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  1. 656 706 hp

    I would bet the difference is mostly in the governor and some in the carb. The rest of the 656 will easily handle the extra power.
  2. Stolen Tractors

    I;m really surprised we haven't seen more theft lately with the farm economy so bad. I know most of us are not gonna stoop that low no matter how bad it gets, but all it takes is a couple scum bags to start swiping equipment. Plus with all the small farms getting eaten up by big guys, there are more than a few old farmsteads without a house that have machine sheds unattended.
  3. High Hours - Low Hours - How Many Hours...

    My uncle bought a 706 German new that the tach didn't work for at least five years, but still reads north of 20k hours. He also has an 8910 Magnum that shows around 6k hours, but is nice enough you would never suspect to put a 1 in front of it!
  4. So what DID happen to him?

    I think the reason we are not getting better mileage is because nobody wants to drive a weak car. And realistically, it isn't safe to drive one! Imagine trying to merge in rush hour traffic with 65 hp under the hood while driving a little tin can car??? No thanks. BTW- if it was patented, you can look up the patent and try to replicate it for yourself. Let me know if any of you hit triple digit mpgs.
  5. breaking bad show?

    I watched the whole thing on Netflix. I really enjoyed it, but by the time I finished I needed some light fluffy entertainment. It was just too dark and violent. Same thing with Sons Of Anarchy.
  6. T/As' and Red Paint

    I've found high first TA is close enough to low fourth direct to do the same job. I seldom care about a tenth or two
  7. 886 Water in Oil

    The DT 360 uses both a different bore and a different stroke. You cannot use that kit in a d 360
  8. Big Bud plant burned on Christmas Eve

    Wasn't there news a year or so ago that Big Bud had been bought by Rome to start building them again?
  9. dairy cow sales in your area?

    My vet told of another customer with health issues who was thinking of selling. The sale barn told him to either bring them in the day before Thanksgiving, or they wouldn't have room till Feb! I've heard you can put a heard of good cows together for $1000 each, and springing heifers are not much more. Times of low milk prices are always a waiting game- those who can wait long enough for prices to rebound will survive. But I worry it has changed into a financing game- anyone who has borrowed more than the bank can afford to lose will survive. Those of us without much debt are gonna hurt until we have too much debt, or get out.
  10. How....

    The only time I've seen anything similar to that involved the shaft being compromised, such as lifted with a forklift and hitting the shaft on a derby vehicle.
  11. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    I see an ad in the farm paper for a dealer with a '93 250 dually regular cab cummins 5-speed. It's CLEAN! But he wants big bucks for it too!
  12. industial hemp and milk prices?

    I'm waiting for Wisconsin to legalize recreational weed. I have no desire to smoke it, but I'll gladly grow it for the potheads. Heck, I'll even bake them some brownies!! as for industrial hemp, there is no value without a buyer. I don't know of any buyers, so I'm not going to plant any.
  13. Marshmallow Farming

    Those need to be shaped and sugar coated yet for Peeps!
  14. Fast hitch for tractor pulling

    Only once have I seen a guy move the fast hitch while pulling. Even us IH guys called it out. They were watching him closely the next time down the track!
  15. genius's at Genex

    Breeding services sell semen. Eliminating service will eliminate sales. The good news is that select sires has some of the best dairy sires anywhere.
  16. IHC top ten produced tractors?

    The whole article read like a John Deere advertisement.
  17. Speaking of Elwoods

    Years ago I saw a hydraulic FWA for a 706 on ebay. In hindsight I should have bought it as a novelty, it only brought something like $700
  18. Spring trip subsoiler

    Perhaps find someone with a sub soiler and borrow a shank? Build a small tool bar to mount it. But my experience is that a spring loaded shank will bring the rocks to the surface. Not what you want in a hay field.
  19. looked at a truck today

    I'm thinking there were four or five places for gas tanks on that body style- perhaps based on year, or maybe options. Behind the seat, each front fender, and two in the box. But I could be wrong.
  20. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    A friend moved a trailer house maybe ten years ago. As long as he said it was a farm building and pulled it behind a tractor he didn't need any permits. Was told to have a farm truck ahead and behind with flashers, and if they needed any assistance with traffic control for corners or bridges the state patrol would help.
  21. drying corn

    Blow air when the temps rise. You would be surprised how much 40's and sunshine can dry it down without additional gas!
  22. Anybody need a mother in law?

    I agree with removing the thermostat. Our house has split zones too, and upstairs will be 2-3 degrees higher than downstairs. If you have mentioned the heat and she still doesn't respect your house, remove the thermostat and force it.
  23. You say you don't like parting out a good running tractor. You are going to freak when you hear that some salvage yards will buy brand new tractors to strip!!
  24. Elwood axle 06-56 series

    We have an Elwood on an 806, but it was put on in the early to mid 80's. Your friend's 12 could have been the same.
  25. Farmers only

    The internet is great for hooking up. It can be ok for finding true love- I found my wife that way- but you have to be willing to wade through the crazies