with what they already had for duals and chains. Coming off an 806 with 34" rubber you would get your new 966 with the same. Coming from a 1206 it was obvious how to equip a new 1466. Besides that, 14 size tractors were standard with 18.4 rubber
  15. Best area to buy a used truck?

    My cousin is near Joplin MO and rust is very uncommon. He has had a couple family members bring them back to WI. I wanted to bring one back when my wife wrecked hers, but traveling during the winter just doesn't work with the cows. We found a Yukon local with a really clean body, but the brake lines rusted out shortly after getting it.
  16. New joke

    I taught my 5-year old a knock knock joke: knock knock who's there? interrupting cow. interrupting... Moo! interrupting cow... Moo!!!
  17. 3-pc seat cushions

    On my 656 I've been having trouble with the seat cushions. The main backrest was bent back in the middle when I got it. I replaced it with a seat I had from a salvage tractor that was a cheap after market with the hard black base. Within a week the backrest bent again without any significant stress to have caused it. Now the bolt to hold the top piece has come out as well. I'm thinking the metal base is just too cheap of sheet metal is the cause. Do the cushions from IH have better structure? Or has anyone added some metal to reinforce it? As a chore tractor it's not a huge deal to have a bad seat, but I like to rake hay with it as well and I'd like to have some back support for that! Thanks
  18. If you can't get it off correctly I would bet a decal shop could fix you up with a good look a like!
  19. cost of hauling milk grassland again!

    They raised our rates as well, but I don't recall the price. We are under the minimum so it won't change much from what they had been charging.
  20. shelled corn in agbag

    If your plan is to feed it, run it through a roller mill and store it wet. Plan to feed six inches per day in colder months and a foot per day during hot months. I have ground it dry with my feed mixer mill and it works ok, but the wind blows it more than I like.
  21. 666 pulling question

    I've pulled my diesel 686 in 7500. Narrow front, strip the 3-point. Otherwise goes right in. 6500 is doable, but you're gonna have to work. Pressed wheels, strip the fenders and 3-point, narrow front. You should save a couple hundred pounds already with the gas engine.
  22. "RD" pump vs Roosa Master in 806

    We've got just one with the RD pump, and it sure seems gutsy. But the Roosamaster pumps have a lot of potential, with bigger heads and such.
  23. Filling lawn depressions?

    We've been pretty lucky with all the rain this year, as our farm sits high enough to not flood or wash out. But one problem we had from 6-7 inches of rain in a day was our lawn sank where the old house was buried. It's probably six inches lower than it should be. Is there any way to fill it over time without reseeding it? I've also got a young tree in that spot. Can I maybe sprinkle some sand on it, let the grass recover, and repeat? Or should I just throw some black dirt and or compost on it and seed it?
  24. Farming after heart surgery??

    Rehab is your friend! Do as the doctor tells you and you will heal up. Remember that they cut open some major bone and muscle structure to get to your heart so that needs to heal.
  25. 686 engine swap

    You need front and rear mounts, probably oil pan, and make something work for the exhaust. If you are pulling, get a good clutch, and either eliminate the TA or put a HD unit in.